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BBC Breakfast with Frost, guests in 2004.

BBC Breakfast with Frost past programmes
Guests appearing on BBC Breakfast with Frost in 2004

Sunday 4 January 2004

  • Nick Brown MP, former chief whip
  • Alistair Darling MP, Transport Secretary
  • Bertie Aherne, Irish Prime Minister
  • Professor Colin Pillinger, Beagle 2 mission to Mars
  • Sam Younger, Chairman of the Electoral Commission
  • Newspapers reviewed by Frances Edmonds, and David Davies

Sunday 11 January 2004

  • The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Tony Blair MP
  • Trevor Brooking, Football Association
  • Newspapers reviewed by Michael Buerk and Edwina Currie

Sunday 18 January 2004

  • Conservative leader Michael Howard, MP
  • David Seaman, Manchester City footballer
  • Martin Narey
  • Clyde Prestowitz and Irwin Stelzer
  • Newspapers reviewed by Carol Vorderman, John Hurt and Trevor Phillips

Sunday 25 January 2004

  • Charles Clarke MP
  • Charles Kennedy MP
  • Tim Lamb, English Cricket Board
  • Dr Dan McCleese, NASA Mars mission
  • Newspapers reviewed by Amanda Platell and Michael White

Sunday 01 February 2004

  • Mark Byford, BBC
  • Michael O'Leary, Ryanair
  • Greg Dyke, BBC
  • Tessa Jowell, MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
  • Newspapers reviewed by Alice Thomson, David Yelland and Sir Max Hastings

Sunday 08 February 2004

  • Charles Kennedy MP
  • Lennox Lewis, heavyweight boxing champion
  • Hans Blix, former UN weapons inspector
  • Sir Christopher Frayling
  • Peter Kenyon, Chief Executive Chelsea AFC
  • Newspapers reviewed by Joanna Trollope and Matthew d'Ancona

Sunday 15 February 2004

  • Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London
  • Sven-Goran Eriksson, England Football Manager
  • Anthony Minghella, Film Director
  • Oliver Letwin, MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Newspapers reviewed by Ann Leslie and Philip Stephens

Sunday 22 February 2004

  • Steve Norris, MP, Conservative candidate for London Mayor
  • Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Matthew Kelly
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Elizabeth Winkfield, Council tax protestor
  • John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister
  • Newspapers reviewed by Jane Moore and Nicholas Parsons

Sunday 29 February 2004

  • Robin Cook, MP
  • Piers Morgan, editor of the Daily Mirror
  • Sir Jeremy Greenstock and Rageh Omaar
  • Former Prime Minister, John Major
  • Newspapers reviewed by Joan Bakewell and Simon Hoggart

Sunday 07 March 2004

  • Dr John Reid, MP, Health Secretary
  • Hans Blix, former UN Weapons Inspector
  • Bishop Frank Griswold, US Episcopal Church
  • Dr Liam Fox, MP, Chairman Conservative Party
  • Newspapers reviewed by Eve Pollard, Ken Follett and Daren Johnson

Sunday 14 March 2004

  • Spanish Foreign Minister, Ana Palacio
  • Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer
  • Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor
  • Lady Annabel Goldsmith
  • Newspapers reviewed by Lucy Rusedski, Carole Stone and Andrew Neil.

Sunday 21 March 2004

  • Sir John Stevens
  • Dr Maleeha Lohdi
  • Jack Vettriano
  • Peter Hain, MP
  • Simon Hughes, MP
  • Newspapers reviewed by Sue MacGregor and Simon Kelner

Sunday 28 March 2004

  • General Sir Mike Jackson, Chief of the General Staff
  • Sir Edward Heath
  • Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
  • Asa Hutchinson, US Under Secretary for Border & Transportation Security
  • Newspapers reviewed by Cristina Odone and Paul Gambaccini

Sunday 04 April 2004

Live from the Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Guests included;

  • Dr John Reid, MP, Health Secretary
  • Beverley Malone
  • Dr Roger Boyle
  • Stephen Ramsden
  • Karen Jennings
  • Paul Burstow, MP
  • Tim Yeo, MP
  • Newspapers reviewed by Edwina Currie and Professor Robert Winston

Sunday 11 April 2004 - No programme

Sunday 18 April 2004 - No programme

Sunday 25 April 2004

  • Stephen Carter, Chief Executive of the Office of Communications (Ofcom)
  • Bishop Desmond Tutu
  • The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, MP
  • Newspapers reviewed by Francis Edmunds and Sir Clement Freud

Sunday 2 May 2004

  • Romano Prodi, President of the European Union
  • Dr Roger Bannister
  • Lord Tebbit, Lord Bell and the Guardian political commentator Jackie Ashley
  • The Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, MP
  • Papers reviewed by Carol Thatcher and Francis Wheen

Sunday 9 May 2004

  • Robin Cook, MP
  • Iain Duncan Smith MP
  • Fanny Palli-Petralia, Greek Minister for Culture
  • Robert Kilroy-Silk
  • Patrick Cockburn and Major General Patrick Cordingley
  • Papers reviewed by Lyndsay Griffiths, Gyles Brandreth and Wilbur Smith

