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UFOs: your pictures
The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, USA
You can visit a UFO museum in Roswell, USA
If you thought that the serious study of UFOs was confined to Sci Fi series like the X-Files, it's time to think again.

It seems that the Ministry of Defence has taken reports of UFOs so seriously over the years that it's been conducting a detailed scientific study.

And it's concluded that the reports of weird phenomena are perfectly genuine.

The Ministry of Defence study has been uncovered by university lecturer Dr David Clarke, using the Freedom of Information Act to find out what the government knows.

What you told Breakfast
The picture of the UFO in Latvia by Ed Reid as shown on Breakfast this morning is not new to me. I saw a similar, if not identical, thing in Oxford city centre in the late 1990s .. I stared at it for a few seconds as it went behind a building and then spent time looking for it afterwards.
Paul Donnelly

This morning on Breakfast:

  • We talked to Dr David Clarke, who was surprised to find his own work quoted in the MoD research and to UFO enthusiast Joe McGonagle

  • We showed some of the pictures you'd emailed to Breakfast and talked to physicist Brian Cox.


    Far from being dismissed as cranks and nutters, the MoD found that those who've seen UFOs may be witnessing genuine scientific phenomena.

    It doesn't believe in flying saucers and alien life forms. It does, however, think at a little known atmospheric phenomenon creates glowing "plasmas" of gas when there are electrical charges in the air.

    Air flows then sculpt these into aero-dynamic shapes - which is why the saucer shape is a recurring theme among eye-witnesses.

    And the magnetic fields which produce the plasma can play tricks on the brain's temporal lobes, causing people to feel as though there really is a presence - possibly alien - nearby.

    UFOs: your stories and pictures
    Breakfast viewer Eddie Reed took this photo on holiday in Latvia in September 2001
    Can it really be a UFO in Latvia?

  • Breakfast viewer Ed Reid sent us this picture:

    "This picture was taken on a short break to Latvia in September 2001. It was 2 days before the 911 attacks in New York.

    "I only noticed the strange object a couple of years ago, after reviewing the pictures taken.

    Picture send to us by Martin Lunn from Boston Spa
    Martyn Lunn from West Yorkshire took this earlier this year

  • Martyn Lunn from Boston Spa, West Yorkshire says:

    "Here's a picture I took earlier this year.

    "I still don't know what it is.

    "It looks very strange, even close up."

  • Sent in by Breakfast viewer Graham Stone
    Graham Stone from Essex sent us this
    We're not sure whether Breakfast viewer Graham Stone is entirely serious about his photo:

    "Picture just taken over Essex....a UFO

    "Or is it John Prescott going to work, trying to avoid the media?"

    Is there anything out there?
    We talked to Dr David Clarke and Ufologist Joe McGonagle

    UFOs: your pictures
    We showed some of your photos to physict Brian Cox

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