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Space age competition winners
Sarah Campbell at the London Science Museum's space display
We asked for your ideas - and 750 teams entered
Have you ever wondered how astronauts clean their teeth when the water bounces off the brush? Or, whether it's possible to go camping on new planets?

Those are two of the space age problems tackled by the 750 schools which entered the Space Competition which we featured on Breakfast a couple of months ago.

The idea behind the Edge into Space competition was to use some of the challenges of space travel to get schoolchildren involved in engineering and design projects.

The winning teams will get an all-expenses paid trip to America, to visit the space centres in Texas and Florida where the USA trains all its astronauts.

This morning on Breakfast:

  • Our reporter Sarah Campbell has been looking at some of the weird and wonderful ideas which the competition has generated.

    The competition is being funded by an educational foundation called EDGE in conjunction with ISSET - the international Space Station Educational Trust.

    The judging panel includes the British-born astronaut Michael Foale and Professor Colin Pillinger, the man behind the Beagle mission to Mars.

    The winning ideas are:

  • Electromagnetic boots: Alex Ilsley and Zoe Booth, Esher Church of England School, Surrey,

  • Radiation protection water tube: Zareen Butt, Jean Louis Rawlence, Michael Rawlence, Graeme Taylor. Shenley Brook End School Milton Keynes

  • Next generation space suit: Kate Hannaby, Joanne Hopper, Richard Flower, Laura Cousins. Framwellgate School Durham

  • Using Calista planet for re-fuelling point for long-distance space travel. Matthew Cobain, Sam Bentham, Thomas Heaven John Findley. Bishop Rawstorne CofE, Croston, Lancs

  • Portable living quarters on the moon: Devon Buchanan, Elle Buchanan, Simon Clark,, Christopher Sandford. Wellsway School, Bristol

  • Nano travel and emigration to Mars: Kristian Davies, Ross Hookings, Charlotte Tudor, Neath Port Talbot College, Wales

  • Mobile inflatable habitat for spacewalks: Christopher Saunders, James Sadler, West Calder High School, West Lothian, Scotland.

  • Enzyme tooth cleaning mould. Natalie Barber, Aamira Challenger-Mynett, Rebekah Willer, Andrea Adamou. Enfield County School, London

  • Space tourism: Tom Robson, Brendan Toms, Ben Freeman, Priestlands School, Lymington, Hampshire

  • Electro-suit to help people with wasting diseases: Amber Hartley Watts, Joseph Plumb, Rebecca Viosey Thomas Watson-Follet. Churchill Community School, North Somerset

    All the teams will be going on a two week trip to the USA this summer, to look at the American space programme.

    Space competition
    Sarah Campbell looks at some of the winning ideas

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