Sunday 16 May 2004

  • Geoff Hoon, MP, Secretary for Defence
  • Charles Kennedy, MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Arsene Wenger, Manager, Arsenal FC
  • Newspapers reviewed by David Davies, Jan Berry and Kit Hesketh-Harvey

Sunday 23 May 2004

  • Michael Howard, MP, Leader of the Conservative Party
  • Lord Sebastian Coe, Chair of London's 2012 Olympic bid team
  • Caroline Lucas MEP, Green MEP for the South East Region
  • John Armitt, Chief Executive at Railtrack plc and Bob Crow, General Secretary RMT
  • Newspapers reviewed by Jane Moore and Kamal Ahmed.

Sunday 30 May 2004

  • The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, MP
  • Sol Campbell, England footballer
  • Tracey Emin, Contemporary artist
  • Newspapers reviewed by Barbara Amiel and Andrew Gowers.

Sunday 06 June 2004

  • Interviews with D-Day veterans
  • Live coverage from Normandy
  • Dr Iyad Allawi, the new Iraqi Prime Minister
  • Ambassador William S. Farish
  • Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Newspapers reviewed by Kate Adey, Simon Sebag Montefiore and Jef McAllister

Sunday 13 June 2004

  • Rt Hon the Lord Tebbit and Matthew Parris
  • Dr NC Dlamini Zuma, South African Government Minister
  • Charles Kennedy, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • John Prescott, MP, Deputy Prime Minister
  • Sir Trevor Brooking, former England Footballer
  • Papers reviewed by Catherine Mayer and Michael White

Sunday 20 June 2004

  • Rt Hon Tony Blair, MP
  • Rt Hon Michael Ancram, MP
  • Robert Kilroy-Silk, MEP
  • Salem Chalabi, Director Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal
  • Martina Navratilova on Wimbledon
  • Papers reviewed by Imogen Stubbs and the former Conservative MP, David Mellor

Sunday 27 June 2004

  • Donald Rumsfeld, US Government Secretary of Defence
  • Hugh Masekela, the father of African jazz
  • Sol Campbell, England footballer
  • John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor
  • Papers reviewed by Sir Harold Evans, Charlie Lee Potter and Mark Seddon

Sunday 04 July 2004

  • John Reid, MP, Health Minister
  • Sir Jeremy Greenstock, the former British government envoy in Baghdad
  • Tom Windsor, Rail Regulator
  • Dr Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Iraqi Governing Council
  • Rory Bremner
  • Newspapers reviewed by Reggie Nadelson and John Kampfner

Sunday 11 July 2004

  • Charles Clarke, MP, Education Secretary
  • Charles Kennedy, MP, Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party
  • Oliver Letwin, MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Philip Green, Retail entrepreneur
  • Max Mosley and Damon Hill, Formula 1
  • Newspapers reviewed by Baroness Jay of Paddington and David Yelland

Sunday 18 July 2004

  • Former U.S. President, William Jefferson Clinton
  • Christopher Patten, EU External Relations Commissioner
  • Sir Menzies Campbell, MP, Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrats
  • Papers reviewed by Amanda Platell, Antony Beevor and Charlie Whelan

Sunday 25 July 2004

  • Lord Heseltine
  • Boris Berezovsky, Russian Businessman
  • John Bercow, MP and Mustafa Osman Isma'il on the Sudan
  • David Blunkett, MP, Home Secretary
  • Newspapers reviewed by Trevor Phillips, Eve Pollard and Paul Gambaccini

Sunday 1 August 2004

  • Evelyn Glennie, OBE, Solo Percussionist
  • Earl Spencer
  • Lord Browne, Chief Executive, BP
  • Tim Yeo, MP, Conservative spokesman on the Environment
  • Papers reviewed by Lembit Opik, Sian Lloyd and Michael Brown

Sunday 8 August 2004

  • Greek Culture Minister, Fanni Palli-Petralia
  • Nicholas Boles, Policy Exchange and Keith Best, Immigration Advisory Service
  • Daniel Barenboim, Musical Director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Newspapers reviewed by Joan Bakewell and Simon Hoggart

Sunday 15 August 2004

  • Former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, MP
  • Former envoy in Baghdad, Sir Jeremy Greenstock
  • Lord Coe
  • The former King Constantine of Greece
  • Jonathan Gornall, Journalist and Pink Lady crew member
  • Newspapers reviewed by Jane Moore and Stanley Johnson

Sunday 22 August 2004

Summer break

Sunday 29 August 2004

Summer break

Sunday 5 September 2004

  • William Hague, MP
  • Alex Salmond, MP, SNP Leader
  • Olympic gold medal winner, Darren Campbell
  • Lord Truscott, President Putin's biographer, and Lord Garden, Defence expert
  • Newspapers reviewed by Ken Follett and Alice Thomson

