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About Breakfast with Frost
Sir David Frost interviews the Prime Minister, Tony Blair MP
Want to know what the 'movers and shakers' are thinking?

After more than 12 years and 500 shows, Sunday 29 May 2005 was the final BBC Breakfast with Frost transmission.

The show comprised a weekly programme of news and interviews shown on BBC One from 0930 to 1030.

There was usually a leading British politician addressing the issues of the day. What they had to say frequently generated headlines in the papers the following day.

David Frost also played host to a range of high-profile figures with something interesting to contribute.

Hundreds of leading figures have appeared on the show over the years. Presidents like Mandela, Clinton, Bush, Arafat and Putin. Pop stars like Sting and Clapton. Prime Ministers like Blair, Thatcher, Major, Heath and Callaghan.

The show, which was broadcast live from studios at BBC TV Centre in West London, ran from January 1993 and was screened all year round, except for bank holiday weekends.

Up to three million people tuned in to some part of the show, with an average of 1.2 million watching at any given moment.


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