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Last Updated: Monday, 1 October 2007, 08:55 GMT 09:55 UK
Today's show: October

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October 2007

Wednesday 31 October

  • Cancer report
    The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) is publishing a report today on the links between diet, obesity and cancer. The report will include 10 recommendations from a panel of world-renowned scientists that the authors say will represent 'the most definitive and authoritative advice that has ever been available to how the general public can prevent cancer'.

  • Skateboarding for charity

  • Charlie Hodgson skated from London to Marrakech to raise money for charity. Armed with just his skateboard, a tent and a rucksack full of clothes, Charlie embarked on an adventure for Everyman which funds research into prostate and testicular cancer. He set off on 7th August and arrived back in London on 26th October.

  • Emily Blunt

  • The Golden Globe winning actress and star of Devil Wears Prada talked to Breakfast about her new film, The Jane Austen Book Club which opens on 16th November.

  • Kate Mosse

  • The bestselling author came on the show to talk about her latest book, Sepulchre which is billed as a 'gripping tale of mystery and adventure'. Kate is the author of two non-fiction books and three novels, including the multi-million selling international number one bestseller, Labyrinth. Sepulchre is in the shops today…Halloween.

  • Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

  • Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant and bluegrass-country queen Alison Krauss were in the studio to tell us about their new album collaboration 'Raising Sand' which was released this week. The album consists of mostly lesser-known songs from a wide range of artists.

    Tuesday 30 October

  • World Class

  • BBC World Class is an initiative bringing the benefits of international school linking to schools across the UK
    World Class: listen to the audio news bulletin online

  • Liver damage

  • A DIY test has been launched giving people an insight into how much their drinking has damaged their liver.

  • Women's pay

  • Today has been declared 'Women's No Pay Day' after figures show the pay gap between women and men is equivalent to men getting paid all year and women only being paid to 30 October and working for nothing until the end of the year.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Gabby and James told us about their shock eviction from last week's Strictly Come Dancing, watch the programme every Saturday, BBC One, 5.45pm

  • John Challis

  • The actor best known for his role as "Boycie" returns in a third series of the 'Only Fools and Horses' spin off 'The Green Green Grass'. Watch it on Friday 2 November, 8.30pm, BBC One.

  • Alan Johnston

  • Read the BBC reporter's story of his 114 days as a hostage in Gaza.

  • Lifeboats

  • Each year the Royal National Lifeboat Institute receives thousands of SOS calls from distressed people stranded out at sea. But this summer it was people inland who also needed help, as volunteer crews rescued over 200 people stranded by floods. Now the RNLI is asking the public to respond to it's own `SOS call', it's planning a national day of fundraising on Friday 25th January 2008.

    Monday 29 October

  • Autism

  • Autism affects 1 in 100 people in the UK, but it's a condition that is subject to a host of misconceptions. The National Autistic Society says few people realise how common it is, while many believe the stereotypical images that autistic people have special artistic or academic abilities.

    The National Autistic Society Helpline: 0845 070 4004

  • Chokolit

  • Louis Barnett is a remarkable 15 year old. After struggling at school due to dyslexia, he left aged 11 to begin a vocational learning programme. Two years ago he set up his own chocolate business at his home in Kinver, Staffordshire. Now he's been signed up to supply a national supermarket chain.

  • Michael Ball

  • The West End star talked about his new role in 'Hairspray' and his latest album 'Michael Ball - Back to Bacharach'.

  • Sam Branson

  • Sam's book, 'Arctic Diary: Surviving on thin ice', talks about his experiences in the Arctic and the effects of climate change.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Champion dancer Karen Hardy, who partnered Bill Turnbull in the 2005 series of Strictly Come Dancing, will be on Breakfast every Monday until the current series finishes at Christmas, as our special 'Strictly' correspondent. You can find out more about Karen from her official website:

    Friday 26 October

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Current favourites Alesha and her partner Matt told us how they're going to top last Saturday night's 36 point jive. Watch their perform this Saturday, BBC One, 5.45pm.

  • Emile Hirsch

  • The actor tells us why there's an Oscar buzz about his new film, 'Into the Wild'.

