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Could do better
Sir Alan Sugar
Sir Alan: A natural salesman according to his school report
Sir Alan Sugar may well be known for his frank language, and no-nonsense approach to business.

But a quick look at his school report reveals that he had all the makings of a successful entrepreneur long before he'd ever uttered the words "You're fired!"

Sir Alan is just one of a number of celebrities and household names who let the BBC dip into their past and look at their school report.

It's all for a new BBC Two series - My Appalling School Report.

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  • >We found out more with Sue Seifert - the award winning primary school headmistress and John O'Farrell, the author
  • And many of you e-mailed us with a few choice insults from your own school reports.

    Famous faces

    Here are some well known names, with quotes from their school reports:

    School Reports
    Jeffrey Archer
    Archer's essays make me feel like he is destined to be a great story teller or politician
    Quote from Jeffrey Archer's school report

    Fiona Bruce
    "Fiona is interested and responsive, she asks pertinent questions and is not afraid of stating her case"

    John Lennon
    "Hopeless. Certainly on the road to failure"

    Richard Branson
    "He will either become a millionaire or go to prison"

    Terry Wogan
    "If we could just find some way to stop Terry from running away, we might be able to beat some learning into him"

    "She works hard - but not in a way that gave me hope that she would blend with others"

    Jeremy Paxman
    "...tediously lackadaisical uncooperativeness"

    Jeffrey Archer
    "Archers essays make me feel like he is destined to be a great story teller or politician"

    "Moral conduct- very satisfactory"

    Sir Winston Churchill
    "Does not quite understand the meaning of hard work... he is so regular in his irregularity that I really don't know what to do.

    Margaret Thatcher
    "Her cheeriness makes her a very pleasant member of her form"

    Norman Wisdom
    "The boy is every inch a fool but luckily for him he's not very tall"

    David Beckham
    "He makes good cakes."

  • My Appalling School Report, BBC Two starts Friday 10 March, 2200 GMT (four part series)

    Sue Seifert, primary school headmistress and author John O'Farrell
    Discuss different approaches to school reports

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