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Breakfast with Frost
BBC Breakfast with Frost interview with Lucy Rusedski broadcast on 29 June, 2003

Please note "BBC Breakfast with Frost" must be credited if any part of this transcript is used

Lucy Rusedski in the Wimbledon crowd
Lucy Rusedski in the Wimbledon crowd

PETER SISSONS: Now, the first round defeat of the defending champion Leyton Hewitt wasn't the only shock of the week at Wimbledon. Fans were also surprised by this outburst from the British hope Greg Rusedski (film of Greg Rusedski at Wimbledon) Well, Greg's anger was sparked by a false line call from a spectator, but many fans thought his reaction was bit over the top. His wife Lucy is with me now. Lucy, thanks for coming in. Was that the Greg you know and love?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: Not at all, that was the Greg who's a very passionate sportsman and who cares about the game that he's grown up and played for the last 15 years.

PETER SISSONS: When you saw him do that, what was your inner reaction - oh my God?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: Well to be honest, I was sat over the other side of the court so I didn't actually hear any of the language. I just felt, why are you making a fuss, get on with it and serve out the set.

PETER SISSONS: Now he'll be labelled of course among the angry players at Wimbledon - McEnroe and Geoff Tarango?? Do you think that's a bad thing for him.

LUCY RUSEDSKI: Well the commentators are always saying they need more characters. Unfortunately to have an outburst like that doesn't make you a character, but suddenly it's made people aware of what's at stake, how important Wimbledon is for an athlete, and how an umpire can sometimes take a wrong decision.

PETER SISSONS: On one famous occasion, after a Geoff Tarango outburst, his wife belted the umpire.

LUCY RUSEDSKI: That's true. I didn't go that far.

PETER SISSONS: You weren't tempted to?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: I wasn't tempted to. I mean, I just think you have to accept what happens on court and then move on.

PETER SISSONS: What sort of mood is Greg in now?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: I mean, very reflective, obviously he feels that it's an opportunity missed. He may not have many Wimbledons left in him. So very disappointed, but still feels that there was an injustice.

PETER SISSONS: Does he believe he can win Wimbledon?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: Obviously now with the years moving on, and the way his body's been, he feels he's only got another couple of stabs at it. But after the recent surgeries, if he continues to play at the level he's playing at now, then he has it in him to win a Grand Slam. If it's not Wimbledon it could be the US Open which is another favourable surface for him.

PETER SISSONS: With all that psychological pressure from his injury, and getting back from it, and now this. I mean, the belief that he can still win big tournaments. What sort of pressure is it like for a couple like you?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: It's a big pressure. I mean obviously he's won so many titles throughout his career, we can relax. We're in a very fortunate position. He has provided us with a lovely life, fantastic house, everything that you could want and people strive for. But because he is so disciplined he feels that, yes, we've got that but there's something else he has to achieve. If he was to finish playing tomorrow I don't think he'd feel disappointed with the career he's had to date.

PETER SISSONS: Can Tim Henman win Wimbledon this year?

LUCY RUSEDSKI: I think he can. I think he's had a fantastic draw. But just because you get given a good draw doesn't mean, you know, you've still got to go out and beat these players who aren't ranked, or so far haven't been ranked in the top 120. Next week is going to prove a lot more testing for him. But with the crowd's support that can really help swing a match, because it can intimidate your opponent quite obviously.

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