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Breakfast with Frost
Sir Elton John

Please note "BBC Breakfast with Frost" must be credited if any part of this transcript is used.

DAVID FROST: Good morning, Elton.

ELTON JOHN: Good morning, David.

DAVID FROST: Let's just start with a bit of "Sorry", just to remind people of your latest single.


DAVID FROST: Taken from the concert last night, here it is (video clip). There it is, that was not the actual same recording because of course, the record was with Blue

ELTON JOHN: Yeah, the single that is out now is actually a Blue record featuring me, it's not my record but it's ..

DAVID FROST: Well I hear rumours that it's going to be number one for Christmas.

ELTON JOHN: Well I think, I don't know if it's going to be number one for Christmas but I think it will be number one this afternoon, judging by the mid-week figures, so...

DAVID FROST: I think all the people are going to rush into the shops at 11 a.m. this morning, now tell me, we are reviewing ten years in a light-hearted way and, knowing you, I would have said that probably these last ten years have probably been the happiest of your life, haven't they?

ELTON JOHN: Well they have, I mean it was interesting to see Eric Clapton talking about not drinking and having that thing for people who don't drink, I gave up drinking twelve years ago and taking drugs and I can honestly say, boring, boring, as it's coming up to Christmas, yeah I am much happier now than I have ever been and it's due to, you know, everything is due to that really.

DAVID FROST: Yeah, that was the turning point and then meeting David relatively soon after.

ELTON JOHN: Yes that was nine years ago now, everything is much more clearer now, I get up in the morning, I am happier, I am prone to be, you know in a bad mood but then so is everyone, so I'm...

DAVID FROST: And in fact David said in an interview somewhere this week, that you both thought long and hard about possibly adopting children, but decided it wouldn't be fair on them.

ELTON JOHN: Well when I discovered that when the child was going to be twenty, I would probably be over seventy, or seventy five and I don't want to be worrying if my child is taking crack, I mean who knows what the world is going to be like in twenty five year's time or twenty year's time, I fear for the generation of kids growing up now. I mean, I grew up in a wonderful era in the nineteen fifties, sixties, seventies but now there is so much fear and danger in the world, I wonder what it is going to be like to be able to grow up in the next twenty years, it's frightening.

DAVID FROST: But things have become more liberal, more tolerant here, I mean.

ELTON JOHN: Absolutely, things are much more liberal here, more tolerant, but that's here and we have the rest of the world to worry about.

DAVID FROST: Absolutely, I mean your Aids campaign is really, for instance, something that's really needed in places like South Africa, even more than here perhaps.

ELTON JOHN: South Africa, all Third World countries and now Russia, China, India, South Africa, the whole of Africa is a pandemic nightmare, South America, you know the affluent countries have the means and abilities to deal with the Aids crisis but of course, the poor countries don't.

DAVID FROST: And in terms of the situation at the moment, because I mean, what can be done and so on, you're out of the closet sale and all your good activities, how much have you raised for the Elton John Aids Foundation?

ELTON JOHN: We've raised over four and a half million pounds in Britain this year, we have had a million pound month, we've had the out of the closet sale, we had, I went with the CD to I Cap? This week and all the traders pledged a certain percentage of their profits to charity and our charity benefited by about five hundred thousand pounds, which we are very grateful for and I am doing a couple of shows at Shepherds Bush, so I reckon we will raise over a million pounds this month, it's an increasing commitment for me because as I said, the world is a very dangerous place and Aids is one of the most dangerous health hazards we have ever faced, so I mean you have to keep going.

DAVID FROST: And you are still trying to write the best song ever written; now Candle in the Wind is the best selling single of all time isn't it?


DAVID FROST: And other songs, I know Karina would probably pick They Way You Look Tonight or Tiny Dancer, or Your Song I would might pick and so on, who do you think at the moment has the best song ever if you were planning to write it?

ELTON JOHN: Well you know in a way I was very sorry, I mean it was great that Candle in the Wind sold that many and raised that much money but as it meant that it beat White Christmas as the best selling single of all time, and to me White Christmas is wonderful song and it's the only Christmas song, I think, I mean the best Christmas song and God there are so many great songs around, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, where do you start, I haven't even entered that league yet and you know, you are still hoping that when you sit down and write your next song, something inspirational will come along and you will write something that will be that good or may be in that league, it's very tough to be in that league because those people are geniuses.

DAVID FROST: And I hear you're going to have laser eye surgery.

ELTON JOHN: Yes, I'm not going to be myopic any more, next time you do this programme I will be fabulous and I will be able to see you without wearing glasses. I have had the preliminary tests, I was fed up with looking for my glasses by the side of the bed, having to squint to see the newspapers, so I was squinting down there in the dressing room just recently, just trying to see the newspaper and I am gonna just try, God I'm fifty five, there are so many great advantages technology can do, so I am going to do it.

DAVID FROST: Fantastic, will you come back and join us at the end the programme?

ELTON JOHN: I will, absolutely.

DAVID FROST: Fantastic, and remember this is the last time maybe that you will see Elton John with spectacles because next time it will be a whole new look.

ELTON JOHN: You did say spectacles didn't you David?

DAVID FROST: A whole new look.

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