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BBC Breakfast with Frost, guests in 2001.

BBC Breakfast with Frost past programmes
Guests appearing on BBC Breakfast with Frost in 2001

07 January 2001

  • The Prime Minister, Tony Blair MP
  • David James
  • George Carmen
  • Papers: Sir Tim Rice and Allison Pearson

07 January 2001

Co-Presented: Sir David Frost (Darlington) and Huw Edwards

  • William Hague
  • Nick Scheele, Chairman, Ford of Europe.
  • Martin McGuinness MP - Sinn Fein.
  • Papers Ned Sherrin and Mary Riddell

21 January 2001

  • Charles Kennedy
  • Jamie Rubin and Gary McDowell
  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Sir David Ramsbotham
  • Papers: Frances Edmonds and Ben Elton

28 January 2001

  • Srichand Hinduja
  • Lord Hattersley
  • David Trimble
  • Jonathan Sacks
  • Michael Portillo

04 February 2001

  • Greg Dyke
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Sven Goran Eriksson
  • Rory Bremner
  • Papers Lord Wakeham

11 February 2001

  • Secretary of State for Education, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
  • Former Israeli Leader Shimon Peres
  • General Sir Charles Guthrie
  • John Redwood MP and HE Herr Ambassador Dr Friedrich von Ploetz
  • Papers: Amanda Donohoe and Simon Jenkins

18 February 2001

  • Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon Robin Cook MP
  • Michael Howard MP
  • Baroness Jay
  • Paper Reviewers: Alice Thomson And Michael Grade

25 February 2001

  • Nick Brown MP, Agriculture Secretary
  • Bob Kiley
  • Menzies Campbell MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Foreign and Defence issues
  • Ann Widdecombe MP, Shadow Home Secretary
  • Paper reviewers: Floella Benjamin and Jeff Randall

04 March 2001

  • David Willetts MP, Shadow Social Security Secretary
  • Stephen Cape, David Eades And Richard Sambrook On The BBC Bomb
  • Chris Powell - England Footballer
  • Chris Woodhead
  • Budget Discussion With Bill Morris + Jeff Randall
  • Paper Reviewers: Fiona Reynolds And Don Macintyre

11 March 2001

  • Dr John Reid MP, Northern Ireland Secretary
  • Nick Brown MP, Agriculture Minister
  • Griff Rhys Jones, on Comic Relief
  • Francis Maude MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary
  • Dr John Reid MP, Northern Ireland Secretary
  • Seamus Mallon MP, Deputy First Minister
  • Paper review: Mariella Frostrup and Gyles Brandreth

18 March 2001

  • Matthew Taylor MP - Lib Dem Shadow
  • Chief Vet Jim Scudamore with Environment Secretary, Michael Meacher MP, Richard Burge, Chief Exec. Countryside Alliance and a farmer - Jacquie Mounsey, His Grace the Duke of Westminster
  • Michael Heseltine CH MP
  • Papers: Former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto and Andrew Rawnsley

25 March 2001

Outside Broadcast from Highlands Secondary School in Enfield Audience participation - with;

  • Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott MP,
  • Conservative Party Chairman Michael Ancram MP
  • and Lib Dem Home Affairs Spokesman Simon Hughes MP on the panel
  • Paper reviewers: Former speechwriter to Gordon Brown MP Alistair Beaton and Author of "Networking" Carole Stone

01 April 2001

  • Michael Portillo MP
  • Paper reviewers: Ulrika Jonsson + Charlie Whelan
  • Brigadier Alex Birtwistle + Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones
  • Chequers with Robin Chrystal, political reporter Belgrade with Jonathan Charles
  • Diamonds for development: President of Botswana
  • London Underground: Bob Kiley

08 April 2001

  • Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Rt Hon Nick Brown MP - Agriculture Secretary
  • Rt Hon William Hague MP - Leader of the Opposition
  • Stuart Kuttner - Managing Editor - News of the World
  • Paper reviewers: Tessa Curtis, director of Webber Shandwick and Simon Walters Political Editor, Mail on Sunday

