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Breakfast with Frost Sunday, 2 June, 2002, 15:25 GMT 16:25 UK
Interview with David Seaman
David Seaman
David Seaman, England goalkeeper with daughter Georgina

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DAVID FROST: Well the Golden Jubilee isn't the only event that's special this weekend, in less than an hour it's England's first game in the World Cup and after all the hype it's finally happening, England meets Sweden as we know and the England squad are already here at the Saitama Stadium in Japan. The Squad have been dogged as we all know by injuries and at one stage not looking too good, but now with the players seeming fit they're ready for action and between bouts of training a couple of days ago England goalkeeper David Seaman made time to tell me how they were all feeling now. I began by just confirming with him that the squad are all set for today's big match.

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah that's right you know we've had a bit of bad luck but everybody's now fit which tends to happen, you know you get two or three days before, before the game or team selection I should say and I think you'll find that everybody's fit, but you know touch wood things are going okay.

DAVID FROST: And David Beckham particularly, his recovery from injury, all the papers here said was a real boost for morale, morale out there with you?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah that's...he's great news for us because you know from, from the day that David actually got his injury, you know all we've seen is doom and gloom but now he's fit, we know he's fit, it's great for us because he's a quality player and when you've got somebody like that knocking quality crosses in it's, it is good for the squad.

DAVID FROST: Every manager has his style, Arsen Wenga, how is Sven different to the others?

DAVID SEAMAN: Sven's, he's a lot like Arsen Wenga, he knows what he's doing, he believes in his players and he's got a lot of respect for his players, you know he'll let us do what we want to a certain degree but he trusts us, you know and if we go out he just says go out and enjoy yourself, you know he doesn't put any restrictions on us or anything like that, you know after all we all, we're all men and not boys you know and it's good to be treated like that.

DAVID FROST: And what would you say is, is going to be success David, I mean is success only if we win or is success if we reach the quarter finals or whatever?

DAVID SEAMAN: It's hard you know, as a footballer you want to try and get all the way, I suppose it depends on how we play, you know we want to, obviously the main thing is to qualify, you know is to get past Argentina and Nigeria and Sweden, that's all we're focusing on at the moment and then once it goes into the knock-out stage it really is anybody's, you know if you can hit form there you can, you can go all the way but as for success I would, the ultimate success obviously is, is to win the thing and I've had lots of dreams about it.

DAVID FROST: Have you? And are you or any other players David, are you superstitious?

DAVID SEAMAN: Little bits yeah, you know there's all sorts that you do, tiny little things, you know people say are you superstitious? They go 'no', but then they reel off a load of things that they do, but yeah I'm, I'm, I'm a little bit, I don't take any other gloves out apart from the ones I want to wear, I hate anything being in my goal, you know like drinks bottles or bits of litter or anything like that. Just silly things, you put your right boot on first and it all goes, if you play well you try and recreate or do the same things that you did the last game. Obviously if you get beat then you've got to start changing things.

DAVID FROST: Well you sound very relaxed, you look very relaxed, you look, as we were saying, confident, I mean you don't look nervous, do you ever get nervous before a big game?

DAVID SEAMAN: Sometimes you do David, it's just all of a sudden it'll come up and you don't know when it's going to hit you, I can remember the last World Cup I played in in France, the first game against Tunisia we walked out there and all the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and normally that happens, you know, regular but this time it just stayed there for like five, ten minutes and then the, we sung the National Anthem and it was the most emotional that I've been while I've actually had to sing the Anthem. And it's things like that that you don't know when it's going to happen but for me I'm just glad that it still does happen, it just shows that I've not got used to it all after all these years playing.

DAVID FROST: Absolutely, you're not blase about it, well on behalf of everybody we wish you all the very best for the game on Sunday and all the way to the final.

DAVID SEAMAN: I hope so David, I hope you're right.

DAVID FROST: David Seaman.


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