Sunday 12 September 2004

  • Sir Trevor Brooking, FA Director of Football Development
  • Baroness Shirley Williams
  • Sir Clive Woodward
  • Director-General of the BBC, Mark Thompson
  • Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, Alan Johnson, MP
  • Papers reviewed by Michael Buerk and Carol Thatcher

Sunday 19 September 2004

  • Charles Kennedy MP, Liberal Democrat leader
  • David Trimble, MP, MLA, Ulster Unionist Party Leader
  • Greg Dyke, former Director General BBC
  • Derek Scott, Tony Blair's former economics adviser
  • Iraq Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari
  • Newspapers reviewed by Ann Widdecombe, MP, and Giles Brandreth

Sunday 26 September 2004

  • Prime Minister Tony Blair, MP
  • Kelly Holmes, double Olympic gold medallist
  • Colleen Gaffy and Graydon Carter
  • Newspapers reviewed by Amanda Platell and Michael White

Sunday 03 October 2004

  • Leader of the Opposition, Michael Howard, MP
  • John Prescott, MP, Deputy Prime Minister
  • Robert Kilroy-Silk, MEP
  • Colonel Tim Spicer, Private security in Iraq.
  • Newspapers reviewed by Cristina Odone and Sir Max Hastings

Sunday 10 October 2004

  • President Hamid Karzai on Afghanistan election
  • Matthew Parris
  • Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
  • Hoshyar Zebari, Iraqi Foreign Minister
  • Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor and Dr Daud Abdullah
  • Alistair Campbell, Menzies Campbell, MP and Steven Norris, MP
  • Newspapers reviewed by Jane Moore and Simon Walker

Sunday 17 October 2004

  • Health Secretary John Reid, MP
  • Tim Collins MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education
  • Jude Law
  • Former England cricket captain, Nasser Hussain
  • The Palestinian Foreign Minister, Dr Nabil Shaath
  • Sunday papers reviewed by Diane Abbott and Richard Ingrams

Sunday 24 October 2004

  • Former Prime Minister John Major
  • Alun Michael, MP, Rural Affairs Minister
  • Bishop Frank Griswold
  • Mordecai Vanunu, Nuclear Whistleblower
  • British astronaut, Michael Foale
  • Newspapers reviewed by Joan Bakewell and Sir Tim Rice

Sunday 31 October 2004

  • Tessa Jowell, MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
  • European Commissioner, Neil Kinnock
  • Former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger
  • Former US Vice-President, Walter Mondale
  • Rory Bremner, with a wry take on the political world
  • Sunday newspapers reviewed by Claudia Winkelman and Paul Gambaccini

Sunday 7 November 2004

  • Former President, George Bush Senior
  • Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, MP
  • former Ambassador, Sir Christopher Meyer
  • former Ambassador, Philip Lader
  • Dianne Thompson, Chief Executive of the National Lottery operator, Camelot
  • Creator of 'Bridget Jones', author Helen Fielding
  • Newspapers reviewed by Carol Vorderman, Kate Adie and the Director General of the CBI, Digby Jones

Sunday 14 November 2004

  • Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC MP
  • Sir John Stevens, Head of the Metropolitan Police
  • The head of Shell Oil, Jeroen van der Veer
  • Music from the virtuoso British violinist Nigel Kennedy
  • Newspapers reviewed by Eve Pollard and Felix Dennis.

Sunday 21 November 2004

  • Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, MP
  • EU Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson
  • Sol Campbell, Arsenal FC and England
  • Lord Strathclyde; Otis Ferry, Huntsman and Phyllis Campbell-McRae, International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Newspapers reviewed by Sheila Hancock and Michael Winner

Sunday 28 November 2004

  • Shadow Chancellor, Oliver Letwin, MP
  • Gerry Adams, MP, Sinn Féin
  • Iraq elections - Interim Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, Barham Salih and former UK envoy to Iraq, Sir Jeremy Greenstock
  • Paula Radcliffe, female distance runner
  • Newspapers reviewed by Christina Odone, David Yelland and Sir John Mortimer

  • Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, MP
  • Viktor Yuschenko, leader of Ukraine's opposition
  • Olympic gold medallist, Matthew Pinsent
  • John Reid, MP, Health Secretary
  • The tenor Andrea Bocelli, performed Schubert's "Ave Maria".
  • Helena Kennedy, QC, and Andrew Neil reviewed the Sunday papers.

Sunday 12 December 2004

  • The Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope
  • Comedian, John Culshaw and Fiona Mactaggart, MP
  • Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, Inc
  • Colonel Tim Collins and Lord Tim Garden
  • Farah Pahlavi, former Empress of Iran
  • Newspapers reviewed by Susan Greenfield, Steve Pollard and David Davies

Sunday 19 December 2004

  • Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, MP
  • General Sir Mike Jackson on Army reform
  • Discussion with Willam Hague, MP and Charles Kennedy, MP
  • HRH Princess Michael of Kent
  • Newspapers reviewed by Jane Moore and Max Hastings

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