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England Goalkeeper, David Seaman

Please note "BBC Breakfast with Frost" must be credited if any part of this transcript is used

DAVID FROST: Now more on the world of football and who better to tell us about England's chances in next month's qualifier than the goalie who's been there with England through thick and thin over the last few years, David Seaman. First of all Chris Hollins, son of John Hollins reports.


DAVID FROST: And he's here himself, the man with the ponytail as he was saying, David how are you?

DAVID SEAMAN: I'm fine thanks.

DAVID FROST: Where, who's idea was the famous, the incredibly famous ponytail?

DAVID SEAMAN: I think it might have been Debbie's, but I like long hair and Debbie likes my hair and Georgina loves long hair so.

DAVID FROST: And it doesn't, it doesn't get in the way

DAVID SEAMAN: No, no, it's better, it's easier like this, before when I was trying to grow it it was getting in my eyes, maybe that's why a few of the goals were going in but

DAVID FROST: But that's, that's where the most famous, no it's not the most famous haircut, you share that with David Beckham who's got a new one now?


DAVID FROST: You could do that next?

DAVID SEAMAN: I could but I won't.

DAVID FROST: You won't, you won't, and you're celebrating now coming up to your twelfth, twelfth year with Arsenal?


DAVID FROST: Now have you signed a contract yet for next season?

DAVID SEAMAN: No I haven't, we're still negotiating but I expect to sign it within the next few days.

DAVID FROST: Within the next few days?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah, yeah.

DAVID FROST: And you hope Arsen Wenger will sign one as well?

DAVID SEAMAN: Well hopefully yeah, 'cos he's important for Arsenal, he's a fantastic manager and as soon as he signs it the better it will be for Arsenal.

DAVID FROST: Let's just relive a couple of those saves for a moment and you can tell us what was going on. First of all the England versus Finland, that instinctive save at the end.


DAVID SEAMAN: Save, yeah

DAVID FROST: Now we've got it from your angle.

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah, it's just the cross is coming in and you have to get across.

DAVID FROST: But you had to belt across

DAVID SEAMAN: And try and block it with anything.

DAVID FROST: Here we are.

DAVID SEAMAN: Here we go, look, he gets a decent cross and it's just scramble across and I think it ended up just hitting my knee or something like that. But it's really important that we keep that out because, you know the score was 2-1 when that happened, that was right at the end of the game.

DAVID FROST: I know and that would have really messed up our World Cup hope. So it's really reflexes pure reflexes?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah and a bit of a luck.

DAVID FROST: And a bit of luck thrown in. And here's one where you didn't have a bit of luck, this is last weekend, Michael Owen coming up.


DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah I was so disappointed because you know we felt we'd won the game and that's what made it really hard to, to take, you know we had a big game on Wednesday, on Tuesday against Newscastle it was really, really hard to get up for that but we managed to get the point that we needed.

DAVID FROST: What happened there, you did, as we could see there, you managed to touch it?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah I got a finger on it but it wasn't enough, you know you get beat in the bottom corner sometimes but you know when you look at that you think, oh you know how come I didn't get it, but it just wasn't to be.

DAVID FROST: Right, and at the same time we've also got, look we saw it just now, extraordinary jersey, I'd forgotten the jersey you had in Euro '96?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah, that was one of the better ones.

DAVID FROST: But anyway let's take a look at that, look that save was, now that's the fascinating moment for people, how did you decide to go that way, did you follow the ball or go before the ball?

DAVID SEAMAN: No, no, I followed the guy, you know the guy's body shape dictates to me whether, which way I go, I won't tell all the secrets but.

DAVID FROST: Here it is again, just see you, there you are you're thinking and you've done it.

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah and there was a split second there where I didn't realise that the penalty shoot out was over.

DAVID FROST: Really and then, and you don't wear that same shirt any more?


DAVID FROST: And now you're celebrating your testimonial, now testimonial in fact you have to be ten years with the club to qualify for one, right?


DAVID FROST: So that there's going to be fewer and fewer testimonials?

DAVID SEAMAN: I would imagine so, yeah, because there's so many foreigners coming over into the game and you know they don't really settle down here for that, that sort of time, you know they end up going back home or whatever. Yeah I'm really grateful and really proud to be having Barcelona as the team that I'm playing on, on Tuesday.

DAVID FROST: Yeah now the Barcelona have said they're going to bring their full squad over to Arsenal for your testimonial on Tuesday, so that means among other things that Arsenal fans will get another chance to Emanuel Pettit and Mark Overmars?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah another guy with a ponytail.

DAVID FROST: Another guy with a ponytail, no Patrick Vieira said at one point that while the new players were very good you had missed those two a bit this season?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah because to be fair both of them are quality players and, and we haven't really replaced them as such but you know we've got, we've got Robert who's took Mark's place and, and in midfield it's still, you know when Patrick and, and Manu were together they were, they were formidable in there and everybody feared them but Manu decided to leave and that was that.

DAVID FROST: And Patrick Vieria has gone from, gone from strength to strength, hasn't he?

DAVID SEAMAN: Oh certainly.

DAVID FROST: Now what's the prediction for, well the friendly on Friday, but what about the next vital qualifier, Greece?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yes the big one's Greece on June 6th and we've got to win David, it's, it's not a case of getting a draw or whatever we've got to get that second place if possible and try and catch Germany you know because if we do get the second place it's another play off. But our main aim is to try and overtake Germany but they've got quite a big, a big gap at the moment.

DAVID FROST: Otherwise we've got to come second anyway?


DAVID FROST: And then we'll, then we'll have a play-off won't we?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah, exactly, yeah.

DAVID FROST: In the time you've been playing football has it all changed in the sense that it's got, I mean the money's got greater, the risks, the financial risks have got greater for the clubs and, I mean the pressure's greater, people say should we have full-time referees because every game is worth a million to somebody or whatever, has, has the pressure got greater than when you first played for Arsenal?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah massively greater, you know because, because of the media interest, everything is put under the microscope referee decisions, you know whether it's a penalty or whether it's a goal even, I think one of the main things that we could do is to try and bring something out that would show whether the ball has crossed the line because there's nothing more frustrating than seeing the ball that is over the line and the referee or the linesman says play on.

DAVID FROST: Well it's worked pretty well in cricket, actually the third umpire or whatever?

DAVID SEAMAN: That's right.

DAVID FROST: And maybe it could come into, into soccer. In the meantime do you expect next season to be lining up at Arsenal with two or three new members of the squad?

DAVID SEAMAN: Yeah I would imagine so, you know it's, it's a massive club and you've got to keep improving and you've got to have, you've got to bring players in to, to keep the guys that are already there, keep them on their toes.

DAVID FROST: And is it maddening when Manchester United keep on coming top of the Premiership, I know that Arsen Wenger said you did pretty well, you know second but that's the main enemy? DAVID SEAMAN: It is and the worst part about it was that the season was over, you know, like so long ago, they did win the League and you know, what was it two, two months ago, you know so that was really frustrating but it is down to people like, you know Arsenal, Liverpool, Leeds, is to try make sure that that doesn't happen again.

DAVID FROST: And do you think if the, if the aggro goes on between Sir Alex Ferguson and Man, Man U that that will help you, I mean that they will be weakened by that?

DAVID SEAMAN: Hopefully. But he's had a fantastic career, there's no doubt, but you know if it does make them stutter then it'll be better for the other clubs.

DAVID FROST: David thank you very much for being with us, good luck for the game on Tuesday night and good luck on the future games for England. David Seaman ladies and gentlemen.


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