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July's Information 2006
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    Monday 31 July

  • Miami Vice
    Emma Jones previewed the new film starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, opens Friday 4 August, cerificate 15. You can watch a longer version of her interview with the stars online

  • Trawlermen
    The BBC's series about the sea starts tonight with Trawlermen at 7pm on BBC One.

  • Spy novel
    We're talking to the former head of MI5, Stella Rimmington, about her latest book. It's a spy novel called Secret Asset

    Friday 28 July

  • Naming the elephant
    We asked you to suggest a name for Howletts zoo's new African elephant. We had hundreds of replies but we have been told by the zoo that the elephant's name has to be a combination of its parents' names. So the elephant is going to be called Jamma, but we've decide to give Jamma a nickname, and by far the most favourite suggestion was Summer.

  • How do you solve a problem like Maria?
    You can see the BBC's new programme about the search for a new Maria to appear in the stage version of the Sound of Music, on Saturday at 6.50pm.

  • Talk Radio
    We spoke to Stewart Lee about his new stage production: Talk Radio, which initially has its European preview at Edinburgh. It stars comedian Mike McShane; both Stewart and Mike were our guests this morning.

    Thursday 27 July

  • Lord of the Arcade Dance
    If you'd like to watch the programme on arcade dancing featuring Kyle, it's on BBC3 tonight at 10.30pm

    Wednesday 26 July

    If you'd like more information about the RSPCA's work at the rescue centre we showed, you can go to their website And you can contact their help line on 0870 8505449 or the centre direct on 02476 336616

  • Queens of Heartache
    You can see the programme on the tragic lives of singers such as Judy Garland, Billie Holliday and Maria Callas on Thursday night on BBC One at 10.35pm

    Tuesday 25 July

  • Dinosaur bones
    The 70m year old dinosaur is can be seen at the Unversity of Hull's campus at Scarborough, North Yorkshire - from today

  • French TV programme
    You can see the second part of Excuse My French tonight on BBC Two at 9pm

    Monday 24 July

  • Inflatable accident
    We're reporting on the tragic accident involving an inflatable sculpture, which killed two women in a park in County Durham on Sunday. The police tell us that there is a helpline for people caught up in the incident: 0800 0685155.

  • Slimming
    We discussed yo-yo dieting with a woman who's lost six stones and Rosemary Conley who runs a slimming business. You can find out more about losing weight safely on tonight's Real Story on BBC One at 7.30pm

  • Try your hand at TV and radio presenting
    Our weather forecaster Carole Kirkwood was at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells today. She told us more about the visit of the BBC's travelling roadshow, News and Sport on Tour, which will be at the show this week.

    Friday 21 July

  • Stormbreaker
    Anthony Horowitz's first book has been brought to life on the big screen. It's released today and we spoke to the author and the teen-spy-star Alex Pettyfer.

  • Relay for Life
    Four cancer survivors from US and the UK will take part in Cancer Research UK's Relay for Life - one of the biggest and fastest growing fund-raising events in the world.

  • British Open Golf
    Chris Hollins and Carol Kirkwood are in Hoylake for the British Open Golf championships.

    And you can find out more about the Royal Liverpool Golf Club

  • Lebanon
    The BBC News website has in depth coverage on the situation in the middle east.

    Thursday 20 July

  • Blair McDonough
    The Neighbours star came in to talk about his West End debut in The Vegemite Tales. The play opens in the West End on 27 July.

  • British Open Golf
    Chris Hollins and Carol Kirkwood are in Hoylake for the British Open Golf championships.

    And you can find out more about the Royal Liverpool Golf Club

    Wednesday 19 July

  • British Open Golf
    Chris Hollins and Carol Kirkwood are in Hoylake for the British Open Golf championships.

    And you can find out more about the Royal Liverpool Golf Club

  • Lebanon
    The BBC News website has in depth coverage on the situation in the middle east.

  • Breakfast cereals
    A new Which report says some cereals might not be as healthy as they claim.

    Keith Barron
    We spoke to Keith Barron about his new television drama for the BBC.

    Tuesday 18 July

  • Cheap days out for the summer holidays

    Monday 17 July

  • Retail Academy
    For more information and links, see our main story.

    Friday 14 July

  • Kylie Minogue
    The Kylie interview can be seen on Sky One, Sunday 16 July at 9.00pm. If you want more information or advice on breast cancer, please see our main story.

  • Darius
    We spoke to the pop singer Darius Danesh who is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust.

  • Puppini Sisters
    The trio who give a 1940s treatment to modern hits. They have been making quite a stir at Summer Festivals this year and celebs including Kelly Osbourne are said to be fans. Their album is called Betcha Bottom Dollar and is released 31 July by UCJ.

    Thursday 13 July

  • David Walliams
    We spoke to comedian David Walliams who recently swam the Channel for Sport Relief. For more information on Sport Relief you can visit the website.

    Wednesday 12 July

  • Heart testing
    We're talking to Anneka Rice and Dr Rosemary Leonard about a new campaign offering free blood pressure and cholesterol checks. There's a programme of road-shows sponsored by Flora Proactive. Many of the venues are at supermarkets across the UK

  • A year without shopping
    We're talking to Judith Levine, author of Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping. It's published by published by Free Press. ISBN 0743269357.

  • Drama
    The TV drama we discussed which features a profoundly deaf character is called Soundproof. You can see it at 9pm tonight on BBC Two

  • Neighbours 3: new mothers online
    See our full story for useful links and information

    Tuesday 11 July

  • Neighbours 2: traffic calming
    See our full story for useful links and information

    Monday 10 July

  • Neighbourhoods series:1 - street parties
    Our full story on neighbourhoods contains useful links, from street parties to groups for new mothers

    Friday 7 July

  • July 7 Bombings
    Nearly all of today's programme was devoted to our extended programme to mark the anniversary of the July 7 attacks last year.

    Thursday 6 July

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    The book featured on today's programme including interviews with RA sufferers has NOT been published, so isn't available in shops. See our main story for other information and contacts.

  • London bombings: drama for children
    The BBC children's drama we mentioned is called That Summer Day. You can see it on BBC Two at 4.30pm on Friday.

  • The Animals' War
    We spoke to Juliet Gardner who has written a book looking at the role animals have played in warfare, from 1914 to the present day. Her book, The Animals' War, is published by Portrait: ISBN 0749951036.
    There is also an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in South East London, beginning on July 14.

    Wednesday 5 July

  • BBC News and Sport on Tour
    Breakfast's Sarah Campbell reported from the BBC's special hands-on event in Sheffield, which lets you try out anything from newsreading to camera operations. It's part of this year's News and Sport on Tour series

    Tuesday 4 July

  • Practical physics
    If you'd like to know how to inset a skewer into a balloon or blow up a balloon in a bottle, try Richard Hammond's book - Can you Feel the Force?

    Monday 3 July

  • Keep fit video for the elderly
    If you want to find out more about Seona Ross' Keep Fit video for elderly people, you can get more information from Help the Aged: 0207 278 1114

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