    22 April 2001

    • Geoff Hoon MP, Secretary of State for Defence
    • Ann Widdecombe, Shadow Home Secretary
    • Lord Haskins, Chairman Northern Foods
    • Martin Haworth, NFU Policy Director
    • Jeffrey Titford MEP, Leader United Kingdom Independence Party
    • Jim Shekdhar - rower/adventurer
    • Papers - Paul Theroux and Frances Edmonds

    29 April 2001

    • Nelson Mandela
    • Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone
    • Home Secretary, Jack Straw
    • Rory Bremner
    • Papers - Andrea Corr and Sir Tim Rice

    06 May 2001

    • Conservative Party Chairman, Michael Ancram
    • Sir Edward Heath MP and Roy Hattersley MP
    • John Amaechi
    • Northern Ireland First Minister, David Trimble
    • Papers - Times sketch-writer Matthew Parris and Green Party MEP, Caroline Lucas

    13 May 2001

    • Prime Minister, Tony Blair MP
    • Joint discussion with Janet Daley, Polly Toynbee and Trevor Kavanagh
    • Newspaper review - Max Mosley and Alice Thompson

    20 May 2001

    • John Swinney, Leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party
    • Lord Tebbit, Baroness Williams, Frank Dobson MP
    • David Seaman, England Goalkeeper
    • Richard Burge, Chief Executive Countryside Alliance
    • Israeli Minister without Portfolio, Danny Naveh
    • Papers - Jane Moore (Sun and Times journalist) and David Davies

    27 May 2001

    • Charles Kennedy MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party
    • Cricket corruption discussion: Lord MacLaurin, Imran Khan and Mike Gatting
    • Rt Hon Dr Sir Brian Mawhinney MP and Neil Kinnock, Vice President European Commission
    • Middle East discussion, Senator George Mitchell
    • Papers - Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Michael White

    03 June 2001

    • William Hague MP, Leader of the Opposition
    • Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP
    • Sir Paddy Ashdown MP
    • Ieuan Wyn Jones, Leader of Plaid Cymru
    • Sam Younger, Chairman of the Electoral Commission
    • Papers - Allison Pearson, Trevor Kavanagh and Rory Bremner

    10 June 2001

    • Rt Hon John Prescott MP
    • Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe MP
    • E U Commissioner Chris Patten
    • Nigel Dodds MP DUP and Martin McGuinness MP Sinn Fein
    • Paper reviewers - Gyles Brandreth, Jackie Ashley and Charlie Whelan

    17 June 2001

    • Rt Hon John Major CH, MP - former Prime Minister
    • Saeb Erekat, Palestinian negotiator
    • Sir Jackie Stewart
    • Papers - Michael Parkinson and Marjorie Miller, Los Angeles Times

    24 June 2001

    • Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, Home Secretary
    • Michael Portillo MP, Shadow Chancellor
    • Norman Brennan and Baroness Kennedy QC
    • Amanda Platell, Head of News and Media at Conservative Central Office
    • Papers - Baroness Jay and Lord Strathclyde

    01 July 2001

    • Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP, Secretary of State Department of Transport, Local Government and Regions
    • Ken Clarke MP, Conservative Leadership Contender
    • Michael Ancram QC MP, Conservative Leadership Contender
    • Seamus Mallon MP, Former Deputy First Minister
    • David Trimble MP, Former First Minister
    • Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Ulster Unionist
    • Dr John Reid MP, Northern Ireland Secretary
    • Papers - Carol Thatcher, Peter Kellner and Colonel Bob Stewart DSO

    08 July 2001

    • Ken Livingstone and Bob Kiley
    • Iain Duncan-Smith and David Davis
    • John Lloyd and Virginia Wade
    • Martin McGuinness MP and Ronnie Flanagan
    • Rt Rev David Smith, Bishop of Bradford and Manwar Jan Khan
    • Papers - Ben Wegg-Prosser, The Guardian and Alice Miles, The Times

    15 July 2001

    • Rt Hon Estelle Morris MP, Secretary of State for Education
    • Sir Teddy Taylor MP, Ann Widdecombe MP and Steve Norris
    • Amanda Platell
    • Hon Gwyneth Dunwoody MP and Rt Hon Donald Anderson MP
    • Papers - Lance Price and Hon David Mellor