  • SAD

  • The clocks go back this weekend, meaning many of us are facing the demoralising prospect of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Some experts think this lack of light makes half the country depressed with a mild form of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, and things could be even worse this year because we had such a grey summer. There is no cure for SAD - but taking a sunny holiday in the winter, controlling your diet, avoiding fatty foods and alcohol - can all help.

  • Cervical cancer vaccination

  • Schoolgirls in England will be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer from September 2008, ministers are set to announce.

  • Flame haired Neanderthals

  • Some Neanderthals were probably redheads, a DNA study has shown. Until now, no one knew what hair colour our extinct relatives had.

  • Pet rats

  • A cartoon about a rat who dreams of being a top chef has triggered a trend in the UK to buy the animals as pets. Rats are usually seen as dirty animals who live in sewers and carry disease, but it seems the film, Ratatouille, is changing all that.

    Thursday 25 October

  • Geoffrey Rush

  • The Oscar winning actor stars in 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age', which opens nationwide on Friday 2nd November.

  • Halle Berry

  • The actress spoke to Bill Turnbull about her new film 'Things We Lost in the Fire', released nationwide on Friday 4th Jan 2008.

  • Ben Miller

  • Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong are reuniting after a seven year sabbatical, to return to the small screen with their sketch comedy, 'The Armstrong & Miller Show', Friday 26th October, 9.30pm, BBC One.
    Ben is also starring in a new mockumentary film called 'Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance', out in cinemas now.

  • Busking all over the world

  • David Juritz is a professional violinist from the London Mozart Players who swapped concert halls for street corners - busking around the world for children's music charity, Musequality. He has been through six continents in four months, raising money for music projects for impoverished children in developing countries.

  • Alan Johnston

  • The BBC Correspondent who was kidnapped in Gaza in March and held hostage for almost four months has spoken of his 'black and empty days' in captivity. In a special programme for Panorama tonight, BBC1, 9pm, he talks about facing repeated death threats and his joy at being released.

  • Property prices

  • The BBC2 programme, 'The Truth About Property', has found that three quarters of people thought they had done well financially because of property price increases, however only a fifth said that they planned to cash in the money by down-sizing. Watch the episode tonight 8pm.

    Wednesday 24 October

  • Shilpa Shetty

  • The actress and model is touring the UK with a new stage show, 'Miss Bollywood'. The show will be touring in Manchester Opera House, Cardiff St David's Hall, Bradford, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cambridge and finishing with one night in The Royal Albert Hall. Check local listings for more details

  • Lorna Luft

  • Her new album is out now, 'Songs My Mother Taught Me'.

  • Baby's cord

  • A Tyneside father has criticised hospital bosses who have banned him from cutting the umbilical cord of his soon-to-be-born daughter.

  • Bedtime stories

  • Parents are being urged to read to their children for ten minutes every day. One in ten children have never been read a bedtime story and half have never discussed reading at home. The call for a return to the traditional book at bedtime is an initiative from the 'National Year of Reading' to combat concerns of 'deep-seated problems' in literacy and falls in basic writing skills.

  • Cruising culture

  • Police in many parts of the country are trying to find ways of dealing with a new wave of anti-social behaviour - drivers using main roads late at night as race-tracks. It is known as cruising and detectives say it's not just noisy, it's also dangerous. Viewers in the South West can watch the full 'Inside Out' story on Wednesday 24 October, 7.30pm, BBC One.

  • Hand surgeon

  • A consultant surgeon at the Queen Victoria Hospital is posting footage of his hand operations on 'You Tube'. There are five films patients can view which show the surgery detail and let patients see the type of operation they can expect to receive.

    Tuesday 23 October

  • Elderly Abuse

  • Action on Elder Abuse has launched a specialist helpline which allows elderly people in care, their relatives or care workers, to complain about standards or levels of care. Information taken by the helpline will be passed to relevant authorities for response and independent scrutiny. The pilot scheme is being launched in a number of care homes in Essex and it is hoped to be rolled out nationwide soon.

    Action on Elder Abuse Helpline Number: 08088 010 345

  • Policing by microlight

  • Police in Milton Keynes are launching the latest weapon in the fight against crime - microlights! Volunteer pilots will take to the skies on the lookout for criminal activity to crack down on vandalism and anti social behaviour. The scheme is being run by Thames Valley Police and the volunteer pilots are from the charity 'Sky Watch'.

