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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 August 2007, 16:35 GMT 17:35 UK
Today's show: August

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August 2007
Friday 31 August

  • Diana

  • The tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana will be celebrated today. A Memorial Service will be held Wellington Barracks, the venue chosen by Princes William and Harry. It will be broadcast live on BBC ONE from 11am.

  • Guide dogs

  • The charity Guide Dogs for the Blind is running its Guide Dog of the Year Award. This year, Breakfast viewers are being invited to help choose the winner.

  • Gardeners' World

  • It's the 40th anniversary of this hardy perennial. Breakfast's Richard Westcott is in the Berryfields garden in Warwickshire to celebrate. A special programme will be shown tonight from 8pm on BBC TWO.

  • Heroes

  • Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia play Nathan and Peter Petrelli respectively in Heroes, the new American super-hero series which has proved a cult hit. It's on BBC Two on Wednesday nights at 9pm.

  • Richard Wilson

  • The actor is appearing in a UK tour of political satire Whipping It Up, written by Steve Thompson and co-starring Richard Bathurst.

  • Eurovision Dance Contest

  • Strictly Come Dancing meets Eurovision. It's on Saturday night at 8pm on BBC ONE. Claudia Winkleman is co-presenting and Len Goodman is judging.

    Thursday 30 August

  • Teen drivers

  • One in five 17-18 year-old drivers (19%) admits drink-driving and one in fourteen (7%) drives on drugs, according to a survey released today by national road safety charity Brake.

  • Flawed eye tests

  • Almost half of eye examinations are of poor or very poor quality according to the latest undercover research by Which?

  • Facebook

  • The TUC has said that workers should be given time to use social networking websites such as Facebook in their office. The union organisation said employers were within their rights to stop staff using the sites during the day, but believed that a total ban would be an "over reaction."

  • Vaccines

  • Medical experts are warning of diseases like Typhoid making a comeback in the UK, with a 69% increase in the last 5 years, due to travellers not knowing about vaccination.

  • Amistad

  • Replica of the slave ship Amistad arrived in Bristol this morning. It's sailed to America and back as part of slavery commemorations.

  • Greyhounds

  • Children's author Michael Morpurgo and actress Annette Crosbie were here to talk about the plight of greyhounds.

  • Nicholas Hoult

  • The star of Skins and About a Boy was here to talk about his new drama Coming Down the Mountain, which is on BBC One on Sunday 2nd September at 9pm.

  • Raymond Blanc

  • Award-winning chef Raymond Blanc has been putting couples through their paces to see if they have what it takes to run their own restaurant in a new BBC Two series. It continues on Thursday 30th August at 8pm on BBC Two.

    Wednesday 29 August

  • Smoking picture warnings

  • Today the Department of Health will unveil the 15 shocking images that will appear on cigarette packets in an effort to deter people from smoking. The images will take up 40% of the back of the packet.

  • Statins

  • Taking Statins may help to prevent Alzheimer's disease, a study has directly suggested for the first time. Researchers in the US claim to have uncovered clear evidence that the cholesterol-lowering drugs could ward off the illness.

  • Teenage Sailor

  • A teenager with leukaemia is given the opportunity to sail with Dame Ellen MacArthur as part of her charity.

  • Noise Pollution

  • The health of thousands of people every year could be damaged by noise pollution. The World Health Organisation's looking into noise and how the stress it causes can kill you. Noise complaints across the country are at record levels.

  • Canoeing

  • Breakfast's Chris Hollins has been trying his hand at canoeing.

  • Venice Film Festival

  • British stars are shining bright at The Venice Film Festival. Breakfast is in Venice looking at the big names coming to the festival including Michael Caine and Keira Knightley.

    Tuesday 28 August

  • Meat Prices

  • The UK's livestock industry is almost at breaking point and food price rises are on the cards according to Deloitte, the business advisory firm. It says because of the rising price of wheat and animal feed many producers are facing almost 100% price rises in feed costs.

  • Biodiversity

  • The government is publishing a priority list of species and habitats which will form basis for future conservation plans. Its the most comprehensive analysis by experts ever undertaken in the UK.

  • Beavers

  • European beavers were reintroduced to the UK a couple of years ago in Gloucestershire. Now they have reproduced and are doing what beavers do best - cutting down trees.

  • Atonement

  • Ian McEwan's 1930's rite of passage novel Atonement has recieved the Hollywood treatment. It will be premiered at the Venice Film Festival this week and stars Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. It opens in the UK this weekend.

