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Cycling to school
children at a school in Bingley which encourages cycling
Would you let your children cycle to school?
The government's planning to spend millions of pounds to encourage children to cycle to school, rather than get a lift from their parents.

As concerns grow over children's health - and the impact of the school run on traffic congestion, it says it's time that more children arrived at school on two wheels.

There will be a tougher cycling proficiency test - and new money for cycle lanes in school areas.

But will the initiative convince parents that it's safe to let their children out into heavy traffic under their own steam?

This morning on Breakfast:

  • Danny Savage reported live from a school in Bingley
  • We asked what you think - and many of you highlighted concerns over children's safety on the roads - an issue we'll be coming back to on tomorrow's programme The government's pouring an extra 15m into the Cycling to Schools project.

    The money will be used for better cycle training - and to link up some of Britain's 10,000 miles of cycle routes with schools.

    What you told Breakfast
    I would NEVER allow or encourage my child to cycle to school. Drivers, in particular black cabs and unmarked vans, are lunatics on the roads. I have even seen van drivers punch cyclists who have corrected them for blatant negligence.
    Karen Meidl, London

    At the moment, it's thought that one in five cars on Britain's roads in the rush hour is taking children to school.

    As the tradition of walking or cyclilng to school has declined, childhood obesity has increased dramatically.

    The government's targeting what it calls the "back of the car" generation, in the hope that it will provide benefits all round.

    Cycling to school
    Danny Savage reports from a primary in Bingley, Lancs

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