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New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (right) with Sir David Frost
New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (right) with Sir David Frost

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DAVID FROST: Now this is our last regular programme of 2001 today but there's a Breakfast with Frost Special coming up next Sunday featuring an exclusive interview with the Mayor of New York City, many people's man of the year, Rudy Giuliani. I went to see him earlier this week and here's a little sample of what the man is really like and coming up 10.45 next Sunday.

Although all of this horror, what did it do, did it shake your faith, your deep faith in God or did you think this is man's doing and not God's?

RUDY GIULIANI At the time that I was, that we were evacuating and trying to re-establish City government and make sure that our emergency services were working and that we had air cover and that we closed the bridges and tunnels and that we had all the ambulances in the right places and we were, we were extricating people who needed help, at that point you really, you're just going from one task to another, it wasn't until that night, or the next morning that I even realised we were in danger, I just did it. When I went, when I realised that the fire personnel that I had talked to were all dead, before the judge had died that maybe another 20 or 30 people that I knew were gone, with a really good chance that they were dead, I think at some point during the day, I think, the anger was all directed at human beings, not at God. My theology, belief, philosophy is that God gives people a chance to work out what they want to work out in life and then there are good people and there are evil people and there are a lot of in between people. I saw this, I saw this pretty clearly from the beginning as the workings of people who are deranged fanatics, who have taken religion and perverted it as sometimes in our history, when people pervert their ideology, pervert their thinking, become fanatics and so my anger was directed at them not at, not at God, I mean the only, the only thing God is responsible for is we have free will and then we can do something good with it or we can do something evil with it.

DAVID FROST: That's Rudy Giuliani and the full, the full interview next Sunday at 10.45, we don't have a programme, this is the last 9am programme of course of the year and so following on next week at 10.45 Rudy Giuliani, you'll, you'll find he's wondrously uplifting as well as facing this enormous crisis. Rudy Giuliani 10.45.


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