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Last Updated: Friday, 28 April 2006, 05:15 GMT 06:15 UK
Out with the old...
Dermot and Sian in our current studio
The presenters are staying - but the "shopping centre" view goes
Today may seem like an ordinary Friday morning - but for Breakfast it's the end of an era.

We're saying goodbye to our old studio in Television Centre, which has been our weekday home for almost two decades.

From Tuesday morning, we'll have a new look - and a new high-tech studio.

We're keeping the design under wraps for now - but it's fair to say that we're very excited about the new look.

This morning on Breakfast:

  • Breakfast Time presenters (top, l-r) Francis Wilson, Debbie Rix, David Icke, (bottom, l-r) Frank Bough, Selina Scott and Nick Ross, 1983.
    Remember when we looked like this?
    We're sending off the old studio in style, with a special report from Bill Turnbull on the changing face of Breakfast over the decades

    If you can't stay in to watch, we'll bring you a recording of his report later in the morning here on this page.

  • And, we want to know what you think: will you miss our shopping-centre style view?

    You might remember that the last time we had a bit of a make-over here on Breakfast, we gave away some of the vases and other knick-knacks from our set.

    We won't be doing that this time round as there aren't really any ornaments to get rid of.

    Bill and Sian in 2003
    Last time, we gave away our vases
    But we will be sad to leave TC7 - one of the BBC's huge set piece studios, which we share with other programmes such as Newsnight, Newsround and Working Lunch.

    From Tuesday, Breakfast will be broadcasting from a studio right at the heart of the BBC's news centre.

    We'll be sharing the space with the Six O'Clock and Ten O'Clock news - but we can guarantee that the programmes will look completely different.

    We'll be explaining exactly how we've achieved our new look on Tuesday morning.

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    New studio
    Bill takes a look at the changing face of Breakfast

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