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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 March 2006, 06:01 GMT
Re-tuning to analogue
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Confused? Read on to find out how to get regional news
You may have noticed that the Commonwealth Games are now underway in Melbourne - until Sunday 26 March.

Because the games are being shown on BBC One, Breakfast has been given a temporary home on BBC Two until the games finish.

Unfortunately, this means our digital viewers may not be able to get their usual fix of local news, travel and weather.

Which is why, all week we've been telling you to "re-tune to analogue".

All you need to know:

  • If you live in England, you won't get your usual regional bulletins if you normally watch Breakfast on Digital Terrestrial (Freeview) or other digital satellite and cable services. Instead, until Sunday 26 of March, we'll bring you a special extended review of the newspapers.

  • To see our regional news bulletins, you need to switch back to conventional analogue TV (that is, the one which gives you five channels). The quickest way to this is to turn off your digi-box.

  • Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not affected by this.

  • But there are one or two other changes to analogue regional programmes for the duration of the games: The East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region will share it bulletins with BBC Yorkshire for technical reasons.

  • Unfortunately, again for technical reasons, Channel Island viewers will not be able to receive a regional bulletin at all during Breakfast.

  • Some viewers in Kent may also find they are watching London news instead of news for the South East.

    Viewers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be able to see their local programmes as normal on digital services

    If you're wondering why the change is so complicated, it's mainly because of technical reasons which mean that we can't broadcast the full range of regional news variations on BBC Two.

    The changes will only last for the duration of the Commonwealth Games. So we'll be back to normal from Monday 27 March.

  • You can get more technical advice from a special number: 08700 100 789
  • There's also more information on how to receive BBC services from the 'reception' website

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