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The city getting to grips with Wi-fi
Susannah explains how a Wi-fi signal reaches your computer
Susannah explains how a Wi-fi signal reaches your computer
Using a laptop on the move has given countless people with computers the freedom to continue working while away from home or office.

But in the past few years, there has been a phenomenal growth in the use of Wi-fi which enables users to read their e-mail and surf the net and download music in a variety of places including hotels and coffee shops.

And now Norwich Council has created a Wi-fi zone that covers the entire central part of the city - it's thought to be the biggest free scheme of its kind in Britain.

  • Over the past few months on Breakfast, we've been exploring some of the new technology that's fast becoming available
  • Today, Susannah Streeter was in Norwich for Breakfast
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  • What is Wi-fi?

    Put simply, Wi-fi is wireless broadband, you will need a wireless enabled pc or laptop, and many new computers offer Wi-fi as a standard feature.

    You can use Wi-fi with a laptop to go online anywhere there is a Wi-fi zone or hot spot, or you can use Wi-fi technology to link-up or network your computers at home.

    That means being able to use your laptop in any room or perhaps your balcony or garden.

    Other places providing wireless zones are hotels, coffee shops and college buildings.

  • There's a more comprehensive guide to Wi-fi from the BBC News website

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