  • Lions for Lambs

  • Breakfast was at the premiere of the latest Tom Cruise movie, which he stars in with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. The film is released nationwide on Friday 9th November.

  • Paul Merton

  • The 'Have I Got News For You' star told us about his new book, 'Silent Comedy', ISBN: 9781905211708, which celebrates the greats such as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.

  • Peter Frith

  • Spooks 'boss' Harry Pearce debriefed Breakfast on the new series of the riveting spy drama. Watch the programme every Tuesday, 9pm, BBC One.

  • Willie Thorne

  • The snooker maestro and his dance partner Erin Boag talked about their exit from 'Strictly Come Dancing' last Sunday night.

  • Sophie Dahl

  • The supermodel talked about her new book 'Playing with the Grown ups', ISBN: 9780747577775 .

    Monday 22 October

  • Long Way Down
  • On Saturday 12th May 2007, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman set off on a 15,000 mile trip from John O'Groats to Cape Town. Watch the Long Way Down on BBC Two, Sunday 28th October, 9pm.

  • Elizabeth

  • Cate Blanchett stars in 'Elizabeth: the Golden Age' which opens Nationwide on Friday 2nd November.

  • Blake

  • Facebook has spawned its first music stars, a classical boyband who met and found their manager on the site. They have now signed a five album deal with record giant Universal and recorded the current official Rugby World Cup England anthem - 'Swing Low'. Their version of 'White Christmas' is coming out on Monday 17th December.

  • Teaching Awards

  • Last night saw the Annual Teaching Awards held at the London Palladium. The awards, which were established by Lord Puttnam in 1998, are open to every school in the country.

  • Osteoporosis

  • The National Osteoporosis Society is appealing for GPs to be allowed to prescribe a wider range of drugs on the NHS for the condition. Currently, only one is approved, Alenodrate, - but it can cause a severe reaction in a quarter of patients.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Champion dancer Karen Hardy, who partnered Bill Turnbull in the 2005 series of Strictly Come Dancing, will be on Breakfast every Monday until the current series finishes at Christmas, as our special 'Strictly' correspondent. You can find out more about Karen from her official website:

    Friday 19 October

  • Rugby rules

  • Former All Black Craig Dowd and the lads of St Benedict's school in West London explained the basics to rugby novice Sarah Campbell.

  • Salt

  • A treat at a fast food restaurant could expose children to "staggeringly" high levels of salt, a survey has suggested.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Real life married couples Gabby and Kenny Logan, and professional dancers Ola and James Jordan have swapped partners in Strictly Come Dancing. Watch how they perform on Saturday night, BBC One, 5.45pm.

  • Fashion Rocks

  • Emma Jones found out what is hot for 2007 at London's Royal Albert Hall last night, when Fashion Rocks for The Prince's Trust lit up the stage with stars and style.

  • Frankie Valli

  • The singer talked to Breakfast about the forthcoming UK run of the hugely successful musical 'Jersey Boys', which opens at the Prince Edward Theatre on Tuesday 18th March 2008. The award-winning Broadway musical follows the rags-to-riches tale of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons as they work their way from the streets of Newark to the heights of stardom, and features such hits as 'Sherry', 'Big Girls Don't Cry', and 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You.'

  • Nathaniel Parker

  • The actor plays in the new film, 'Stardust', alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro. Stardust opens in UK cinemas today.

    Thursday 18 October

  • Hospital Infection

  • A quarter of hospital trusts in England are failing to meet new standards on infection control, a survey by the Healthcare Commission has found.

  • The Proclaimers

  • Their new single 'Whole Wide World' is released on Monday 29th October, it is from their seventh album 'Life With You'.

  • The Restaurant

  • Raymond Blanc spoke about the tough challenges he faced while judging the final episode of 'The Restaurant'.

  • The Turner Prize

  • For the first time the Turner Prize is to be held outside of London, at Tate Liverpool. The Turner Prize exhibition will feature the work of the four short listed artists - Zarina Bhimji, Nathan Coley, Mike Nelson and Mark Wallinger - and opens on Friday 19th October.

