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August 2009

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Friday 28th August

Thursday 27th August

Wednesday 26th August

Strictly Come Dancing

For all the latest info, please check out .

Tuesday 25th August

Monday 24th August

Can You Bank on Me

'Can You Bank on Me' is tonight on BBC One at 9pm.

Trust Me, I'm a Dealer'

Paul Martin will be trying to turn a profit on the cash and collectables of 20 couples in 'Trust Me, I'm a Dealer', weekdays from Monday 24th August on BBC Two at 6.30pm.

Friday 21st August

Levi Roots

Levi Roots is the star of a brand new BBC Two TV series starting on August 24th called 'Caribbean Food Made Easy with Levi Roots'.

Thursday 20th August

A-level Results

For more information on clearing go to the UCAS website.

Wednesday 19th August

Tuesday 18th August

The White Queen
Philippa Gregory is here to talk about her new book 'The White Queen' released on the 18th August. The books about Elizabeth Woodville, the mother of the famous Princes in the Tower and the War of the Roses. The White Queen is the first in a new series on this era.

"The Exmoor Files: How I Lost a Husband and Found Rural Bliss"
The Daily Mail columnist and fashionista has chronicled her move from 'the manicured elegance of Islington' to a remote farmhouse in Exmoor National Park, following the collapse of her marriage, in book "The Exmoor Files" published the 6th August.

Monday 17th August

Friday 14th August

Girl Guides
BBC 4 has commissioned a documentary to celebrate Girl guiding UK's centenary year. It will be broadcast on Sunday the 16th August at 9pm.

Thursday 13th August

Wednesday 12th August

Job Centre Plus
Face the facts report on Job Centre Plus. Listen to the programme, including Employment Minister Jim Knight's response: Click here for a link to The Employment Ministers interview

Teenage film buff
15 year old film fan Jordan Campbell has won the chance to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Bond girl Gemma Arterton as a judge in the Virgin Media Shorts competition .

Tuesday 11th August

Simon King
The Springwatch and Autumnwatch presenter has published his memoir, "Wild Life".

Monday 10th August

Labèque Sisters
The Labèque sisters have already performed on the 17th July at The Proms. They will also have two other dates on the 9th and 17th of August.

Friday 7th August

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
A record 2098 shows reflecting what many performers say has been the best year for topical comedy in living memory. MPs expenses, recession, banking crisis has led to growth in audiences wanting to laugh at what has for many been an utterly miserable year.

Thursday 6th August

Walter Huntley and Gunner Jimmy
Sergeant Walter Huntley and his ventriloquist dummy, Gunner Jimmy performed to civilians and soldiers across the UK during the Second World War as part of the army's entertainment unit. Today to coincide with the anniversary of the beginning of WWII they performed for the last time before Jimmy is handed over the the Imperial War Museum. Walter has published a book called 'Dummy Bullets' about the pairs wartime exploits.

Wednesday 5th August

Where is Bill?
Where's Mr T? He's on a mega mission for a major new BBC One series called 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Bill and Louise Minchin are part of a relay race around the globe and take over from John Barrowman and Myleene Klass to perform their part of the journey to raise money for Children in Need. He'll be back soon to tell us how they got on.

The Legend Of Kung Fu
The multi-award winning live stage show from Beijing that has been seen by more than two million people on four continents. The show caught the public's attention at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and now it has been re-staged by the acclaimed Broadway director Ray Roderick. 'Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu' will be at the London Coliseum until Sunday 16 August 2009.

The Blast News Reporters scheme gives four young people, aged 18 - 22 a unique opportunity to tell the news stories they care about, the way they want to see or hear them. For more information check out the Blast website.

Tuesday 4th August

Hugh Grant
We talk to actor Hugh Grant at 7.20am and 8.20am about his support for healthtalkonline. It's a website which provides information on a wide variety of diseases and ailments using real people's experiences. All the information on it has been researched and verified by Oxford University doctors and researchers before it's posted. The site is funded mainly by charity, plus some funding from the Department of Health.

You can find the website here:

Monday 3rd August

Underage and Pregnant
BBC Three's currently broadcasting a collection of programmes exploring what it means to become an adult in Britain today. 'Underage and Pregnant' is a six-part series that reveals the real stories of pregnant school girls and teenage mums. You can see 'Underage and Pregnant' tonight on BBC Three at 8:30pm or find additional information and support on our website.

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