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Free broadband: your questions
Charles Dunstone in our studio at the London Stock Exchange
Wet got the man behind the offer to answer your questions
Carphone Warehouse unveiled details of its free broadband service this morning. To get it, customers will have to sign up for its home phone service Talk Talk.

Analysts say it could spark a price war, with other services like BT, AOL and NTL forced to drop their prices to compete. Critics claim the service is unsustainable.

This morning on Breakfast:

Our business presenter Declan Curry talked to the Chief Executive of Carphone Warehouse Charles Dunstone.

So many of you sent in e-mails that we decided to get him to stay behind and answer the questions we couldn't get through during our business slot:

Q (Anon): what will it cost - it's not actually free?
A (Charles Dunstone) It will cost 9.99 per month on top of the 11 line rental you have to pay to have a line at home. So long as you keep paying that, the broadband will be free forever.

Q (Nik Clarke) what limitations will there be on usage?
A: Our broadband is an always on service. The only limit will be the amount of data you download - 40G - which is 10,000 MP3 tracks or over 100 hours of movies- enormous. Those limits are to stop people pirating.

Q (Henry): I am an existing Talk Talk customer - do I qualify?
A : Just visit our website and you can sign up.

Q (Gordon Rennie, Fife): what does free actually mean?
A: Free means move your phone calls to us, which we guarantee will be cheaper than BT, and you have broadband free for ever.
computer keyboard
What does "free" mean, you asked

Q: (Richard Harris, Staffs) what guarantees can you give for the quality of the service?
A: The speed you get is dependent on how far your house is from the exchange. Not everyone will get 8Meg, but we are building our own network so we're not using BT's infrastructure.

Q (Robert, Kings Lynn): I don't want a mobile phone; can I still get your broadband service?
A: You don't have to have a mobile phone to get this.

Q (Neil Buckland) I'm based in rural Wales - can I get your service?
A: In very rural areas, it's still very difficult to get broadband to people's houses. BT promises 97% of the population is now covered. In time, as technology improves it should be possible to get to this last 3%

Q (Kevin, Wigan) How long before your free broadband is not free?
A: We very consciously made our slogan "free forever". It is not a promotion. It is forever.

Q (anon)I have registered but have heard nothing since.
A: I am very surprised. Just ring us and we'll tell you what has happened to it.

Q (Michael Chan): Talk Talk has failed to supply me with some of the features it promised.
A: Call us and we'll set it up. We've just come top as having the best customer service of any. Like everyone else we make mistakes, but we're better than most.

  • All answers are from Charles Dunstone, the head of Carphone Warehouse, not the BBC.

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