  • London Film Festival

  • The London Film Festival kicked off last night with 'Eastern Promises', a thriller about Russian criminals based in the capita, starring Naomi Watts.

  • Ukulele

  • For a growing band of school children it's out with the recorder and in with the ukulele. The craze for the instrument George Formby made famous has hit primary schools across Britain - it is easy to play and looks a bit like a small guitar.

    Wednesday 17 October

  • Digital switchover

  • Whitehaven in Cumbria becomes the first place in the UK to have it's analogue TV switched off as it moves towards an entirely digital TV service.

  • Louise Redknapp

  • The former Eternal singer and wife of Jamie is fronting a new series of The Clothes Show, on UKTV Style, Sunday 21st October at 6pm.

  • Robert Bathurst

  • The Cold Feet star brings the country's favourite cartoon investment banker, Alex, to the West End. The play runs from 11th October 2007 to 8th December 2007.

  • First-time buyers

  • First-time buyers are purchasing properties with people they have known for less than a year in their rush to get on to the housing ladder, says a new survey. One in five people who bought their first home with someone other than their spouse admitted they had known the person for less than 12 months, according to Skipton Building Society.

  • Kylie

  • The showgirl's new film' White Diamond' is released on DVD in December. Her new single '2 Hearts' will be released digitally on Saturday 3rd November and in stores a week later.

  • Migration

  • Almost every UK region has difficulties in housing, health, education and crime because of increased migration, according to a new report.

    Tuesday 16 October

  • Alcohol

  • Up to a fifth of adults consume enough alcohol to damage their health. That's according to a new report which looks at both social and binge-drinking, and finds that both are putting pressure on the health service.

  • Lynda Bellingham

  • The Oxo mum is starring in a new West End play, Philip Ridley's 'Vincent River' which opens at the Trafalgar Studios on Tuesday 30th October.

  • Big Wine Adventure

  • Oz Clarke and James May reunite to investigate Californian wine - 'Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure' starts Tues 16 October, 8pm on BBC Two

  • Brick Lane

  • The British-Asian, Bollywood influenced comedy, which explores the lives of Asian youth living in contemporary London is out nationwide on Friday 16th November.

  • Dragons' Den

  • The David Beckham look-a-like told us what it is like to face the Dragon's. The series continues every Monday, BBC Two, 9pm.

  • Statins

  • The Royal College of General Practitioners is warning that some patients on statins are putting their health at risk by using the drugs as an excuse to revert to an unhealthy diet.

  • Sheep market

  • Britain's biggest sheep auction, Hawes Mart, opens today, after delays due to foot and mouth.

  • Dog attack

  • A year ago four year old George Brown was savaged by a dog. He had to have 200 stitches and three operations to save his face. George has been terrified by nightmares, but after successful therapy he now has a pet puppy. Viewers in the East can watch the full 'Inside Out' story on Wednesday 17th October, 7.30, BBC One

    Monday 15 October

  • Buzz Aldrin

  • The second man on the moon spoke about the new film 'In the Shadow of The Moon' which opens nationwide on Friday 2nd November. This film brings together for the first, and very possibly the last, time surviving crew members from every single Apollo mission which flew to the Moon, and allows them to tell their story in their own words.

  • Paul Anka

  • The music legend is releasing a new album, 'Classic Songs, My Way', to mark his 50 years in the music industry.

  • Brian Conley

  • Funnyman Brian told us all about his new quiz show, 'Dirty Rotten Cheaters', which starts on Monday 15th October, BBC One at 2.25pm

  • The Great Storm

  • It has been 20 years since the Great Storm of 1987 caused widespread devastation and killed 18 people. Michael Fish told Breakfast why weather forecasting failed to detect it coming.
    And Michael Fish has written an account of some of the most devastating gales and ferocious floods in Britain's history. The book is called Storm Force: Britain's Wildest Weather, co-written with Ian McCaskill and Paul Hudson, published by Great Northern, ISBN: 9781905080328.

