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Firefighter's rap is on-message

Firefighter and rapper Stephen-remell Coleman
No 'Controversy' over Stephen-remell's message
For many rap artists, being part of a "crew" goes with the music and the culture.

But rapper Controversy is part of a different kind of crew, and his lyrics are more about saving lives.

That's because Controversy - aka Stephen-remell Coleman is a firefighter on the red watch at London's Wimbledon Fire Station.

The 28-year-old has written Got Mine Got Yours a rap about how smoke alarms save lives.

London Fire Brigade bosses were so impressed with his message, they decide to throw their weight behind it.

  • You can watch Stephen-remell's music video for Got Mine Got Yours on YouTube from the link to the right of this page
  • Fire Safety in the Home
    London Fire Brigade logo
    You can get free fire safety advice wherever you live in the UK
    See the links to the right to contact your local fire and rescue service
    Contact the LFB on 08000 28 44 28

    The LFB liked Stephen-remell's new approach to getting its home fire safety message across, so it allowed the video of the track to be shot at his fire station with some of his fellow firefighters.

    In the video, Stephen-remell raps: "What's the harm in putting up a smoke alarm, like a lucky charm watching over pops and moms".

    It's message is simple: all UK fire services offer free, home fire safety advice, and will even fit a free smoke alarm where there is the need.

    "Free expression"

    You can find out how to contact your fire authority from the links to the right, do not contact the London Fire Brigade if you live outside the capital.

    Because Stephen-remell's rap is on YouTube it's an innovative way of getting the fire safety message to its audience.

    He says he wants to target low income and ethnic communities, and that hip hop allows "free expression of ideas, views and opinions".

    The firefighter who has been in the brigade for 18 months says he wants to get the message across about deaths in the home from fire.

    There are around 50 deaths in the capital each year and hundreds in the UK.

    Got Mine Got Yours hopes to raise awareness about the simple steps we can all take that could save lives.

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