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Last Updated: Friday, 19 May 2006, 05:23 GMT 06:23 UK
More drought orders
Bewl Reservoir
Bewl Reservoir: In an area where there is a drought order
Two years of dry weather have led to some severe water shortages across the UK.

The situation is now so bad, that two more companies - Mid Kent Water and Southern Water have been granted drought orders.

The Sutton and East Surrey Water Company, was the first company to be granted a drought order since 1976.

It comes into force on Saturday 27 May, and carries the prospect of heavy fines for those who breach the order.

Southern Water and Mid Kent Water will be able to enforce stricter measures in the coming weeks.

Thames Water, which covers the capital and a large surrounding area has decided not to apply for a drought order, but is continuing to review the situation and has not ruled out the possibility of stand-pipes in the capital.

  • Watch our interview with Richard Aylard from Thames Water from the link to the right of this page
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    We want to hear from you too. What are your suggestions for saving water?

    Can you remember the last time standpipes stood in the streets? Would you shop a neighbour if you saw them flouting the rules?

    Information, advice and tips

    Warning about the 1976 drought

    We've put together a collection of links that will help you find out how you can save water, and what you can and can't do during a hosepipe ban, or where there is a drought order coming into place.

    There's also information from the companies who have applied for a drought order, or who are considering an application.

  • Environment Agency Advice

    The Environment Agency has specific pages for home owners, businesses, gardeners and those in the public sector.

    Each section can be accessed from the link to the page, listed below

    Tackling the water crisis
    If we can have pipes bringing in gas and other things from Russia and Europe, why on earth cant we have a pipe bringing water from the North of England and Scotland. Goodness knows we have enough.

    Gill Holland, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Sutton and East Surrey Water

    The drought order in the SESW area will be phased in - it comes into effect from Saturday 27 May but you can find out more about the order, and how it will affect you from the company's website:

  • Southern Water

    Southern Water has now been granted a drought order from the Environment Agency - it covers Sussex, parts of Kent and the Isle of Wight.

    You should check the company's website for more information and the exact terms of the drought order.

  • Thames Water

    The 1976 drought
    Women queue in the street for a stand-pipe in 1976

    Thames Water confirmed today on Breakfast that it will not be applying for a drought order at the moment, but is reviewing the situation on a weekly basis.

    There's already a hosepipe ban in force in its area, the website will have up to date information, just follow the link below

  • Mid Kent Water

    Further restrictions could soon be in place in the Mid Kent Water region - it has been granted a drought order by the Environment Agency.

    Check the website below for the full details.

  • Hosepipe ban map

    For the Environment Agency's map showing all the affected areas, including hosepipe bans - please follow the link to the right of this page

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    Water Week on Breakfast
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    Richard Aylard, Thames Water
    "The situation is serious but not currently getting worse"

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