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Your comments

A true legend.
Gary Enticott, Cardiff, UK

You are an institution and you will be sorely missed. Sunday mornings just will not be the same without you!
Wishing you all the best.
Andy Smith, England

Thank you Sir David and all the best. This is the end of an era ... how are we going to get through Sundays now?
Ralph Elliott Starkweather, UK

Can I say that I will miss this programme on a Sunday Morning, and I am very sad this has come to an end.
Every Sunday I look to see the flower arrangements in the vase behind David and wonder if it is possible to bid for the vase as a memento?
Only I love flowers and this would be an item to cherish and remember my favourite programme.
Many thanks Paula
Paula Collingwood, England

What was not included in my first message was how much I have appreciated Sir David's management of tricky interviews without being aggressive and always respecting the interviewees.
A master class if ever there was!
Again, thank you so much Sir David and good luck in your future ventures.
Sue Shaw, Northumberland!

On the final program I am interested on the background music that started when you were highlighting which started when 9/11 came on, I believe it is to a film, could you please email me with the details and title.
Sorry to see the end of a very good program.
Chris Burke, UK

Forget all the others, how about Giles Brandreth for leader of the Tory party?
Chris Winton (Mrs) West Sussex

I wish you well Sir David - I have thoroughly enjoyed your "Breakfast" and will miss you.
Sue Shaw, Northumberland

Very sad to hear that the Frost programme is coming to an end. It seems that for most of my life I have been listening to David Frost programmes in one form or another and have always enjoyed them.
Is this one of the BBC's "cuts" or has he just had enough, I do hope we shall seem him now and again. However if David is retiring may I wish him a long and happy one.
Patricia Clarke, Britain

Our Sunday mornings will never be the same - Breakfast with Frost is what BBC programming should be about - it's the finest quality programme going - please don't replace it with any more cheesy light entertainment, we have enough thank you! Our huge thanks and best wishes to David. Again, thank you!
Becky Barrett, United Kingdom

I have been an extremely keen follower of Frost's breakfast programme, and I fear losing it, especially as there are very few people able to even consider replacing him. I would like to meet him, but will settle for finding out about how to win a cushion or chair.
Christine Ljunghammar, UK

Check the website Christine The "new" idea for subsidised mortgages is not new at all. Housing associations have been doing this for years. Ask Gordon Brown about this today.
Michael Blackmore, UK

This new mortgage scheme is a disaster. The only consensus on property is that the market is currently unstable. In wades the govt full of good intentions, announcing a new scheme starting in a years time. What first time buyer is going to buy for the next year.
Stephen Strange, England

I would like to take issue with comments made in general about spelling. Not being brought up in a privileged society, I was branded to be thick because I was unable to spell correctly.
It is in fact due to the fact that I am dyslectic but this was not known until 5 years after leaving school. Some of the greatest people that have walked on this Earth have had the same difficulties as myself.
Comments made on the programme just endorses the ignorance that people have in understand disability and in turn fuels the constant embracement that people like myself face every day. I sure that your guests have never made any spell errors!
Chris Caswell, UK

The comments by your paper reviewers about Spelling, really annoyed me this morning, some of us including my children and myself suffer with Developmental Dyspraxia, which because of the individuals high intelligence levels does not warrant statement by the education system because it leads to problems with short term memory and spelling and writing.
Perhaps the Programme should or the BBC should look at this Hidden Educational issue and not be so condemning of poor spelling!
William Membery, UK

I was very interested to hear Michael Portillo's rather shallow comments about the miners' strike - after all, if he thought that they believed in what they were doing and were fully informed, he might have to re-consider his own political opinion - and find himself lacking.
A scary place to be, if you ask me. No social conscience, Mr Portillo, that's your trouble!
Jocelynne Thomas, England

Both sides of the Irish divide are expert at saying nothing at great length. Peter Hain has shown himself a quick study in that respect.
David de Vere Webb, England

Why not add three strikes and lose your passport to all other fines to the yobs who have no respect for others
Hugh Ghazvini, UK

Having not received my polling card, I was appalled at being told that all I have to do is turn up at the polling booth, where they have my details on the electoral roll. I asked what ID I would need to bring with me, only to be told, NONE.
What sort of problems can we expect from this sort of attitude, when anybody could pretend that they are me and use my vote.
Sarah Shuker, England

I am listening to Tony Blair and what a shock, I thought this country was taken to war because of WMD.
Now this morning the PM says that the reason was regime change. Under the UN charter No:2 regime change is against that. Tony Blair has lied over and over again.
Fiaz Hussain, England

Hello Sir David, Mr Blair, seated comfortably on your sofa, has just declared that we should now forget about what's past and decide which leadership we trust with the economy and education etc. Which planet is he hoping to lead?
We all need to trust a leadership who will protect and respect our children's lives.
If he had known that two of his own children would be in the frontline in Iraq would he have been so keen to take us into war?
Louise Dietrich, England

Can we ask Mr Blair if he would have gone to War without the USA
W J Price, England

Sir David , can you ask the prime minister, whether the referendum will be before he leaves or after he leaves?
Edward Foster-Aileru, UK

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