  • Sleepless Teenagers

  • Playing with computer games and watching TV is preventing teenagers from getting enough sleep, with some getting as little as four hours a night.

    Friday 24 August

  • Danny Wallace

  • Danny is hosting 'Test the Nation: National IQ Test 2007' which starts Monday, BBC One at 6.40 pm.

  • 100 years of wildlife films

  • As part of BBC Four's wildlife season, Bill Oddie presents a documentary on 100 years of wildlife filming. BBC Four, Saturday 25th August, 7.10 pm.

    Thursday 23 August

  • GCSE results

  • National results helpline: 0808 100 8000

  • Bully boss

  • It seems Sir Alan Sugar's inimitable style in the boardroom has not gone unnoticed by companies across the UK. In fact lawyers are saying that macho bosses copying the no-nonsense, straight-talking star of 'The Apprentice' have caused a huge rise in the number of people going to employment tribunals.

  • Salty food

  • Some food labels are misleading consumers about salt levels - according to research carried out by sixty local authorities around the UK.

  • Emigration

  • The number of people leaving the UK has reached its highest level since current counting methods were introduced in 1991. We spoke to a couple about to make the move down under.

  • Edward Woodward

  • Edward stars in 'The Wicker Man', which is about to go on special release as part of The Summer of British Film. It's being screened in cinemas across the UK on Tuesday 28 August.

  • Funny Cities

  • Cardiff is Britain's funniest city, according to a new survey... and Bristol is the least funny. We spoke to Bristolian comedian Mark Olver, who is currently playing at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh, Frank Hennessey from Cardiff, and Chris Moyles' Welsh producer Aled Haydn Jones.

  • Baby Panda

  • A baby red panda at the Curraghs Wildlife Park has been orphaned at only one month old. Maggie is being hand reared by the keepers at the Park, day and night, as she needs bottle feeding every five to six hours.

    Wednesday 22 August

  • Garage conversions

  • There's a boom in people converting garages in to living accommodation, as it's an easy way to extend without getting planning permission. We spoke to a homeowner who converted his garage into a granny flat.

  • eBay security

  • After a conman was sent to jail yesterday for swindling money from eBay customers, we take a look at internet security.

  • Human Rights

  • Conservatives have called for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped - but how has it been used since it came into force?

  • Beachcombing

  • Runswick Bay has been voted the best for beachcombing, according to a new study.

  • Friends birthday party

  • The writer Theodore Zeldin has spent a lifetime studying how friendship and relationships have changed over the years and is throwing open the doors to his 74th birthday from Noon today. All you have to do is promise to have a proper conversation with a stranger.

  • Sienna Miller

  • She's supporting the climate change campaign Global Cool by taking an awareness raising, seven day tour of Mumbai and the surrounding area.

  • Juliet Stevenson

  • Juliet's starring in a new film called And When Did You Last See Your Father? alongside Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent. It's being shown at the Edinburgh Festival on Aug 23rd and then released in the UK on October 5th.

    Tuesday 21 August

  • Tomorrow's World family

  • Our Tomorrow's World family tried out a summer camp for kids which aims to put their computer game skills to good use.

  • Ultimate Wild Water

  • Kate 'actionwoman' Silverton embarks on an adrenalin fuelled journey of discovery through Britain's fastest flowing rivers and most turbulent seas. BBC One, Tuesday 21 August, 9pm

  • Anorexia

  • We spoke to Marion Roberts from the Eating Disorders Unit at King's College London, and former sufferer Grace Bowman.

  • Outrageous Wasters

  • Breakfast spoke to the Fowler family - one of Britain's most wasteful households. They have been packed off to a purpose-built eco boot camp to change their ways. BBC Three, Tuesday 21 August, 10pm.

    Monday 20 August

  • Foot care failure

  • Age Concern have launched a campaign to highlight the problems that older people face with NHS foot care services.

  • Christine Walkden

  • The new series of Countryfile Summer Diaries returns on Monday 20 August at 10am BBC1.

  • Gary Wilmot

  • Gary Wilmot leads in a new production of Half a Sixpence. The play is currently in Windsor and is then touring Bromley, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Preston, Brighton, Birmingham.

  • Future School

  • Sarah Campbell went to Elmgreen School which when it opens in September will be the first Parent Promoted School in the country.

    Friday 17 August

  • Parking appeals

  • As the government proposes to drastically cut down on wheel-clamping by councils, learn how you can make a car parking ticket appeal.

  • Outdoor cinema

  • It's been a washout of a summer but outdoor cinema is more popular than ever.

