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Daisy Sampson
Daisy Sampson
Daisy fills you in on politics
Daisy Sampson is a well-known figure in Westminster, having worked as a journalist in the corridors of power since 1992.

She presents The Daily Politics on BBC2, with Andrew Neil, and Yesterday in Parliament on BBC Breakfast.

Early days

Starting as a researcher in the House of Commons in 1991, Daisy moved on to work on The House Magazine, a publication she edited at the young age of 23 for two years. Next came a two year stint as a freelance political journalist in the House of Commons Press Gallery.

Daisy's big break

In 1999 Daisy was asked to be Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy's Press Secretary.

She was in charge of his press and publicity in the run up to the General Election, from November '99 and for the duration of the campaign on his Battle Bus.

Kennedy was widely credited as having by far the best campaign of the 2001 General Election - in no small part down to Daisy's handling of his press and image.

Broadcasting beckons

Autumn 2001 saw Daisy leave her extremely successful job to pursue a career in broadcasting.

She appeared on BBC Conference Live, with Andrew Neil, at the Liberal Democrat party conference and has since become a regular guest contributor on GMTV, BBC Breakfast, BBC Westminster Live, Sky News, Sky PMQs, and Radio Five Live.

A thirst for print

Besides the success of her broadcast career she was asked to be the consultant on the BBC's A-Z of Politics.

She also edited a book about the Goldsmith family and still conducts weekly in-depth interviews with politicians of all parties, for The House Magazine.

She has now conducted more than 100 of these in-depth interviews, giving her an encyclopaediac knowledge and understanding of British politics - from policies to personality gossip.

She also enjoys working as a freelance journalist for the Independent, and various Sunday papers.

Her other interests

Away from work she has many other interests. Having been a Londoner all her life she claims an intimate knowledge of its shops, bars, clubs and restaurants.

A self-confessed speed-junkie motorcycles, go-karts, dune-buggies and fast cars are her other passions - as well as throwing parties, cooking, walking her dog and endlessly moving home.

Behind the scenes at Westminster
22 Jan 03  |  Breakfast


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