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May's Information 2006
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    May 2006

    Wednesday 31 May

  • Power Pramming

    If you want to find out more about power pramming click on the following link:

    Tuesday 30 May

  • Heyday - support for over 50s
    If you want to find out more about Age Concern's new membership organisation 'Heyday' - which supports people approaching or in early retirement - click on the following link:

    Saturday 27 May

  • Pensions
    We spoke to Malcom McLean from the Pensions Advisory Service. The Service has a helpline open from Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. The number is:0845 601 2923.

    Friday 26 May

  • Grey water
    If you want to find out more about the Ban Beater water recycling device featured on the programme, there's a website below. It siphons grey water (bath water) from the tub, and transfers it by hosepipe to your garden.

    Thursday 25 May

  • Prostate cancer
    You can find out more about prostate cancer from The Prostate Cancer Charity. Helpline Number: 0845 300 8383

  • Eric Schlosser
    We spoke to the author about his new book, Chew on This, aimed at younger readers, it is everything you don't want to know about fast food. Out now published by Puffin Books ISBN: 0141318449

  • Silent Movies
    Neil Brand is the country's foremost silent movie pianist, he was our guest on Thursday. There's a whole season dedicated to Silent Movies. Starting tonight on BBC Four at 9pm there's a four part series 'Paul Merton's Silent Clowns'.

    Wednesday 24 May

  • Gambling: getting help
    If you have a problem with online gambling, you can get help from Gamcare. Call 0845 6000 133 or visit Gamcare's website

  • Jilly Cooper
    We talked to the novelist about her latest novel, Wicked, which looks at two contrasting secondary schools. It's published by Bantam Press, ISBN: 0593052994

    Tuesday 23 May

  • Eye operation: mother and daughter
    You can hear more of Bernadette and Tara's story tomorrow night on One Life, on BBC One at 10.40pm. There is a support group for people who suffer from the eye condition Aniridia and their families

  • Ocean Odyssey
    You can catch the second part of this documentary at 8pm tomorrow night on BBC One.

  • Juliette Lewis
    If you're a fan of the Hollywood star, you can see her live on stage in Sam Shepard's play Fool For Love. The production opens at the Apollo Theatre, London, on 13 June (previews from June 7). You can also catch her band playing live in Hyde Park, London, on June 17 - as a support act for the Foo Fighters and Motorhead.

    Monday 22 May

  • Silver Surfers
    We reported on Silver Surfers week. This is organised by BT, Help the Aged, Digital Unite. Microsoft and Intel. The aim is to help the over fifties learn about the net. Follow the links on our full story, to find out about events near you

    Friday 19 May

  • Halle Berry
    Find out more about Halle Berry's latest film X Men - The Last Stand which comes out in the UK on 25 May.

  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Find out all the latest news, information and transmission times for television and radio of Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Saira Khan
    Saira Khan, 2005 Apprentice runner-up and presenter of Beat The Boss came on Friday's programme with participants James Sesay, Joseph Dudley and Becky Follett. Series starts Monday 22 May 2006 on BBC One at 16:30

    Wednesday 17 May

  • Lorna Luft: Songs My Mother Taught Me
    Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft, was on the programme to talk about her new album which is a tribue to her mother. The album is out in the Autumn.

    Tuesday 16 May

  • Mosquito: anti teenager machine
    The machine which emits a high pitched noise which can only be heard by young people is called a Mosquito. It's manufactured by a firm called Compound Security

  • Special Needs education
    You'll find useful links on our full story

    Monday 15 May

  • Breast cancer
    We have a special report from Fiona Bruce, who travelled with the Prime Minister's wife to Pakistan, to find out more about Breast Cancer treatment there. Cherie Blair's trip was organised by the British charity Breast Cancer Care. You can find out more about their work from their website

  • Malaria
    We've put together some tips on how to avoid malaria

  • Cyberchondria
    We discussed how the internet can fuel hypochondria, with our regular GP Dr Rosemary Leonard and John Naish, author of John Naish, author of the Hypochondriac's Handbook.
    The Briitish Medical Journal - which is a specialist publication for doctors - has set up a new website to give straightforward information for the general public. It's called Best Treatments: Other sources of reliable information include the BBC's Health website, NHS Direct and the mainstream charities linked to specific conditions such as breast cancer, heart disease or lung disease.

