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November's Information

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    Wednesday 30 November

  • Panda cam
    Find out more about the pandas featured in James Westhead's report from Washington at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park

  • Flying with Condors
    World Champion Hang Glider Judy Leden has always wanted to fly like a bird - she gets her chance to fly with condors and you can find out more on: Flying with Condors BBC Two, 8pm

  • Eric Morecambe: UnseenWe spoke to Eric Morecambe's son Gary about a new book, Edited by William Cook, which is a collection of diaries and photos. Published by Harper Collins Entertainment, ISBN: 0007212224

    Tuesday 29 November

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
    A new report has found that most parents of children with ADHD (attention deficit disorder) are suffering from sleep deprivation. You can get advice on how to cope from ADDISS, the National Attention Deficit Disorder Information Service You can request a booklet to help with sleep problems by sending an email to:

  • Salt manslaughter case
    You can watch more of John Sweeney's investigation into the case of Ian and Angela Gay - convicted of manslaughter for allegedly poisoning a toddler in their care with salt - on Newsnight tonight on BBC Two.

  • Novelist
    We're talking to Cecilia Ahern about her latest novel: If you could see me now. At 23, she's already had considerable success with her previous two novels. She also happens to be the daughter of the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern. If You Could See Me Now is published by Harper Collins, ISBN: 0007212259

    Monday 28 November

  • Lucie Blackman trust: personal safety campaign
    We're talking to the family of Lucie Blackman, the British woman who was murdered while working in Japan. You can find out more about their campaign to make young women aware of personal safety on their website. One special feature is a "safety text" scheme which allows you to send a message asking for help if you haven't cancelled it by a stipulated time.

  • Postnatal depression
    You can find out more about postnatal depression on The Real Story tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm. One of our guests was from Netmums

  • Rowan Atkinson
    We talked to the comedian about his latest film, Keeping Mum

  • Sunday 26 November

  • Rape
    We debated whether rape laws should be changed, in the wake of the collapse of a case where the victim admitted she was too drunk to remember if she'd consented to sex. One of our guests mentioned a website where women can get free legal advice on all sorts of issues including rape. It's called Rightsofwomen.

    Friday 25 November

  • Pregnancy discrimination
    To find out more, watch The Money Programme, BBC Two tonight at 7pm

  • Ben Schott
    The author of Schott's Miscellany has published a new book. This time it's an Almanac, looking back over the year and forward to next year. Published by Bloomsbury. ISBN: 0747583072

  • Kris Marshall
    You can catch Kris Marshall, who plays the eldest son in the BBC Comedy My Family, in a new version of Moliere's The Hypochondriac ( Le Malade Imaginaire) at the Almeida Theatre, London.

  • Housework book
    How to Run Your Home Without Help, by Kay Smallshaw has been re-issued by Persephone Books (it was first published in 1949). ISNB: 1 903 155 525

    Thursday 24 November

  • Amanda de Cadenet
    Rare Birds: Photographs by Amanda de Cadenet (with accompanying text by Marc Jacobs and Sophie Dahl) is published by powerHouse Books at 21.99

  • Frank McCourt
    30 years as an English teacher in some of New York's roughest high schools provides perfect fodder for his latest book Teacher Man. Out now, published by Fourth Estate Ltd, ISBN: 0007173989

    Wednesday 23 November

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    OCD-UK is the leading charity for people who are affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder also known as (OCD).

    You can also call a 24 hour helpline: 0845 120 3778

  • Keith Floyd
    The TV chef is back with his latest culinary offering Floyd on China, a book exploring the country's cuisine. The book is being published by Collins and the ISBN is 0007146574

    Tuesday 22 November

  • Weather
    Our forecaster Carol Kirkwood is at Cardiff's City Hall Ice Rink.

  • Mario Testino
    The exhibition of hitherto unseen photographs of the Princess of Wales is at Kensington Palace in London.

