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Breakfast with Frost
John Reid MP, Labour party chairman
John Reid MP, Labour party chairman
On Sunday 16th February Sir David talked to John Reid MP, Labour Party chairman and London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

He also interviewed Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens and Rev Jesse Jackson.

The Sunday newspapers were reviewed by the Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, and the editor of Tribune newspaper, Mark Seddon.

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The Labour Party Chairman, Dr John Reid told Sir David Frost that the government "has to listen" to the message from Saturday's huge march and rally in London against war with Iraq. But he made clear that like the Prime Minister, he was convinced of the moral case for action against Saddam Hussein.

"A great moral choice has been put before us by the people on the march yesterday. Let's face that moral choice, " he said. "It is not a choice between peace and war. It is a choice between doing something and not doing anything.

"If you take the view that we should not do anything, you too have a moral responsibility, because by doing that you are sustaining the status quo under which there are people being murdered, tortured and dying and starving."

Dr Reid told Sir David that Saddam only ever responded to the demands of the international community when he faced the threat of military force.

"This is a man who has never done anything unless he thinks that people are prepared to stand up to him," he said. "That is the only reason why the inspectors are back there in the first place and the only reason why the UN has any authority and legitimacy in moving him. That legitimacy and authority will be completely undermined if we wave in advance a white flag that says `But we will never stand up to you'."

Dr Reid acknowledged the differences within the Labour Party over possible military action, saying: "The party are engaged and they are listening. They regard this as very, very serious. The party recognises that these choices have to be made and that the choice is not between peace and war it is between doing something to protect the world and the children and people of Iraq or not doing anything."

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Also on this week's programme, on the eve of the introduction of congestion charging in the capital, the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, talked about the controversial scheme. Mr Livingstone admitted that some motorists have already received fines, because of a mistake during last-minute testing at the charge contol centre.

"I plead guilty to that. It was a complete mistake. Someone pressed the wrong button on the computer and the forms went out, " Mr Livingstone said. "We have sent letters of apology and I would like to apologise personally to anyone who got a bit annoyed."

The Mayor acknowledged that if the network of cameras and computers which will check and record every vehicle in central London failed, he would have to abandon the scheme and it would spell the end of his political career. "If this goes wrong, you won't be interviewing me next year," he joked. But he confirmed that if the scheme is successful, the area within which the charge operates could be doubled in size.

Sir David also interviewed the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens about the current high security alert;

and he talked to one of the main speakers at Saturday's peace rally, the Rev Jesse Jackson.

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