  • 60,000 house
    Sarah Campbell reported on the competition to design a house which can be built for 60,000 (excluding land costs). This is organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

    Saturday 13 May

  • World cup: Writers Room competition
    Could you write a monologue on the World Cup, to be performed by Johnny Vegas? We're talking to the organiser of a BBC competition for budding writers. Don't send your entries to Breakfast. Send them, with a bit about yourself and your contact details to: writersroom@bbc.co. If you are unable to email then please send a hard copy to: World Cup Shorts BBC writersroom Broadcasting House Portland Place W1A

    Friday 12 May

  • Hay fever
    Follow the link below for Dr Rosemary's advice on how to treat the symptoms of hay fever.

  • The Real Da Vinci code - Tony Robinson
    We spoke to the actor about a new DVD, The Real Da Vinci code, Channel 4 DVD, available 15 May .

  • The Likely Lads
    Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? Series 1 out on DVD now.

  • Sir Michael Caine
    We spoke to Sir Michael about his latest film - Flawless with Demi Moore.

    Thursday 11 May

  • Billy Elliot
    We had an update from three of Billy Elliot's 'Billies' who were live in the studio. Billy Elliot the Musical is currently on at the Victoria Palace theatre in London.

  • The House of Tiny Tearaways
    We heard from Dr Tanya Byron, the clinical psychologist on the BBC series House of Tiny Tearaways. New series starts Sunday 14 May, BBC Three 8pm.

    Wednesday 10 May

  • Never mind the Full Stops
    We talked to Julian Fellowes about the new panel game which he chairs, which looks at grammar and pronunciation. It's called Never Mind the Full Stops - and on its website you'll find interactive quizzes and other features

    Tuesday 9 May

  • Tony Hawks: buying a house abroad
    We talked to the comedian Tony Hawks about his new book, chronicling the tribulations of buying a home abroad. A Piano in The Pyrenees is published by Ebury Press, ISBN: 0091902673

  • The Second Wives Club
    The journalist Jane Moore's new book is called The Second Wives Club. It's published by William Heinemann. ISBN: 0434012092. The website she mentioned is called The British Second Wives Club

  • Hannibal
    You can watch the drama Hannibal on BBC One on Sunday night at 8.30pm

  • Your favourite newspaper headlines
    We're asking for your favourite front page headlines, as our sister programme Newsnight launches a competition to find the best ever produced by the newspaper industry. To find out more, go to the Newsnight website, which will have more details after the full launch at 10pm tonight

    Monday May 8

  • Big Britain
    We're discussing whether the traditional view of Middle England needs updating. According to BBC Magazines, Middle England is now better represented by younger, more open-minded role models, such as Jamie Oliver and Michael Eavis, who founded the Glastonbury music festival. If you'd like to know more, visit the Big Britain website, which launches at 10am today.

    Friday 5 May

  • Gloria Hunniford
    We spoke to Gloria Hunniford who is the new presenter of the BBC's Heaven and Earth programme which you can see at 1000 on BBC One, on Sunday 7 May.

  • Local elections
    For comprehensive analysis of the English local election see the BBC's In-Depth website.

  • The Beautiful South
    We spoke to Paul Heaton from the band the Beautiful South. Find out more about their latest single and album from the official website

  • Krakatoa: The last days
    BBC drama documentary about the eruption of the island of Krakatoa. BBC One, Sunday 7 May, 2100

  • Piers Morgan, First News
    The brand new, newspaper aimed at 9 to 12-year-olds comes out today. It's called First News and is published weekly, on Friday.

    Thursday 4 May

  • Police dogs: fostering

  • Monastic philosophy for everyday life
    We talked to Christopher Jamieson, the monk who has written 'Finding Sanctuary, Monastic Steps for Everyday Life', publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson ISBN: 0297851322

  • Jeremy Irons
    Is in the West End play, Embers, which has been extended until late June, at the Duke of York theatre.

    Wednesday 3 May

  • Sport Relief
    Our presenters Chris Hollins and Declan Curry took part in Sport Relief's latest fund-raising exercise. You'll find useful links on our full story

  • Paula Radcliffe
    The runner is supporting Cancer Research UK's Race for Life

    Tuesday 2 May

  • Declan's blog: questions for the Post Office chief Allan Leighton
    Send your questions to the Breakfast inbox - and read the blog on Blogspot.com (please note this is an external website and not moderated by the BBC)

  • Space competition winners
    You'll find a list of winners of the teenage space competition on our full story

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