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Please note "BBC Breakfast with Frost" must be credited if any part of this transcript is used

DAVID FROST: Well the weather for Tim Henman there, but can he do it, can he actually become the first British man to win Wimbledon for more than 60 years and I'm joined here in the studio by John Lloyd our former British Number One, good morning.

JOHN LLOYD: Morning.

DAVID FROST: How are you John?

JOHN LLOYD: Very well thank you.

DAVID FROST: Good, good, good. And from just outside Centre Court by the Virginia Wade, there she is. Good morning Virginia.

VIRGINIA WADE: Good morning, it's lovely weather for your complexion, I'm not sure about playing tennis though.

DAVID FROST: Well we'll, we'll get your predictions in a second or two, Virginia of course who, it was Jubilee Year wasn't it, when Virginia won that title. Now there's a, there's a quote here from Robbie Williams in the papers today, it says "I ask Elvis to look after me, before a gig we all get in a huddle and pray to Elvis to look after us while we're on stage". Should, shouldn't Henman follow that example?

JOHN LLOYD: I think he should.

DAVID FROST: It must be mentally exhausting for him?

JOHN LLOYD: Oh terrible for both, for both players, I mean the one who's come out the best in this of course is Patrick Rafter, I mean he's loving this because he, he had that, you know the, he had that unbelievably difficult match against Agassi and we thought well he may be tired the next day, well now he's had 48 hours to rest so he's loving all this, he wants them to stay out there as long as possible. But for Tim and Goran to mentally keep getting themselves fired up and then the rain coming and then having to sort of get down again and then recharge again. The emotions, it's not the physical side it's the emotional side and very tough for both of them.

DAVID FROST: Yes you could see, I mean when he was almost, Goran was almost disintegrating before our eyes on Friday, that was partially mental wasn't it, I mean always that sort of thing, and so that helped him that the rain came but then it helped Tim Henman on Monday that at 8.58 they stopped play because it was too dark and he came back stronger on Monday didn't he? So that, today these few games that we're going to see, well it could be many because of course with no tie-break it could be 25-23 today, couldn't it?

JOHN LLOYD: It could be, I still think Tim's going to find a way to get through, I just have this, this feeling but I mean it's Russian roulette now, three all in the fifth, anything can happen, it's a question of who, you know who keeps their nerve, it's going to come down to probably one big point and I, I think Tim's going to still come through but I certainly wouldn't put any money on it, that's for sure.

DAVID FROST: And did you feel along with everyone who was cheering for him, that there was at least one bad line call?


DAVID FROST: At least one, possibly two?

JOHN LLOYD: Yeah he was very unlucky in the tie-breaker, the serve was definitely long and we showed it on the replay about 50 times and it was long but you know Goran serving a ball at 130mph, I mean it's pretty easy to miss them.

DAVID FROST: Well it's good to have that prediction, do you, do you share that prediction Virginia?

VIRGINIA WADE: I think that Tim has just managed to play well when he's needed to, he's been in some tough spots and so I think he's going to still manage to have the faith in himself to come through when he's really, when it's really essential. But it's interesting, the first time there was the rain delay on Friday I thought it helped Goran, as I matter of fact I thought it helped Tim yesterday because he was just going through a slightly shaky stage, his serve was a little bit off. So I think he's, although as we all know and as John said, it's so awful, sitting there and getting nervous and worrying about it and going through everything in your mind, it's very tough but I think he's survived all the tough points so far and so I think he will again today. But it's, it's going to be close.

DAVID FROST: And as you said and as other people have said during the week, he's got the added burden of a, of a nation behind him, that's good when they're cheering him on but it's a hell of a responsibility, isn't it?

VIRGINIA WADE: Well it also, if you're feeling really terrific and you can keep sight of the objective which is to win, then you go with the wave. The trouble is if you start to doubt yourself just a little bit as one of those big waves that's about to dump on you and you really feel the responsibility and the crowd also decided to go a little quiet last night, so hopefully they'll be in a bit more of a relaxed mood which is hard to ask of them but you know somebody's going to win this match, I can tell you that, and so it might as well be Tim.

DAVID FROST: Yeah it won't be a draw, no absolutely, there won't be a replay. And what about, what's your prediction if it's played about the women's final?

VIRGINIA WADE: Well I was thinking the only other person who was probably delighted to have a, an extra day was Justine Henin because she had the worst blister you've ever seen on the ball of her foot but they said in the dressing room, the physio said that she was much better and she was raring to go yesterday so it's going to be tough for her because she's the under-dog. You know I think Venus has been sort of liking the role of being Wimbledon Champion, she's been very relaxed all tournament and she's been playing great tennis, she played wonderfully well against Lindsay and hitting some pretty big serves. I did witness though Justine beating her in Berlin, so that adds a little bit of extra dynamic to it, but I have to say that it's hard to bet against Venus. But Justine is not out of the picture entirely, her odds are a little bit less great than Venus's though.

DAVID FROST: Thank you Virginia, always a joy to see you, thank you very much indeed John and we'll all be keeping our fingers crossed today, first of all for the weather and then for Tim Henman.


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