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Police merger plan costs millions

Police mergers
Some forces spent half a million pounds on the plan

The BBC has learned some police forces are demanding money back from the Home Office after the Government abandoned plans to create a series of "superforces".

The latest figures obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that the 43 forces spent at least £6m - studying the implications of the proposals.

The superforce idea, which came from the Home Office, was highly unpopular with the 43 police forces in England and Wales.

Many smaller forces would have been forced to merge with their neighbours, leaving just 17 "superforces".

And some spent around half a million pounds fighting the proposals.

The plans were abandoned earlier this year when John Reid took over as Home Secretary.

This morning on Breakfast:

  • Breakfast's Tim Muffett found out where the money went - and how much policing it could have bought.
  • He reported from Sussex, where the police force spent around half a million pounds fighting the merger proposals

  • We also have a full break-down of the figures so far collected, so you can see for yourself how much your local force spent.
  • Roughly half the police forces in England and Wales have replied. But the final total may be considerably higher.

    Police force mergers: spending

  • Avon and Somerset: not available
  • Bedfordshire: £96,000
  • Cambridgeshire: not available
  • Cheshire: £339,767
  • City of London £121,000
  • Cleveland: not yet published
  • Cumbria: not yet published
  • Derbyshire £282,982
  • Devon and Cornwall £320,400
  • Dorset £220,400
  • Durham: £63,155
  • Dyfed Powys £227,000
  • Essex: £166,033
  • Gloucestershire £202,128
  • Greater Manchester: not yet published
  • Gwent not yet published
  • Hampshire £109,700
  • Herfordshire £182,547
  • Humberside £20,000
  • Kent: £243,445
  • Lancashire: n/a
  • Leicestershire: £50,000
  • Lincolnshire: £286,000
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Merseyside not yet published
  • West Midland £101,140
  • West Mercia £428,867.26
  • Norfolk not yet published
  • Nottingham
  • Northumbria
  • Northamptonshire: £239,000
  • Staffordshire: £134,000
  • Suffolk: £17,500
  • South Wales: £434,656
  • Surrey £552,605 (revised from £810,957)
  • Sussex: £495,826
  • Thames Valley: £152,000
  • North Wales: £428,145.68
  • Warwickshire: £270,900
  • Wiltshire not yet published
  • North Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire
  • South Yorkshire
  • Total: £6,185,197

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    Merger plan cost millions
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