    22 July 2001

    • Prime Minister, Rt Hon Tony Blair MP - from Genoa, talking to Andrew Marr
    • Iain Duncan-Smith MP, re: Tory Leadership
    • Rt Hon Robin Cook MP, Leader of the House
    • General Sir David Ramsbotham, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons
    • Ted Francis and Max Clifford
    • Papers - Carole Stone and Jamie Rubin

    29 July 2001

    • Chris Laurence, RSPCA's Chief Veterinary Officer and Richard Wakeford, Chief Executive of Countryside Agency
    • Sam Younger, Chairman of the Electoral Commission
    • Malcolm Rifkind, former Foreign Secretary
    • Norman Blair, G8 protestor and John Elliott, Sunday Times
    • David Trimble, leader of the Ulster Unionists
    • Papers - Mary Loudon and Andrew Rawnsley

    05 August 2001

    • Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson
    • Dr. John Reid, Northern Ireland Secretary of State
    • Jeffrey Donaldson, Ulster Unionist MP
    • Clive Anderson from the Edinburgh Festival
    • Sir Ronnie Flanagan, RUC Chief Constable
    • Richard Lambert, Editor of the Financial Times and Jeff Randall, BBC Business Editor
    • Papers - Frances Edmonds and Michael Dobbs

    12 August 2001

    • Francis Maude MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary
    • Dr John Reid MP, Northern Ireland Secretary and Martin McGuiness MP, Chief Negotiator Sinn Fein
    • Ben Gill, President of the National Farmers Union and George Monbiot, environmental campaigner
    • Dr Hanan Ashwari, Palestinian Legislative Council and Danny Naveh, Israeli Cabinet Minister
    • Papers - Jane Moore, journalist for the Sun and the Sunday Times and Peter Oborne, journalist for The Spectator

    19 August 2001

    • Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP, Tory Leadership Contender
    • Rt Hon Michael Ancram MP, supporter of Iain Duncan Smith MP - Tory Leadership Contender
    • Colonel Bob Stewart, former British Commander, Bosnia and Mark Almond, Balkans expert - re: Macedonia
    • Lord Haskins, Rural Recovery Co-ordinator
    • Ruth Lea, Institute of Directors and Professor Roderick Floud, president Universities UK - re: higher education
    • Newspapers - Barbara Cassani, Chief Executive GO Ltd and Anthony Howard, journalist for The Times

    26 August 2001 - No programme

    02 September 2001

    • Iain Duncan Smith MP - Conservative Party Leadership Candidate
    • Steve Norris - Conservative Party Vice Chairman
    • Rt Hon Estelle Morris MP - Education Secretary
    • Rory Bremner - impressionist
    • Papers - Sophie Ellis-Bexter, singer and Matthew Parris, Times columnist

    09 September 2001

    • Charles Clark MP, Labour Party Chairman
    • David Willetts MP, Shadow Social Affairs spokesman
    • David Prentis, General Secretary, Unison
    • Archbishop Robin Eames, Primate of All Ireland and Bishop Patrick Walsh
    • Christopher Whitcomb, FBI Agent and author of 'Cold Zero'
    • Newspapers - Michael Brown, Political Columnist for the Independent and Naomi Wolf, author

    16 September 2001

    • William Farish, US Ambassador
    • Dr Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State
    • Imran Khan, representing the Pakistan Justice Party
    • Sergei Kirienko, former Russian Prime Minister
    • James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank
    • Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister
    • Hanan Ashrawi, of the Palestinian Legislative Council
    • Iain Duncan Smith MP, Leader of the Tory Party
    • Robin Cook MP, Leader of the House
    • Papers - Dame Pauline Neville Jones and James Rubin

    23 September 2001

    • Dr John Reid MP, Northern Ireland Secretary
    • Charles Kennedy MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
    • Caspar Weinberger, Former Defence Secretary
    • Dr Abdul Sattar, Foreign Secretary, Pakistan
    • Senor Javier Solana, EU Foreign Policy and Security Head
    • Sir Edward George, Governor, Bank of England
    • Ruud Lubbers, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
    • Papers - Dr Rosemary Hollis, Head of the Middle East Programme at the Royal Institute of International Relations and Tom Reid, Bureau Chief Washington Post