  • Women of the Year

  • The 2007 award winners are announced at midday today, recognising women that have made outstanding achievement.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • Champion dancer Karen Hardy, who partnered Bill Turnbull in the 2005 series of Strictly Come Dancing, will be on Breakfast every Monday until the current series finishes at Christmas, as our special 'Strictly' correspondent. You can find out more about Karen from her official website:

    Sunday 14 October

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

  • A campaign begins this week to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. You can find out more about the campaign and information on how to detect possible poisoning from the campaign website:

    Friday 12 October

  • Louis Walsh

  • The X Factor judge told Breakfast how we can all be famous. His new book, 'Fast Track to Fame' is out now.

  • Once

  • This small budget musical movie is making a big noise at the box office. It was shot in 17 days on the streets of Dublin, on a shoestring budget, and won the Audience Award at this year's Sundance film festival.

  • Memorial

  • The Queen will today attend the dedication ceremony for a memorial honouring British Servicemen and women killed since the end of the Second World War. The Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will also be at the event at the new National Armed Forces Memorial in Staffordshire.

  • Sickies

  • Ill-health, combined with a culture where 'illness equals weakness', is hitting UK organisations. Figures from the Chartered Management Institute show workers are still going to work even when they are ill.

  • Stressed out children

  • Primary school children and their parents are suffering from "deep anxiety" about modern life, according to a study of education in England.

  • Drinking while pregnant?

  • Pregnant women can safely drink a small glass of wine a day, NICE advise.

    Thursday 11 October

  • C. Difficile

  • The Healthcare Commission has found a "litany" of errors in an NHS Trust's poor handling of the infection Clostridium difficile, which resulted in 90 deaths over a two and a half year period at Kent's Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust.

    The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust has set up an Information Line for concerned relatives:
    01622 226 430

  • Francesco Da Mosto

  • The writer follows his bestselling books on Venice and Italy with his personal quest for the authentic flavours and food of Venice in his new book 'Francesco's Kitchen', ISBN-10: 0091922283.

  • Dragon's Den

  • The BBC Two show is back with a new series, and a new judge, Monday 15th October at 9pm.

  • Bad science

  • From food that doesn't contain chemicals to a spray that shields against electromagnetic radiation, young scientists have been contacting organisations - manufacturers, distributors, retailers - to ask for more evidence for such claims.

  • Walk or run?

  • 'Misleading' government guidelines have led to many Britons wrongly believing that moderate exercise is as beneficial as a vigorous workout, a study from Exeter University alleges.

  • Psychological therapy
  • Health Secretary Alan Johnson has announced that by 2010, £170m a year would be spent on psychological therapies - allowing 900,000 more people to be treated. According to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence these are just as effective as drugs. Other experts said the plan will pay for itself as people return to work and stop needing benefits.

  • Autumn leaves

  • We want you to send us your stunning pictures of autumn leaves to be included in Thursday's Breakfast. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions:
    And the Forestry Commission has got some information on its website about where to go to see the best autumn colours.

  • Mary Rose

  • It's 25 years today since the momentous operation to raise the Mary Rose began. A wealth of artefacts have been brought to the surface including the ship's anchor but the cost of unearthing further treasures is so high that they've been left, covered in silt to protect them from the busy shipping channel above.

    Wednesday 10 October

  • Child crime

  • 95% of children have been the victims of crime, according to a survey commissioned by the Howard League for Penal Reform.

  • Dinosaur feet

  • A Manchester dinosaur hunter has discovered what he hopes is the world's first T.Rex footprint. The print has been found in Montana, North America. Watch 'Inside Out North West' on BBC One, at 1930, Wednesday 10th October to find out more. Viewers outside the North West region can watch the programme on Sky channel 975.

  • Top Christmas toys

  • Breakfast revealed the top toy prediction for Christmas.

  • Leave Us Kids Alone

  • A new BBC Three series gives twelve teenagers the chance to take part in a radical social experiment. For three weeks they will be left alone to create and run their own school - from scratch. Starts Monday 15th October at 10.30pm.

  • Radiohead

  • Radiohead fans can download their latest album 'In Rainbows' and pay what they want - whether that's nothing or a lot.

    Tuesday 9 October

  • Computer games/Byron review
  • Dr Tanya Byron is heading up an independent review of the risks to children from computer games. Any interested party can submit evidence to the review:


    The call for evidence closes at 5pm on Friday 30 November. The Review will conclude with a report at the end of March 2008. It is an independent review supported by a team of officials from the Department for Children Schools and Families and the Department for Culture Media and Sport.

