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Sarah Campbell

In true rag- to-riches style, Sarah began her career making the tea on Radio Berkshire.

She's been one of Breakfast's dedicated team of reporters since 2003.

During that time she has covered the Soham murder trial, reported from Tsunami-hit Sri Lanka and covered the Oscar's.

Sarah spent very little of her first two months on Breakfast in the office.

Instead she spent everyday at the Old Bailey reporting on the Soham murder trial.

She says whilst it was fascinating from a journalistic point of view, it was at times a difficult story to tell. A year later, and another difficult story. She was part of a team sent out to the Far East to report on the devastation caused by the Asian tsunami.

Sarah arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka on New Year's Day 2005 and immediately set off down the coast to Galle. She says the destruction of whole towns and villages was a sight she will never forget.

But equally, she was struck by the resilience and kindness of the Sri Lankan people many of whom had lost everything but still wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help us.

In 2006 Sarah fulfilled a lifelong ambition- to travel to Hollywood to cover the Oscars. "It is still the story people ask me most about at dinner parties.

Everyone wants to know what all those celebrities looked like close up. I can report those armies of stylists and make-up artists usually did a pretty good job.

My favourite interview of the evening was with Keira Knightley who was utterly charming and looked stunning".

Much of the rest of that year was spent following a litter of Met police dog puppies as they underwent their training.

Not initially a dog lover herself, Sarah says the puppies won her round and four of the original six are now patrolling London's streets. So criminals beware!

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