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Breakfast with Frost Sunday, 2 June, 2002, 15:24 GMT 16:24 UK
Interview with David Davies
David Davies
David Davies, executive director of the Football Association

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DAVID FROST: And now the Executive Director of the Football Association, David Davies joins me live, although I think after what's been happening here this morning I should say we hope he's going to join us live from the Saitama Stadium. Good morning David.

DAVID DAVIES: Good morning David, I'm nervous and superstitious I can tell you.

DAVID FROST: Both nervous and superstitious, well I'm glad the David Seaman message got there, now first of all David is there any late breaking team news or was the team, the team that's been predicted by virtually every newspaper, is that the one that's, we're going with today?

DAVID DAVIES: I think it is the team that everyone's predicted, Michael Owen and Darius Versell will be playing up front, yes the Captain's foot will be playing and Owen Hargreaves will be playing and Emile Heskey and David Seaman will be in goal, it's a very, very exciting day for us, we've just come from the team hotel and I have to tell you that outside the team hotel there are literally thousands and thousands of Japanese people, we've spent several months travelling backwards and forwards from Japan and saying to people in Japan, yes please support Japan as your number one team, please make England your number two team and it seems to have worked and they're, they're rather keen on David Beckham and Michael Owen.

DAVID FROST: The two young heroes, yes, it's fantastic the coverage here has been of that, it's really been a remarkable part of the, of the training sessions I would have thought to feel so, in a sense at home in Japan?

DAVID DAVIES: Yes we have felt very much at home, this is going to be David, it started very well, I think this is going to be the most colourful World Cup, it's a rather different World Cup to the ones that have been in Europe, I've been privileged enough to be at five of them, it's more similar I think to America which sadly England weren't part of back in 1994. But the enthusiasm, yes and the politeness of the Japanese public has struck everybody and the players are enjoying it very much indeed.

DAVID FROST: And as for the result, I mean obviously I'm sure you're predicting a victory though probably we're not going to be equal with Germany in goal difference?

DAVID DAVIES: I don't expect it to be 8-0 if that's what you're saying, we hope, we pray, I've been to a Shinto Shrine this week to say my prayers as a guest of the Japanese, some of the players will be going there next week. We're enjoying it hugely, yes we're very optimistic, this is a crucial game for us, everybody knows that, with Argentina who beat Nigeria today coming up on Friday but the omens, after a very, very difficult few weeks before we came out here and the first week we had in Korea, it was a difficult time, it looked as though we were going to lose some of our players, Kieran Dyer by the way is a substitute and is available to play today.

DAVID FROST: Well that's terrific news and Sven seems to have everything under control. My condolences that he didn't give you a place on the bench David, but thank you for joining us. All the best, David Davies.

DAVID DAVIES: Thank you very much.


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