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Testing the psychology of lying
Breakfast's Chris Hollins
Which was the lie? We'll have the vote result on Wednesday
How can you tell if someone is lying? Most of us think we can spot a lie, particularly if it is face-to-face. But what clues give a liar away and can you learn to spot those tell-tale signs?

Psychologist Dr Richard Wiseman is conducting an experiment to see if he can find out.

Using recorded interviews he is analysing the visual clues humans give when we construct lies.

He wants to test how easy lies are to uncover and whether there is a difference between men and women when it comes to lie detection.

On Monday's Breakfast programme we showed two interviews Dr Wiseman conducted with Breakfast presenter Chris Hollins about his favourite family holiday.

In one interview Chris constantly lies, in the other he tells the truth, and we asked you to vote here on the web.

  • Today on Breakfast we brought you the result of our vote
  • Thousands of you took part and there was a 50/50 split in vote - Chris was in fact lying about his trip to Wales.

    Chris' story about his holiday to France was true, and you can watch both clips again, and Dr Wiseman's analysis:

    This experiment is part of a wider exploration into the psychology of lying and spying, currently show-casing at London's Science Museum.

    Dr Wiseman is hosting a debate on the subject at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, called "The Scientist Who Loved Me", on Wednesday March 7 at 1900gmt.

    Which one was the lie?
    Watch our clips again and Dr Wiseman's analysis

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