  • Katie Hopkins

  • Katie famously gave up the chance to become Sir Alan Sugar's Apprentice because she felt her family was more important. She explores what makes a modern family in Britain today in Sunday's BBC Radio Five Live Report, 11am.

  • Jamie Bell

  • The Billy Elliot star talked about his latest film 'Hallam Foe' which opens in cinemas nationwide on Friday 31 August.

  • RSPB's annual bird report

  • The number of migrating birds coming to Britain are up thanks to successful conservation projects. But experts are worried about the effect of climate change on several species.

  • Toy recall

  • US toymaker Mattel has recalled more than 18 million toys worldwide due to fears they could be a potential health hazard for children.

    Thursday 16 August

  • A Level results

  • National exams helpline: 0808 100 8000

  • Wildlife souvenirs

  • WWF and TRAFFIC are urging people to report anything suspicious that could be linked to the illegal wildlife trade in the UK and abroad. Every report will be treated confidentially and followed up by a specialist wildlife investigator.
    Hotline number: 01483 426111

  • Go figure

  • Michael Blastland's new book, 'From The Tiger That Isn't: Seeing Through a World of Numbers' (ISBN 1861978391), explains how to make sense of statistics.

  • Cook Yourself Thin

  • We spoke to Gizzi, Harry, Sophie and Sal, the presenters who regularly have their cake, eat it and still look gorgeous in Channel 4's latest cookery programme. Watch episode 3 on Tuesday 21 August at 8.30pm.

    Wednesday 15 August

  • Gap year work

  • The VSO is warning students expecting their A Level results to be cautious about spurious voluntary work - it suggests it might be better to simply travel.

  • Toy recall

  • US toymaker Mattel has recalled more than 18 million toys worldwide due to fears they could be a potential health hazard for children.

  • Cant spel?

  • Dr Bernard Lamb sounded the alarm on bad spelling and punctuation. Dr Lamb and literacy expert Masha Bell gave their advice on how to improve your spelling. Masha has published two books - Understanding English Spellings (2004) and LEARNING TO READ: letter sounds and common tricky words (2007)

    Tuesday 14 August

  • India/Pakistan

  • On the 14 August 1947 the independent nation of Pakistan was created. The break-up along religious lines resulted in the movement of about 14.5 million people.

  • Julian Clary

  • The comedian turned author talked about his first work of fiction, 'Murder Most Fab', which is published this Thursday by Random House.

  • Orchestra online

  • The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic will perform the first professional music concert in a virtual online world on Friday 14 September.

  • Tom Skerritt

  • Top Gun's Commander Mike 'Viper' Metcalf talked about the nationwide re-release of the film in cinemas this week.

  • Jasmine the piglet

  • Jasmine had her bacon saved when she fell off the back of a lorry, she is now being cared for by the RSPCA in Chesterfield.

    Monday 13 August

  • Future Lab

  • Ragwort

  • The deadly plant ragwort is at epidemic levels because of the floods - and it's apparently threatening horses. The League for the Protection of Horses says over 5,000 die every year after eating it.

  • Panorama

  • Monday's Panorama is about young black men getting involved in gangs.

  • Graham Poll

  • Graham's autobiography, "Seeing Red", is out today, published by Harper Collins, ISBN 10 Number 0007262825

  • Kitchen Criminals

  • Chefs John Burton Race and Angela Hartnett are out to find Britain's worst cooks and turn them into cooking heroes. Kitchen Criminals starts tonight on BBC Two at 6.30pm.

  • The Summer of British Film

  • The UK Film Council and BBC Two are teaming up to bring seven of Britain's greatest films back to the big screen this summer as new digital presentations. These films will be screened across the country as part of the "The Summer of British Film" season that runs from late July to Tuesday 11 September.

    Friday 10 August

  • Design against crime

  • Breakfast had a special glimpse at some of the new products developed to stop crime - ahead of a Home Office announcement about a new initiative to design products that are harder to steal. The 'stop thief chair' and 'laptop screamer bag' are currently being exhibited at Central St Martins: Innovation Centre until 17th August.

  • Access to Alzheimer's drugs

  • Parenting skills

  • Child psychologist and parenting skills expert Dr Patricia Spungin gave advice about raising children.

  • Bristol balloon fiesta

  • Dance X

  • Bruno Tonioli is determined to claw his way back in this Saturday's Dance X, on BBC One at 6.40pm

  • Gorillas

  • Ian Redmond spoke about helping save the endangered gorilla after four were found shot dead in a National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Suzi Quatro

  • After 43 years, the original leather-clad rock chick is still going hell for leather - and now she's written her autobiography. It's called 'Unzipped' and it's published by Hodder and Staunton. ISBN-13: 978-0340937495

    Thursday 9 August

  • Cowboy builders

  • UK homeowners are losing more than a billion pounds a year to cowboy builders. The Federation of Master Builders has launched a campaign, supported by Trading Standards, which is asking people to "wise up" to bogus builders.

