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Breakfast's series: Future School NY
Breakfast's future schools series
21st Century approaches to teaching
Technology and new teaching methods are fast changing the way our children are taught.

Since the start of 2007, Breakfast has been looking at the future school.

We've seen how technology has changed the classroom from a room with desks and chairs, to a state- of-the-art space with computers and plasma screens.

We'll have more reports in the coming months on Breakfast, and we'd like to hear your thoughts.

  • In Sarah Campbell's latest report:
  • One school in New York State has altered its teaching hours.

    Many school teachers say their biggest challenge is often dealing with grumpy teenage pupils early in the morning.

    But some schools in America are taking a new look at the problem - inspired by the latest science on adolescent sleep patterns.

    Sarah has been to a school where early starts have been banished to help get the timetable in sync with the teenage brain.

  • Watch again from the link to the right - there are also links to the other reports in our series

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