  • Worst jobs for children
    We talked to Tony Robinson about his book, the Worst Children's Jobs in History . It's published by Macmillan Children's Books and the ISBN is 1405055197

  • Sir David Attenborough
    Life in the Undergrowth begins on Wednesday night on BBC One. There is a book and DVD to go with it (published by BBC Books. ISBN 0563522089)

    Monday 21 November

  • Physics: space competition
    The website mentioned by one of our guests is called Edge into Space

  • Falling asleep at the wheel
    To find out more about the problem of sleep apnoea and how it affects drivers, go to the Real Story website

  • Bullying
    At the start of anti-bullying week, we talked to teenager Lauren Jay who co-wrote a single and a video. It's called Stand Tall and it's by Just3. You can download it from all the major sites, including HMV; and you can find out more on Stand Tall from Just3's website

  • Not Married, Not Bothered
    We talked to Carol Clewlow about her new book which debunks the myths surrounding being single. It's called Not Married, Not Bothered (Publisher - Harper Collins; ISBN - 0007204019).

    Friday 18 November

  • Glue sniffing

    We're discussing a new report which reveals that more children are killed by solvent abuse such as glue sniffing than by hard drugs such as heroin. If you suspect your child is glue-sniffing, you can find out more from the organisation Solve It

  • July 7 London bombings
    We're talking to Crispin Black about his new book, which argues that intelligence failures led to the London bombings. It's called 7/7: What went wrong?

  • Mo Mowlam memorial
    We're talking to the god daughter and step daughter of Mo Mowlam about an event in her memory this Sunday. Tickets are still available for 20, plus booking fee, from 0207 494 5061. Proceeds will go to the charity MoMo helps and the Pilgrims Hospice

    Thursday 19 November

  • Enya
    We talked live to the Irish singer about her new album. It's called Amarantinen and a single of the same name will be released Dec 5th.

    Wednesday 16 November

  • Entrepreneur glasses website
    We spoke to a young entrepreneur who has set up a website where people can buy spectacles cheaply.

    Tuesday 15 November

  • Children in Need: be a weather presenter for the day
    You can still bid for a quid for the chance to present the Breakfast weather forecast. Lines close at midday today - and you need to be available to travel to London on Wednesday evening and get up very early on Thursday morning (we'll put you up in a hotel). This is not being run by Breakfast - it's all organised through BBC Children in Need.

  • Junk mail
    We're reporting on a new initiative to give people more control over the amount of junk mail they receive. It's run by the Direct Marketing Association - that's the trade body representing the companies behind advertising mail and phone calls. It's called mydm - and it rounds up questions on all sorts of problems, from junk mail to mystery faxes in the middle of the night.
  • To prevent junk mail Register with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS)
  • To prevent sales phone calls Register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)
  • Bereavement
    To remove details of a recently deceased relative from mailing lists, you can either use the Mailing Preference Service - or a specialist website called The Bereavement Register Other useful Breakfast stories:

  • Cancer
    Many charities can offer you information and support if you're dealing with cancer. Two of of the biggest are Cancer Research (for information) and Cancer Bacup (for support) Freephone UK helpline on 0808 800 1234

  • Stephen Fry
    We talked to Stephen Fry about an interactive DVD based on the quiz programme he presents, called QI. The answer to our question (what's the third most commonly spoken language in the world?) was Spanish.

  • Happiness
    You can see Making Slough Happy on BBC Two tonight at 9pm

  • Canoeing
    If our report from the banks of the Thames in Reading has tempted you to take up canoeing, you can find out more from the British Canoe Union

    Monday 14 November

  • Bullying
    If you're worried about bullying, you can find useful weblinks on our full story

  • City Gardening
    We talked to Matt James, who specialises in designing small city gardens. He's just written a book: The City Garden Bible, published by 4 Books, ISBN: 1905026048

  • Singer
    Bryn Terfel's new album is called Simple Gifts and it's on Deutsche Gramofon.

  • Love songs
    We're talking to Radio Two broadcaster Steve Wright about love songs. There's a collection of listeners' favourites out now on the label UMTV

    Saturday 12 November

  • First World War photographs
    The Battlefields of the First World War,The Unseen Panoramas of the Western Front is by Peter Barton

    Friday 11 November

    The teenage girl who'll be singing for Saturday's All Blacks Game - and who sang for us - is Hayley Westenra.

  • House of Tiny Tearaways
    You can catch the first episode of Dr Tanya Byron's House of Tiny Tearaways this Sunday on BBC Three at 8pm

  • Autumn leaves
    The music used in the Autumn leaves montage on Friday's programme was Ventura Highway by America.

