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Last Updated: Sunday, 17 September 2006, 01:36 GMT 02:36 UK
Breakfast launches video podcast
Look for this logo, for the Breakfast video podcast
Get your fix of early morning news - wherever you are
Breakfast has launched an exciting new service.

Each weekday morning, you'll be able to download and view a round-up of our first news summary at 6am - we aim to have it ready by 6.45am.

If you've got a portable video or MP4 player, you can take your 'Breakfast' with you whether you're off to work or on your travels, and now we include a summary of the weather.

And don't worry if you haven't got time to wait for it to upload while you're at home: you can also download our podcast to your computer, to watch it any time you choose.

A takeaway Breakfast

The Breakfast podcast will normally be available by about 6.45am, but you can always synchronise your player from the brand new permanent link on the homepage of the Breakfast website when you get to your office.

Why not download the Breakfast Takeaway on your way to work in one of the many coffee shops with wi-fi facilities?


Like many podcasts, you can subscribe to the Breakfast Takeaway. Simply click on the 'podcast' button to the right of this page.

Dermot and Kate play back the first Breakfast Takeaway on their MP4 players
Dermot and Kate presented our first Podcast

That opens our RSS feed page - if you use iTunes, you can subscribe, without cost, via the 'one click subscription' button.

You'll get a new edition of the Breakfast Takeaway automatically every day.

There are instructions for other podcast software - and you can, of course, unsubscribe.

You can also get the podcast from other media services such as iTunes, Juice or Doppler.

Our picture to the right shows Dermot and Kate looking at the very first ever Breakfast Takeaway on Monday.

We downloaded our early bulletin from iTunes and replayed it live in the studio one hour later.

  • If you're already up to speed
    Watch the 'takeaway' via the buttons in the yellow box on the right hand side of this page.
  • If you need a bit more help
    Read on for our quick guide to podcasting.
  • Breakfast Takeaway: Question and Answers

    The Breakfast Takeaway on a video podcast player
    The Breakfast Takeaway on a video podcast player

    Is this the same bulletin I can view on my mobile phone?

    No, that's a separate service for people who have 3G phones, available from BBC News Mobile

    Do I need a fancy handheld video device?

    Not necessarily. You will be able to download our podcast at about 0645 on to your computer, but you need to have the right software to view the clip. Quicktime and VLC are good examples.

    Is the Breakfast Takeaway live?

    No, it's an MP4 file - in other words a video file - similar to MP3, but that's for music and audio. The summary will vary in length each day, between eight to 12 minutes, so it might take a while to download - especially if you do not have your computer connected to broadband

    Do I have to have a special handheld player?

    Yes, you will need a video podcast player - capable of playing MP4 files. It includes IPods and PSPs, and an increasingly, many new mobile phones - but you should shop around and do your research before buying a new device

    What about if I have a Sony PSP or similar device?

    If you have a Sony PSP, you can copy the podcast file to the drive on your PSP and watch it in the usual way. However, you may need to upgrade the firmware on your device from the Sony website, to allow you to view videos:

    What about if I have to leave for work at 6.20am?

    You can download the Breakfast Takeaway later in the day. In fact there will be five episodes of our news summary on the RSS page, with a description of each day's podcast

    How do I find the Breakfast Takeaway RSS page?

    Look for the yellow box with two black buttons: download and podcast. Click on the podcast button to open the RSS feed page. Scroll down to see the latest episodes

    Where can I get more information?

    Search for 'podcast' anywhere on the BBC website, or when we're live, look for the question marks in the yellow box - you can also find our terms and condition of use

  • Please note: The Breakfast Takeaway is part of the BBC's podcast trial - you can see the terms and conditions form the link below

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