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June's Information 2006
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    June 2006

    Friday 30 June

  • Bottled Water
    We asked if you could tell the difference between bottled and tap water. We also carried out a test in our studio with Penney Poyzer, an eco expert and Joelle Marti-Baron, a sommelier at the Great Eastern Hotel in London.

    We asked them to taste water from three jugs, A,B and C. One contained bottled water, the other tap water and the other water from an office water cooler.

    Joelle said she believed jug C contained the bottled water. Penney said she thought jug C was the tap water. The correct answers were; jug A - tap water, jug B - water from a water cooler and jug C - bottled water.

    Tuesday 27 June

  • The Somme
    Send your family memories of the battle of the Somme to the BBC's Have Your Say website

  • Anti-virus software
    We featured a 13 year old Italian boy who has devised his own anti-virus software. It's called Killsgrunt - but, as we can only find information on it in Italian, we cannot recommend a link to you.

  • Road safety for under-sixes
    The road safety campaign for under sixes is called Little Learners. It's sponsored by the oil firm Total

    Monday 26 June

  • Deaf/blind people
    We talked to the actress Stephanie Beacham about her work for the charity Sense which helps people who are both deaf and blind. The phone number which she mentioned is: 020 7272 7774

  • Blaenau Gwent by-election
    For a full list of candidates and more information about the area, follow this link to BBC Wales

    Friday 23 June

  • Midge forecast
    We're reporting on a new service for holiday makers and residents in Scotland, which tells them when and where to expect plagues of midges. The forecasting service is not run by the BBC - this is the web link

  • Heather Small
    The woman whose song was used in London's Olympic bid is realeasing a new single and album next month. The single is called Radio on and the album is Close to a Miracle

    Thursday 22nd June

  • Dogs to help those with disabilities
    We talked to Support Dogs UK. It's a charity that trains dogs to help people with disabilities
  • Will Self
    We talked to novelist Will Self about his latest book, which features a cab driver called Dave whose random thoughts end up being dug up from his garden 500 years from now. It's called The Book of Dave

    Tuesday 20 June

  • Deputy governor of Iraq
    We talked to the British diplomat Rory Stewart, who has written a book about his time as a deputy governor of Iraq. His book is called - Occupational Hazards: My Time Governing in Iraq and it's published by Picador.

  • Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
    We talked to Laurence Llewellyn Bowen about the TV series he has made on the Royal Academy in London. You can see his programmes on BBC Two tonight, tomorrow and Thursday at 8pm. The summer exhibition is on until August 20.

    Monday 19 June

  • Scottish National Anthem We've been reporting on the quest for a new national anthem for Scotland. It's being organised by the Scottish National Orchestra

  • Doreen Lawrence
    We're talking to the mother of the teenager Steven Lawrence, who was murdered 13 years ago in a racist attack in South London. She has written a book about her experiences of trying to find justice. It's called And Still I Rise and it's published by Faber and Faber ISBN: 0571227546

    Friday 16 June

  • Indonesian earthquake
    We spoke to Doug Keating from Oxfam about problems with the funding of the relief effort.

  • Human Voice
    We spoke to Anne Karpf about her book 'The Human Voice' which is full of fascinating facts and anecdotes, and sister Eve Karpf, who is a professional voice over artist. The Human Voice, comes out 30 June, published by Bloomsbury, ISBN: 0747576491

  • Tom Conti
    Reprises his role as Jeffery Bernard in Jeffery Bernard is Unwell having taken over from Peter O'Toole in the West End in 1990 and then starred in a nationwide tour of the play. Opens 19 June at the Garrick Theatre London.

    Thursday 15 June

  • Dad Packs
    Dad Packs - advice for new fathers - are being distributed by Fathers Direct.

    Wednesday 14 June

  • Rolf Harris
    You can see Rolf Harris' paintings - including his portrait of the Queen - at the Portland Gallery in Central London, from June 17

  • Carers week
    We talked to the actress Pam Ferris, who's publicising National Carers Week.

    Tuesday 13 June

  • Lockerbie book
    We talked to the brother of one of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988. Ken Dornstein's book is called The Boy who Fell from the Sky - and it's the story of his brother David, who was a promising novelist.

  • The Dangerous Book for Boys
    We're talking to the authors of a book on hobbies for children, which deliberately echoes a bygone age. It's by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden and it's published by Harper Collins, ISBN: 0007232748.

  • Swimming for under-11s
    The crash course in swimming, which aims to get all under 11s to swim 25m on their own is a government initiative. You should find more later this morning on the Safeswimming website

    Monday 12 June

  • Men's health week
    We're talking to former England goalkeeper about Men's Health Week. You can find out more from the BBC's specialist health website

  • Carers
    Hugh Marriott's book about caring for his sick wife is called: 'The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring'.

    Friday 9 June

  • Bonnie Tyler
    We spoke to the singer Bonnie Tyler this morning about three years as a recording artist. Her new album, Celebrate, is released on 12 June.

  • School Day South Africa
    School Day South Africa is on Wednesday 14 June.

    Thursday 8 June

  • World Cup: school
    Today Chris Hollins was live at a school in Buhlertal, Germany. The school is looking for English pen pals to team up with during the World Cup. Please contact the school in Germany from its website.

  • Stroke Association
    We spoke to Linda Bellingham who is presenting an award at the Stroke Association Awards.

    Wednesday 7 June

  • Business: twins study
    We debated whether business success is a product of nature or nurture, following research which suggests it may have a genetic component. One of our guests mentioned that he needs volunteer sets of twins for research. If you're interested, don't contact Breakfast (we haven't yet branched out into medical research). Talk to the Twin Research Unit at St Thomas's Hospital, London. Phone: 0207 188 5555

    Tuesday 6 June

  • Water voles survey
    You can find more information on water voles from British Waterways' website, which is called Waterscape.

  • Honor Blackman
    You can catch the former Avengers star on stage in My Fair Lady in Manchester and Birmingham. She tells us she's added Woking and Milton Keynes to her list of performances

    Monday 5 June

  • Avenue Q
    The musical using Muppet-style puppets to tackle issues such as homosexuality and racism can be seen at the Noel Coward Theatre, St Martin's Lane, in London's West End. Be warned: it's definitely not suitable for children.

    Friday 2 June

  • Saving energy
    We spoke to a family who've managed to halve their carbon emissions by making simple energy use changes. For more information, click on the following link:

  • Painkillers and arthritis
    For more information about treating arthritis, click on the following link:

    Thursday 1 June

  • David Walliams
    We spoke to Little Britain star David Walliams who is going to attempt to swim the English channel for Sport Relief, and he wants your support for his extraordinary challenge.

  • Nando Parrado
    One of the survivors of the 1973 Andean plane crash which was the subject of the book and film 'Alive'. Nando was one of two men who walked for help after 72 days with no food aside from 'meat' - victims of the crash - He's now written his account of their ordeal. Miracle In The Andes : 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home, out now, published by Orion ISBN: 0752871935

  • Great British Menu
    We spoke to the judges from Jennie Bond's Great British Menu programme which is on BBC Two at 6.30pm.

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