  • Maternity shortages

  • Many more midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists are needed if childbirth is to be made safer, say experts. The warning comes in a report by the various Royal Colleges representing UK health workers involved in childbirth.


  • CSR

  • The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, will today deliver the first complete reassessment of the Government's spending for almost a decade. The 'Comprehensive Spending Review' will reveal how much funding will be given to health, education and other priorities at the start of a new economic cycle. Mr Darling will also be giving his assessment of the state of the economy and taxation in his 'Pre-Budget Report'.

  • Video games

  • Parents are to be asked about the impact on their children of video games and the internet in a government review headed up by clinical psychologist Dr Tanya Byron.
    Give your view on video games

  • Future school series

  • We'll have the latest of our reports about innovative teaching methods. Sarah Campbell has been finding out why many parents are turning to a new form of tutoring.

  • Mastermind

  • Are men better at quizzes than women? The BBC quiz Mastermind has had just eight female winners and 21 male ones, and far fewer women apply to be contestants. The programme wants to redress the balance and have begun a recruitment drive for women. They insist there will be no positive discrimination - they just want to get more women to apply.

  • Sir Ian Botham

  • He's written his autobiography 'Head On' (ISBN-10: 1844035859) and this Wednesday he'll meet The Queen to receive his knighthood.

  • Patrick Kielty

  • The comedian will make his West End acting debut on Monday15th October in a new production of the world-wide hit comedy and one man show, 'A Night In November'.

    Monday 8 October

  • The New Sloane

  • The Sloane Ranger is back and bigger than ever. Peter York has written a new handbook on how to identify them: 'Cooler, Faster, More Expensive: The Return of the Sloane Ranger'.

    Friday 5 October

  • Nicotine

  • The UK is failing to help heavily addicted smokers to give up, according to a new report by the Royal College of Physicians.

  • Postal Strike

  • The postal strike continues today, and Royal Mail has warned its customers not to expect any post until next Thursday.

  • Pre-fab houses

  • The first 'flat pack' houses go on sale at Ikea in Gateshead this morning. Hopefuls have two days to register before they are selected by the story for the low cost housing.

  • Crows

  • A new technique developed by Oxford University zoologists enables researchers to 'hitch a ride' with wild birds and witness their natural and undisturbed behaviour. Crows from the South Pacific island of New Caledonia have been caught on camera using tools to forage and search for food, like primates.

  • Crabs

  • Crabs are being starved to death by fishermen ripping off their claws before tossing them back into the sea, a scientist claimed today. The study, by Professor Robert Elwood of Queen's University in Belfast, also revealed soaring stress levels among creatures caught and de-clawed, with many of them being left to die.

  • Sherwood Forest

  • Sherwood Forest is disappearing. They now have a 500 year plan to try and save it. This is on the eve of the new Robin Hood series starting tomorrow.

  • Babies

  • Another row about how to bring up baby - the latest child rearing "expert" has been banned from the Baby Show because other mothers and organisations are outraged at her tough tactics. Foundation for Study of Infant Deaths says they are not just harsh - they are dangerous.

  • Patricia Hodge

  • The actress stars as Lady Fidget in The Country Wife, which opens on October 9th at Theatre Royal Haymarket in London's West End.

  • Strictly Come Dancing

  • The new series kicks off properly this Saturday. We'll be speaking to two of the couples: Brian Capron (from Coronation Street) and Karen Hardy, and Gethin Jones (from Blue Peter) and Camilla Dallerup. The series begins at 6:15pm on Saturday, with the results show on Sunday at 6:45pm.

    Thursday 4 October

  • Dating Scams

  • An international initiative by SOCA targeting mass marketing scams says £8 million worth of fake cheques have been seized, mainly from operations out of Nigeria. They also uncovered scams connected to online dating sites.

  • Postal Strike

  • Today sees the first of two 48-hour strikes (lunchtime today to lunchtime Sat, then early Monday to early Weds). This will cause significant disruption to businesses and home deliveries.