  • Nathaniel Parker

  • The sixth and final series of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries starts tonight on BBC One at 8pm.

  • Ralf Little

  • Ralf is starring in Internet-based drama KateModern, which is screening on a social networking site.

  • Radio Caroline

  • As well as tuning in to Pirate BBC Essex on 729, 765 and 1530MW, the shows can also be heard via the website

    Wednesday 8 August

  • Life begins at 60

  • We met Susy Worzencraft on Wednesday's programme - she's not letting the fact that she has reached 60 change her lifestyle. Find out more from her blog.

  • Steve Taylor

  • Steve's new book 'Making Time: Why Time Seems to Pass at Different Speeds and How to Control It' will be published later this month by Icon books. He is also the author of 'Out of Time' and 'The Fall'.

  • Foot and mouth
    Following another outbreak of foot and mouth, you can find out all you need to know

    Tuesday 7 August

  • Ben's Brother

  • Jamie Hartman's latest single, 'Let Me Out', is released on Monday 13th August. The band's first album, 'Beta Male Fairytales' is out now

  • Adam Hart Davis

  • Adam is fronting a new show on BBC Two called The Cosmos: A Beginner's Guide. It's on Tuesday 7 August at 7.30pm

  • Surfing championships

  • Find out about the Rip Curl Boardmaster Championships in Newquay from the official website.

    Monday 6 August

  • Foot and mouth
    Following another outbreak of foot and mouth, you can find out all you need to know

  • BBC Asian Network poll

  • You can get full details of the BBC Asian Network/ICM poll commissioned as part of the Asian Nation season. It looked at the state of mind of UK Asians in 2007.

  • Long Way Down

  • Best mates Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travelled 15,000 in three months... from John O'Groats to Cape Town.

  • Triathlon

  • Team Breakfast competed in the London Triathlon at the weekend... but do you have what it takes?

  • Scottish highers

  • For the first time, a fifth of Scottish Highers' students get their results online, or via text

    Saturday 4 August

  • Gas

  • The gas industry is set to announce estimated profits of billion pounds but charities tell us that fuel poverty is on the rise. They call on the providers, regulators and government to ensure access to affordable fuel.

    Friday 3 August

  • Mortgage lending

  • Latest figures on insolvencies and repossessions from the Council of Mortgage Lenders is likely to show a rise, but well below peak of early nineties.

  • RyanDan

  • Ryan and Dan Kowarsky are identical twins from Toronto. Their debut single Like The Sun is due out 17 September and first album RyanDan is out on 24 September.

  • Rupert Everett

  • The actor's autobiography Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins was published in paperback on 5 July by Abacus.

    Thursday 2 August

  • IPCC report into the Stockwell shooting

  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission publishes its report into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at 12 midday on Thursday.

  • Broadband speed

  • Declan will be looking at broadband speeds. Many providers say you can get fast access "up to" 8MPS. But on average you're only getting 2.7MPS with some providing as low as 1MPS. The Advertising Standards Authority says it's ok to use the phrase "up to" but with speeds hitting nowhere near the promised rate, what can you do to get your value for money? We'll be asking the experts.

  • Know before you go

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office `Know Before You Go' campaign is launching the British Behaviour Abroad report, which highlights the many problems that British nationals experience abroad.

  • Adrian Chiles

  • Football fan, and presenter of the BBC's One Show Adrian Chiles will be talking about his new book about the beautiful game: We Don't Know What We're Doing. Publisher: Sphere (27 Jul 2007) ISBN-10: 1847440134 ISBN-13: 978-1847440136.

    Wednesday 1 Aug

  • Scouting centenary

  • UK scouts will join 28 million around the world to celebrate their centenary celebration - Robert Baden-Powell opened the first Scout camp at Brownsea Island on 1st Aug 1907.

  • Home information packs

  • Home Information Packs, also known as Hips are being introduced into England and Wales from 1 August.

  • Animal cruelty

  • Annual figures from the RSPCA show that cruelty by neglect is still one of the major crimes against pets.

  • Milton Margai School for the Blind

  • Blind teenager Kyle Jones returned to the Breakfast sofa with Ibrahim Conteh from Sierra Leone. Ibrahim is now on a UK tour with the school's choir.

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