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Michael Grade
BBC Chairman Michael Grade
BBC Chairman Michael Grade

Do BBC executives deserve their recently announced pay rises? The chairman, Michael Grade was on Thursday's Breakfast to discuss them and we want your questions

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Michael Grade answered several points from viewers this morning on the programme.

  • The Licence Fee

    On the Licence Fee, Michael Grade defended the BBC's request for a settlement above the rate of inflation by saying that he wants to achieve the expectations of licence fee payers. They, he said have asked for more drama and comedy - and these are expensive to produce.

  • Jonathan Ross

    On the reported 18 million that the BBC is paying to Jonathan Ross, Michael Grade said he hadn't seen Ross's contract and couldn't confirm the amount being paid to the broadcaster. But he defended high salaries for on-screen talent by saying that the BBC pays less than ITV for presenters and that all BBC employees work for less than they could earn in the commercial sector.

  • Executive Salaries

    Michael Grade defended BBC Executive salaries by saying that the corporation needed strong leadership at a time of change and that it needed top people to spend the licence fee efficiently and properly

  • Programmes

    We had some emails complaining about programmes with celebrities competitions involving new skills. Michael Grade defended Strictly Come Dancing and said that not all the celebrity programmes were on the BBC. However he said that the "lifestyle copycat programmes" were gradually being reduced and that the BBC is cutting back on repeats in response to requests from licence fee payers.

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    BBC Chairman, Michael Grade

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