    30 September 2001

    • George Bush senior
    • Prime Minister, Tony Blair
    • Chris Patten, External Affairs Commissioner of the EU (Sunday paper review)

    07 October 2001

    • Iain Duncan Smith MP, Conservative Party Leader
    • David Blunkett MP, Home Secretary
    • Tom Welch, Retired Chairman of General Electric
    • Ehud Barak, former Israeli Prime Minister - from Tel Aviv
    • Tom Carew, SAS Soldier - from Brussels
    • Khaled Mansour - spokesman, World Food Programme - from Islamabad
    • Papers - Human Rights Campaigner, Bianca Jagger and Guardian Political Journalist Michael White

    14 October 2001

    • John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister - from Moscow
    • Steve Marshall, Chief Executive of Railtrack
    • Michael Howard MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
    • Yvonne Ridley, Sunday Express Journalist
    • Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner - from Geneva Papers - Anne Robinson and Tony Benn

    21 October 2001

    • Secretary of State for Health, Alan Milburn MP (from his home in Northumberland)
    • Saeb Erekat, Palestinian Chief Negotiator, from Ramallah
    • George Soros, from Paris
    • Professor Hugh Pennington, from Aberdeen
    • Imran Khan, Leader - Justice Party, from Islamabad
    • Rod Eddington, Chief Executive of British Airways
    • Papers - Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Martin Bell

    28 October 2001

    • UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw
    • President Chnadrika Kumaratunga of Sri Lanka
    • General Wesley Clark, Former Nato Commander Europe
    • Senator George Mitchell, Peace Negotiator
    • Don McKinnon, Commonwealth Secretary General
    • Papers - Rosie Millard and General Sir Michael Rose

    04 November 2002

    • Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Dr John Reid
    • Henry Kissinger, Former US Secretary of State
    • Sir Ronnie Flanagan, Chief Constable, Police Service of Northern Ireland
    • Digby Jones, Chief Executive of CBI
    • Panel: Doug Henderson MP (Lab), Nicholas Soames MP (Con) and Menzies Campbell MP (Lib Dem)
    • Papers - Kate Adie and Sir Peter Davis, Chief Executive of Sainsbury PLC.

    11 November 2001

    • Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon MP
    • Lord Ashdown, former Liberal Democrat Leader
    • Lord Heseltine, former Deputy Prime Minister
    • Bulent Ecevit, Prime Minister of Turkey
    • James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank
    • Papers - Carol Thatcher and Lord Wakeham

    18 November 2001

    • Sir Alistair Morton - Chairman, Strategic Rail Authority
    • Shashi Tharoor - UN Special Project Director
    • Thomas Von Essen - New York Fire Chief
    • Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, Home Secretary
    • Rt Hon Michael Ancram QC MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary
    • Papers - Sue Lawley and David Davies

    25 November 2001

    • Stephen Byers, Secretary of State for Transport
    • Michael Howard, Shadow Chancellor
    • Ruud Lubbers, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
    • Kenton Keith, Coalition Spokesman and Stephan Evans, British Representative in Kabul
    • Papers - Alice Thomson and Ned Sherrin

    02 December 2001

    • The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown MP
    • The Leader of the Conservative Party, Iain Duncan Smith MP
    • NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson
    • Danny Naveh, Israeli Cabinet Minister
    • Papers - Floella Benjamin and Chris Smith MP

    09 December 2001

    • Charles Kennedy MP, Leader Liberal Democrats
    • Vanni Treves, Chairman Equitable Life
    • Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP, Secretary of State for Defence
    • Hedayat Amin-Arsala, Deputy Chairman and Finance Minister of Afghanistan Interim Government
    • Sven Goran Erikson, Manager England Football Team
    • Papers - Frances Edmonds and Lord Strathclyde

    16 December 2001

    • Rt Hon John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister
    • Rt Hon William Hague MP (down the line from Darlington)
    • Rebekah Wade, Editor News of the World
    • Rory Bremner - impersonations
    • Charlotte Church - singing
    • Review of the year - clips
    • Preview of interview with Mayor Guiliani
    • Papers - Gyles Brandreth

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