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Jackanory returns
Michael Rosen in the Breakfast studio
Rosen: story-telliing is an art
First Basil Brush was lured out of his retirement fox-hole, then Dr Who dusted down his sonic screw-driver, now it seems that the children's story series Jackanory is to return to our TV screens.

The programme, which began in 1965, was killed off nine years ago, apparently because of fears that children were no longer interested in an actor reading from a book, straight to camera.

Now, the controller of BBC Children's TV, Alison Sharman, is promising it will be back - perhaps for Christmas next year.

In its heyday, celebrities almost queued up to appear on Jackanory. Actresses Penelope Keith and Judi Dench took part. So, too, did the Prince of Wales, who read his own book, The Old Man of Lochnagar.

Kenneth Williams put in 69 appearances - and Bernard Cribbins clocked up 111 episodes.

  • We talked to the children's author and poet Michael Rosen - and asked whether we've lost the art of story-telling.

    A noted live performer, he gave us a rendition of his own poem Hot Potatoes - and hung around to help out with the weather forecast.

    Jackanory returns
    We talked to the poet and performer Michael Rosen

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