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Alex Siddig in the Breakfast studio
Alex: filmed in Bulgaria
It's an epic story: an army of 60,000 treks 1,500 miles, to march on the capital of its greatest rival.

Thanks to inspired generalship, they take the surprise route, over the mountains - with the aid of 37 elephants.

It happened two thousand years ago - and it is, of course, Hannibal's march on Rome.

Now, the BBC is producing a new drama depicting the life of Hannibal Barca, the 26 year old North African who conceived the daring plan.

We talked to the star, Alex Siddig about the new drama, which you can see this Sunday night on BBC One.

Although the new production may look glossy, it was filmed on a shoe string in Bulgaria, according to Alex.

"The budget was a packet of crisps and half a pint of lager," he told us.

The drama climaxes with a battle in which 60,000 Romans died

"There was some computer trickery," Alex told us. "But one of the director's specialities is making something that cost ten quid look like ten million quid."

  • You can see Hannibal this Sunday on BBC One at 8.30pm.There's also a documentary on BBC Two called The Truth about Hannibal

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