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Breakfast with Frost Sunday, 9 June, 2002, 13:26 GMT 14:26 UK
Interview with Frank Warren, boxing promoter
Frank Warren, boxing promoter
Frank Warren, boxing promoter

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DAVID FROST: And now Mike Tyson's former boxing promoter, promoter of a lot people besides him but, but he's a fascinating one at the moment, Frank Warren is here today, Frank welcome. Did you agree with what Audley was saying there about the fight?

FRANK WARREN: I agreed with some of it, Tyson in the fight after, the first round was a, I thought Tyson won the first round, he was a little bit a, he's on top, I think Lennox was a little bit cagey in the first round trying to settle himself. Second round onwards he used his jab, he used his physical advance...

DAVID FROST: His reach?

FRANK WARREN: Yeah his reach, his height and used it very well and he was smothering Tyson and then after that it was just his fight, he just completely took the fight over. What I was surprised at was Tyson's mobility, his legs were gone, he had no mobility at all and sometimes he was just standing square on, he couldn't get out of the way of Lennox and to talk about a rematch, I don't see what Mike Tyson has to, to offer to show, to get any chance to beat Lennox in the future.

DAVID FROST: And it would be doing him no favours really to put him through another...

FRANK WARREN: Well the problem Mike Tyson's got is that obviously from his purse. He's got a significant purse and apparently the pay-per-view in America's gone through the roof.

DAVID FROST: Has it really?

FRANK WARREN: So I understand, it's, it's big numbers, that he has to, he's got a lot of, a lot of people he's got to pay, he's got a lot of debt. So he is not going to come out of this with a lot of money. So I can't see him retiring, really he should but where else is he going to get a living.

DAVID FROST: Do you think he's still the second best heavyweight in the world, Mike Tyson?

FRANK WARREN: No I don't now and I tipped Tyson to win the fight, I thought that he, I thought his hand speed would be there, but none of that was there, he was just a shell of himself. In his younger days when he, when he won the title I thought he was the best of his age when he was around 20, 21, he was the most exciting heavyweight I'd seen including Mohamed Ali, at that age. But now he's just a shell of that fighter.

DAVID FROST: And in fact you promoted those two fights here, controversial fights and so on, and after the second one or indeed during the second one you said no thanks no more of this, that was just because he was so difficult was it?

FRANK WARREN: Yeah I mean his, his mood swings, thank God he, you know he behaved himself during this fight, you know after the fight he was, he took defeat like a man, again I was worried that he may do something stupid but he didn't, he took his defeat and, and behaved great after the fight. But asking for a rematch, that shows he's got a fighting heart and as Audley says he did take, he took some big punches, he didn't sort of turn his back or any way a bit, he was just getting well beaten but to talk about a rematch now, forget it.

DAVID FROST: Lennox said that he would fight on after this fight, you know even if he beat Mike Tyson, although obviously the richest fight so far in history, but he might have two or three more fights and so on, what does the future hold for him?

FRANK WARREN: Well he's got a mandatory defence against a guy called Chris Bird who's in the... club, nobody wants to box him, he's a bit of a, what we call a bit of a spoiler, I can't see that doing great business. The only big fight out there for Lennox Lewis at the moment is...the Ukrainian based in Germany. He's a big guy, he can fight, he's a young guy, that would be a big fight. One the, on the horizon I can't see any other big fights for Lennox, I think they're just basically him mopping up the very best, the best of the bad bunch that's around.

DAVID FROST: And you were relieved that Mike Tyson, as you say, did nothing mad at the end?

FRANK WARREN: Yeah I think, I think that's good and yeah and Lennox done, done brilliantly, I mean you know he, he, he completely dominated the fight, he done excellent and I take my hat off to him.

DAVID FROST: Thank you very much indeed, many thanks Frank.


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