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EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana
EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana

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DAVID FROST: The European Union has given unprecedented support to any future US military action and its chief man, it's foreign policy chief, is Javier Solana, he used to be with us when he was Nato Secretary General and we welcome him again now, he's in Madrid at the moment, good morning.

JAVIER SOLANA: Good morning.

DAVID FROST: You're in Madrid at the moment but the papers say you're on your way to Iran?

JAVIER SOLANA: Right we're going to take off for a quality building trip to the region, we're going to stop in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, I think we will stop also in Egypt and, and probably also in Jordan, in the idea of cooperating with the United States in the construction of this coalition against terrorism.

DAVID FROST: And when the battle begins under whose auspices, will it be just the United States or will it be Nato or will it be the European Union, what are the auspices?

JAVIER SOLANA: The European Union there on Friday night, it had a very important European council with all the Prime Ministers and it was clear that every single country of the European Union was ready to participate in what we considered, according to the UN Security Council Resolution, a legitimate operation and the different countries will, will contribute in the manner that they see fit, they have the possibility to be in contact with the United States, to offer those things that can be, can be offered. It would not be the same, the cooperation or the participation of one country to another because the coalition will need different, different elements and that will be brought up by the Europeans in cooperation, as I said, very good cooperation and solidarity with the United States.

DAVID FROST: And we know obviously the United States and the UK will be, both be part of the fight, part of the battle, British forces will be included, how many of the other 14 members do you think will take part militarily?

JAVIER SOLANA: Well this, at this time it's very difficult to say, the contact with the United States is just beginning and I don't know how many will participate in fact, but in any case every country of the 50 members has shown their interest and their willingness to participate if it's necessary, it may not be necessary that all participate but in any case the solidarity is there.

DAVID FROST: Would you, would you like to see the overthrow of the Taliban?

JAVIER SOLANA: Well what I would like to, to see and everybody would like to see is to see those responsible for this terrible crime in front of a jury having a fair trial, that's what everybody would like. But at the same time we would like to do something in the medium term, in the longer term which is to construct a solid coalition of countries ready to fight terrorism in many other respect which are not military. Police cooperation to do as much as possible to stop the financing of these groups so there are many, many things will be necessary to do if we want really to defeat terrorism and we have to do it. And countries like yours or countries like mine know very well that the fight against terrorism is long and requires perseverance and requires tenacity and requires basic big and profound cooperation among countries.

DAVID FROST: And I know you've been very active in promoting peace or a ceasefire in the Middle East, do you think the situation between Israel and the Palestinians will hold, this ceasefire will hold while this other great operation is in progress?

JAVIER SOLANA: I hope so very, very much. Probably today as we are talking, it will be a meeting between Mr Arafat and Mr Shimon Peres, it was a good meeting yesterday to prepare for it and it will be also a meeting of the securities responsible from both sides, Palestinian, Israeli, and I think that some light is being, is being now shining in the Middle East, it is still too early to say it is going to hold for a long period of time but in any case we have already two days, three days almost without any single casualty which is very, very good news. If on top of that the political discussions, the political negotiation is start or the political conversation is start I think we may have the possibility of looking more light shining in the Middle East.

DAVID FROST: Well that will indeed be good news, Mr Solana as ever thank you very much indeed for joining us.

JAVIER SOLANA: Thank you very much.


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