  • Transplants

  • First paired kidney transplants in UK - the spouses of two people needing kidneys have effectively swapped organs.

  • Sputnik

  • It's 50 years today since the Russians launched Sputnik into space - igniting the space race between the US and the USSR which resulted in the moon landings. Maggie Philbin was at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

  • Super kale

  • The launch of a new 'super-vegetable' called Baby Leaf Curly Kale. It was created by a British farmer and has been approved by the NOS (National Osteoporosis Society) as a great weapon in the fight against bone disease.

  • Meerkats

  • A new book called 'Meerkat Manor - Flower of the Kalahari" is out to accompany the hugely popular Meerkat Manor series. It's the story of Flower (the leader of the pack). Author Tim Clutton-Brock was on the sofa. The series can be seen on the channel Animal Planet, an off-shoot of the Discovery Channel.

  • Jane Asher

  • The actress is still baking cakes, and she was here to talk about crowning the winner of Home Baker of the Year (the competition closed in August), and baking in general as well as what else she's been up to.

  • Paul Young

  • The 80s superstar singer is back following his hit run on Hells Kitchen, he's hitting the road with fellow 80s singers for the Here and Now tour.

    Wednesday 3 October

  • Digital switchover

  • Whitehaven will become the first town in the UK to switch over to digital in just two weeks, and the rest of the country will follow. But are you ready for it?

  • Children's TV

  • The broadcast regulator Ofcom has called for a national debate into the future of children's television, saying there aren't enough home grown programmes on terrestrial channels.

  • Sleep

  • How much do we actually need? The study, carried out by researchers from the University of Warwick and University College London, examined the sleeping habits of more than 10,000 white collar civil servants. Richard Westcott went to the Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey.

  • Identity Fraud

  • The majority of vicitims of credit fraud do nothing to prevent them from being conned a second time according to research out today. We spoke to Jill Stevens from the Credit Checks company Experian about what people can do.

  • Royal dogs

  • The curator of the Royal Photographic Collection, Sophie Gordon, has written a book called Noble Hounds and Dear Companions, about royal dogs over the last few generations.

  • Alison Moyet

  • Alison Moyet releases her sixth album 'The Turn' - her first collection of original recordings in 5 years.

    Tuesday 2 October

  • HIV

  • HIV is still on the rise in some groups, and a new programme presented by Stephen Fry called HIV And Me is broadcast tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

  • Trafficking

  • The charity Unicef has accused the government of not doing enough to prevent child trafficking. But the government says it is committed to child protection.

  • Blog boy

  • A schoolboy from Bath has taken America by storm after his blog became a huge internet hit.

  • Robin Knox-Johnston

  • The first man to sail solo and non-stop round the World does it again - this time at 68. He talks to us about his new autobiography Force Of Nature.

  • Mick Jagger

  • The Rolling Stone talks to Colin Paterson about his home life and his solo career. A Greatest Hits collection is out now.

  • Don McLean

  • The American Pie singer is in the UK promoting his Greatest Hits CD and DVD, and a forthcoming world tour.

    Monday 1 October

  • Help For Heroes

  • A charity whose aim is to aid the rehabilitation of soldiers fighting in recent conflicts launches an awareness campaign today.

  • Panorama

  • Shiraz Maher was a former member of the Muslim extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir which campaigns for an Islamic state. He talks to Sian and Dermot on the sofa, ahead of a special Panorama programme tonight at 8:30pm on BBC One.

  • Tidal power

  • Plans for a electricity barrage across the Severn may be a step closer to reality today following the publication into a major report into Tidal power.

  • Turner Prize

  • A new retrospective of the controversial Turner Prize opens tomorrow at the Tate Britain in London.

  • Penguins

  • The popular documentary film March of the Penguins has been turned into a stage musical. The brainchild of a British woman, Emporors of the Antarctic is now showing in Mexico City.

  • Gardens

  • Gardener Matt James tells us about his new series Matt James' Eco Edens, which starts on UKTV tonight at 9:30pm.

  • James Nesbitt

  • James Nesbitt returns as undercover cop, Tommy Murphy, in a three-part series of acclaimed drama Murphy's Law. It's on BBC One at 9pm on 1st, 2nd and 3rd October.

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