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Paul Welsh
Paul Welsh
Paul filing a radio report in full body armour
This is Paul's second stint with Breakfast, he's back from time spent as the BBC's West Africa correspondent and then as World Affair's correspondent.

He says when he hears something is happening he wants to see it for himself.

The list of big stories he's covered is long.

As a boy, Paul grew up in a service family; his dad was in the RAF. In 1974 the family were stationed in Cyprus and had to be evacuated when the civil war broke out.

That might help to explain Paul's choice of career - it's taken him to more than 80 countries, a dozen conflicts, famines, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Paul began broadcasting when he helped to set up University Radio Nottingham, while he was studying for his Physics degree. He had his first national lead story when he was 19 and still a student.

For the first half of the 1990's Paul reported and presented on Newsround. Today, as well as seeing him on Breakfast, you can hear him presenting the BBC World Service flagship programme Newshour.

Ground Zero

During his first period on Breakfast Paul reported for Breakfast from Ground Zero after 11 September 2001; then he moved on to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He went into the Khyber Pass the day it was sealed-off ready for the war in Afghanistan and later spent time with the Royal Marines who were searching for Al Qaeda fighters in the Afghan mountains.

Later he would report from Camp X-ray.

Weeks after Paul arrived in Ivory Coast, as West Africa correspondent, a war started. It was the beginning of 18 months of continuous coverage of conflicts.

He spent weeks under siege in the Liberian capital Monrovia as rebels bombarded it with mortars, trying to force President Charles Taylor from power.

Before that, Paul spent a year and a half travelling the length and breadth of Britain broadcasting live from our satellite truck.

Almost 25 years of reporting have taken him from Shetland to the Channel Islands - and most in between.

Over the years he's been given awards by the Royal Television Society and the One World Trust.

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