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Last Updated: Friday, 11 August 2006, 06:50 GMT 07:50 UK
Air travel delays: Your rights
Sarah Campbell talks to Sharmaine Phagu
Sarah Campbell talks to Sharmaine Phagu
Air travellers are preparing for another long day of delays, cancellations and uncertainty about their flights.

We've been finding out on Breakfast how some of our viewers have been affected, what - if any compensation you can expect for delays or a cancelled flight and some of the long term implications.

Many of you have contacted Breakfast to say that you are reassured by additional security.

On Friday morning, the Bank of England listed the names of 19 men whose assets had been frozen - they are part of 24 arrested in connection with the plot to attack aircraft.

  • On Friday's programme, we looked at some of the issues raised by the new security measures for travellers

  • We heard from the Independent Newspaper's Travel Editor Simon Calder.

    Travel writer Simon Calder
    Simon Calder: "This is a whole new world that we will have to get used to"

    He went through some tips on what you can and can't take into an aircraft cabin, demonstrating with several items he'd brought into the studio.

    He said that anything bought beyond the security checks at an airport should be ok - for example items bought at a duty free shop.

    Simon also said that airlines should now allow you to add the weight of your hand luggage onto the existing hold-baggage limit, so travellers would not effectively be required to carry less.

  • And Declan looked at the issue of compensation for those who suffered delays or had flights cancelled
  • Declan explaining travel insurance
    "Your travel insurance may not cover you"

    During Friday's programme, Declan spoke to representatives of ABTA and the Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries.

    They explained whether airline customers would be entitled to a refund, another flight or any compensation

    And consumer champion and presenter of the BBC's Holiday Hit Squad programme, Alice Beer came into the studio

    Alice Beer
    Alice Beer: "Don't take anything you don't want to lose"

    She said expect that your whole life was going into the hold, and advised people not to bother with laptops, phones or cameras.

    If you did take any of these, she recommended backing up the data first, and if travelling on business, you could hire a laptop.

    Alice also noted that some of the UK websites were very slow in being updated with new information.

  • Breakfast's Sarah Campbell spoke to one woman and her son, due to fly to Canada.

    She found out how Sharmaine Phagu and her son were coping with now having to re-pack all their bags under the new rules.

    Sharmaine's son said he would miss not having his games console on the long flight across the Atlantic.

  • Watch Sarah Campbell's report and interview with Sharmaine from the link to the right of this page

    The new luggage rules
    Breakfast's Sarah Campbell meets one family preparing to travel to Canada

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