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Christmas recipes
Kevin Woodford and Declan Curry
No-one will know they're eating left-overs
We've probably all committed one of the worst Christmas sins: waste.

How often have you bought an enormous turkey, cooked it for Christmas dinner - and then just thrown away the rest?

Well, you don't have to consign the left-overs to the bin. And with the recipes from our chef Kevin Woodford - the family won't even know that's what they're eating.

  • Kevin has kindly given us two of his favourite recipes.

  • And - if you head down to the bottom of this page - you'll find Marguerite Patten's recipe for microwave Christmas pudding

    Leftovers: recipes from Kevin Woodford

    Turkey Hash Cakes with Port and Cranberry Sauce

    350g cooked turkey
    pinch of fresh chopped sage
    75g onion, peeled
    75g cooked sprouts
    75g cooked carrots
    225g boiled potatoes
    1 whole large egg
    1 large egg beaten
    Salt and freshly milled black pepper
    Pinch of cumin
    100g plain flour
    100g fine dried breadcrumbs
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil

    150ml cranberry sauce
    1 large glass port
    1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar

    Cut the turkey into chunks and along with the sage, onion, vegetables and potatoes. Blitz them in a food processor until the mixture is finely shredded. Remove the blade and beat in one whole egg, season with salt and freshly milled black pepper and a pinch of cumin.

    Divide the mixture into whatever size portions you want and them roll them in the flour, shake off the surplus and then moisten them with the beaten egg and finally coat them with the breadcrumbs. Carefully shape them into neat rounds and pop them in the fridge until required.

    To cook, simply heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry until golden brown and thoroughly heated on the inside.

    Heat the cranberry sauce in a thick bottomed pan, add the port and the balsamic vinegar, heat for a couple of minutes and serve.

    Stilton and Turkey Soup
    This is great way to utilise the left over carcass and debris from the Stilton.

    Stock Turkey carcass, broken up
    2 celery sticks, chopped
    100g carrots, chopped
    1 large onion, chopped
    3 bay leaves
    4 sprigs thyme
    12 black peppercorns

    Make the stock by placing all of the ingredients into a thick bottomed pan. Cover with cold water and bring to the boil. At this point all of the scum will float to the surface and must be removed using a large spoon or ladle. Reduce the heat and allow to simmer for at least 2 hours. Strain the stock.

    Soup 2 tbspns vegetable oil
    450g celery, chopped
    100g carrots, chopped
    150 onions, chopped
    150g leeks, chopped
    100g peeled potato, chopped
    1 tbspn plain flour
    125g stilton
    250 single cream
    Pinch of paprika
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    2 tbspns chopped coriander
    2 apples, diced

    Heat the oil in a pan, add the vegetables and cook for over a low heat for about 15 minutes.

    Add the flour and stir, cook for a further 5 minutes and then gradually add the stock. Simmer for about 40 minutes.

    Add the cream and stilton and stir until the cheese melts and then season to taste.

    If you wish you could strain the soup or blend it in a food processor but I prefer to leave it rustic with the vegetables adding a little texture to the finished dish.

    Sprinkle a little paprika, coriander and diced apple over the top of the soup before serving.

  • Recipes by Kevin Woodford
  • Monday morning's programme also featured an item on how to make a microwave Christmas pudding, from the veteran chef Marguerite Patten.

    This is actually a podcast which you can download to your computer. It's not a BBC podcast - it's sponsored by Anchor Butter. But you can get it from a site called Podmaster - or from Howto.tv

    Ingredients (serves 4-6)

    50g Butter
    50g plain flour
    Half a teaspoon of mixed spice
    75g white breadcrumbs
    100g soft dark brown sugar
    150g sultanas
    75g Raisins
    50g Dates
    50g Cherries
    125g currants
    25g coarsely chopped peel
    grated rind and juice of half lemon
    2 eggs
    2 tablespoon treacle
    1 tablespoon golden syrup
    50ml Orange Juice
    50ml Apple Juice


    Sieve all the dry ingredients together and mix well. Stir in all remaining ingredients until completely mixed. Lightly grease a half litre (1 pint) pudding basin and fill with the mixture. Cover with cling film and make a slit in the top to allow steam to escape. Cook on microwave high for 10 minutes. Allow to stand for 10 minutes after cooking. Sprinkle with brandy and serve.

    Kevin Woodford's recipes

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