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Last Updated: Monday, 20 February 2006, 07:15 GMT
Breakfast's new colour scheme
Dermot Murnaghan and Sian Williams present Breakfast on a borrowed sofa
The borrowed sofa is most obvious in our headlines
You may have noticed that the Breakfast set is looking subtly different this morning.

Our sofas have mutated from soft red to passionate purple - and one or two other bits and pieces around the studio don't look quite the same.

The change of colour scheme isn't entirely deliberate..it's more a sort of Monday morning problem.

The Breakfast sofas - and indeed quite a few other bits of the Breakfast set - are locked away behind a 1.5 tonne steel door. And the door has jammed shut.

Breakfast shares its studio with several other programmes, including Newsnight and Andrew Marr's Sunday AM show.

Normally, our hard-working technicians dismantle each set as soon as that programme comes off air, then set to work to build the next programme's set.

It works like a well-oiled machine.

Except, of course, for today. One of the massive sound-proof doors at the side of our studio has jammed shut, locking away most of the Breakfast set.

The only way to open the door is to bring in industrial heavy lifting gear

A team of technicians has been working since midnight to try to sort it all out.

They've borrowed bits of kit from various other programmes, And, just for today, our presenters are sitting on Newsnight's sofas.

The editor of Breakfast, David Kermode says: "It is a credit to the team of technicians who work behind the scenes that we managed to be on-air at all this morning at Breakfast."

This morning's programme producer Simon Enright adds:

"Apart from the purple sofa, I'm sure the audience will not notice the difference."

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