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David Seaman and daughter, Georgina
David Seaman and daughter, Georgina

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DAVID FROST: Well what a season, what a week for Arsenal. I'm delighted to say they've won the double and yesterday the Gunners strode to a final victory, this time against Everton. I'm joined now in this euphoric week, from Highbury preparing himself for the parade in a minute or two - there's Highbury behind him there - David Seaman, England's number one and Arsenal's number one goalkeeper. David, it's been an amazing week.

DAVID SEAMAN: It has. Good morning David, it's been fantastic. I don't think you could have planned it any better really.

DAVID FROST: What was the best moment - I mean you had the cup last Saturday, you had Man U on Wednesday, you had the presentation of the Championship Trophy yesterday - what's been the moment this week that meant the most to you?

DAVID SEAMAN: I think getting the trophy yesterday was a great, great time for not only just the Arsenal players but the fans as well. You know, we've waited quite a long time for this. The last time we did it was in '98 so, you know, it's been hard work and a lot of rib-tickling by the Man United fans and things but now it's our time and we're going to enjoy it.

DAVID FROST: And what about the role and the tremendous contribution of Arsene Wenger? Is he the most skilled manager you've worked with at Arsenal?

DAVID SEAMAN: Well yeah, you've got to say that, you know, because people will say that you compare him with George Graham and when you look at what George Graham did and what he won, he was a fantastic manager but Arsene's brought a new dimension to Arsenal - you know, new training facilities, new training regime, diet regime and a lot better way of playing. You know, people are enjoying how we play now and we're at it, we've got rid of the boring Arsenal title.

DAVID FROST: Yes, certainly have in the last season or two. Now leading team in the UK, that's what we're going to be and we're going to establish ourselves, says Arsene Wenger. But next year the main priority is holding what you have but presumably is the challenge of Europe.

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah, exactly, you know and it's something that we haven't done. Obviously we would look to win the Champions League but, you know, we've got to enjoy what we've done and what we've achieved this season and then really concentrate on next season and make sure that we, you know, that we set the same sort of standard as well.

DAVID FROST: And the papers are talking about we know Lee Dixon was retiring yesterday and was captain and so on, Tony Adams hasn't made a final decision yet, according to the papers.

DAVID SEAMAN: No, no. I saw Tony giving an interview yesterday and he was saying that his body will tell him and from what I've seen of him after games, his body's telling him a big signal.

DAVID FROST: And what about your body - what signals is it giving you? You've decided that you're going to carry on, yes? Definitely?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah that's right. You know we had a - I had a chat with the manager on Friday - sorry I can hardly hear you David, there's a police helicopter, it's making a lot of noise - yeah I had a chat with the manager on Friday and hopefully we'll get things sorted out for another season.

DAVID FROST: And in terms of the World Cup - are you confident?

DAVID SEAMAN: Oh yes. Yeah, we're very confident, yeah.

DAVID FROST: Do you think you're going to come back with a World Cup medal?

DAVID SEAMAN: Well hopefully David, it would be a fantastic treble. But, you know, like I say, we'll enjoy today and then obviously we're off to Dubai tomorrow and then we'll start concentrating on the World Cup.

DAVID FROST: And according to the News of the World, you worried when you had that injury earlier this season that - my fear I was finished - but that was a bad moment but now is a terrific moment.

DAVID SEAMAN: Yes it was. It was a worrying time because I was out for so long and, you know, when you get older the injuries take quite a while to heal and there was a lot of pain in my shoulder and I kept trying to get away with injections and things like that but in the end I had to have the operation. But, you know, touch wood, everything's worked out fantastically and things are going great.

DAVID FROST: Thank you very much indeed David, have a wonderful ride round North London this morning. Arsenal about to celebrate a triumphal run-around with the coaches and everything, open coaches all around North London.


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