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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 July, 2005, 05:02 GMT 06:02 UK
London bombers 'were all British'
One of the six streets in Leeds cordoned off on Tuesday
Police cordoned off six streets in West Yorkshire on Tuesday
Four British men - probably the UK's first suicide bombers - are believed to have been responsible for the London bombings.

The police investigation is focused on West Yorkshire and Luton. At both, the police have found explosives and in West Yorkshire they have raided homes.

  • Breakfast's Graham Satchell was live in West Yorkshire throughout the programme

    Graham said that the local people were both "shocked and suprised...and angry and disgusted".

    And he reported on the fears of local muslims who are said to be extremely nervous "about what may come next" in the form of reprisals.

    Graham Satchell with young muslim men: 22% of them are unemployed

    And Graham also spent yesterday in the city, gauging the reaction of the local community.

    Three British men from West Yorkshire are believed to have died in the blasts after detonating the bombs themselves. The fate of the fourth suspect isn't clear.

    Police have also carried out controlled explosions at Luton railway station, where the men are believed to have left a car before travelling to London.

    On Breakfast we spoke to two muslim politicians, Baroness Kishwer Falkner of the Liberal Democrats and Shahid Malik MP, the Labour party MP whose constituency includes Dewsbury in West Yorkshire where police are continuing their investigations.

    Shahid Malik MP said that condemnation from the muslim community was not enough.

    He said that rhetoric had been heard within the community for many years - but that no one dreamed that it would result in last Thursday's bombings.

    This is a massive wake-up call for the British Muslim community: it's the most profound challenge it's ever faced and its my firm belief that the community is up for this challenge.
    Shahid Malik MP, speaking on Breakfast

    He now believes that the community has to change, and will change.

    Detectives believe the London bombings were carried out by four British-born men in what were possibly the country's first suicide attacks.

    Security sources said it was likely at least three of the men, said to be of Pakistani descent, are dead, after belongings were found at the scenes.

    One man has been arrested.

    The BBC's Frank Gardner said an expert may have offered the bombers guidance.

    The security correspondent said the suspected bombers - one of whom is thought to have been as young as 19 - may have been helped by someone who would have left the country before the bombs went off.

    Police revealed details of the breakthrough in their investigation into the attacks, which killed at least 52 people, on Tuesday. It emerged that relatives of one of the men had reported him missing last Thursday morning.

    On Monday night, police had viewed CCTV footage of four suspects together at London King's Cross last Thursday.

    They all had rucksacks and were seen just 20 minutes before the three Tube bombs started going off at 0851 BST. A bus bomb went off in Tavistock Square at 0947 BST.

    Three of the men had travelled to Luton from Leeds by train, before catching a Thameslink train to London. They had been joined at Luton by a fourth man who had driven to the Bedfordshire town.

    Graham Satchell in Leeds

    Graham Satchell spent yesterday in Dewsbury

    Baronness Falkner and Shahid Malik MP


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