    Thursday 10 November

  • Jenny Pitman
    We talking to the trainer who's known as the first woman of horse racing. She's just written her fifth book - The Inheritance. It's published by Macmillan. ISBN: 1405048549

    Wednesday 9 November

  • Gary Lineker
    Was Breakfast's guest - he's got a new interactive DVD, which comes out on the 21 November, it's called Gary Lineker's Football Challenge

    Tuesday 8 November

  • Raising the dead
    You can find out more about the work of forensic archaeologist Professor John Hunter on BBC One's One Life - Raising the Dead, at 10.35pm tonight.

  • Italian cookery
    The Italian cookbook we mentioned is called The Silver Spoon. A classic in Italy since the 1950s, it's just been translated into English for the first time. The English edition is published by Phaidon at 24.95

  • Crime novelist
    Patricia Cornwell's latest book is called Predator. It's published by Little Brown, ISBN: 0316724211

    Monday 7 November

  • Energy bills
    Our business presenter Declan Curry will be reporting on a new national helpline to help anyone who's having trouble paying their gas or electricity bill. The Home Heat Helpline has been set up by the Energy retail association is the first universal helpline that consumers can call, no matter which supplier provides their energy. The Number is 0800 33 66 99.
    Don't forget that if you have problems specifically with a Powergen bill, you can e-mail them direct at: (you can cut and paste this address straight into your e-mail address bar)

  • Monty Don and Tom Don
    We talked to Monty Don and his 13 year old son Tom, who have both published books. Monty's book is called My Roots: A Decade in the Garden. It's the second volume of collection of his favourite pieces written for The Observer, he's been gardening editor. Tom's is called The House that Tom Built'

    Friday 4 November

  • BBC World Class: twinning your school with Pakistan
    If you want to twin your school with one in Pakistan, the BBC has set up a special project with a dedicated website: it's called World Class.

  • Disputed gas and electricity bills
    Our business presenter Declan Curry has been reporting on viewers' complaints that their Powergen bills have contained huge inaccuracies. If you have a complaint, you should send it direct to a special e-mail address, set up by Powergen. Email it to: (you can cut and paste this address straight into your e-mail address bar)

  • Roger McGough
    We talked to the poet Roger McGough about his autobiography. Said and Done is published by Century, ISBN: 1844138119

  • Mike Leigh
    You can catch a retrospective of the work of film director Mike Leigh - whose credits include Abigail's Party, Secrets and Lies and Vera Drake - at the British Film Institute on London's South Bank.

    Thursday 3 November

  • Musically talented children
    Katherine Kent and James Gallway talked about the new charity to help musically talented children.

  • The Dog Listener
    The best-selling author, Jan Fennell was on the programme. Her latest book 'Seven Ages of Your Dog' illustrates her unique method of communicating and training dogs. The Seven Ages of Your Dog published by Harper Collins.

  • Pampered Child Syndrome
    Dr Maggie Mamen clinical psychologist and author was on the programme to talk about whether we pamper our children too much: The Pampered Child Syndrome published by Jessica Kingsley

  • Mencap
    We talked about the Wendolyn Markcrow case - she was given a two-year suspended jail sentence after admitting to the manslaughter of her Down's Syndrome son Patrick to whose care she had devoted her life. If you would like help from Mencap there are some helpline numbers: Learning Disability Helpline: 0808 8081111 (freephone) for England Wales Learning Disability Helpline: 0808 8000 300 (freephone) Mencap Information Service Northern Ireland: 0845 7636 227

    Wednesday 2 November

  • Parenting
    We spoke to the charity Parentline Plus which believes that thousands of parents are put off asking for help because they fear they will be labelled as 'bad parents.' The charity has produced a new report 'Parenting Behind Closed Doors' which aims to encourage parents to see asking for help as a sign of strength.

  • Gerald Scarfe
    His new book, Drawing Blood celebrate the first 45 years of his career. It is published by Little Brown.

  • Terry Gilliam
    His latest film, The Brothers Grimm is on release from November 4th.

    Tuesday 1 November

  • Silent Calls
    We're reporting on a change in the rules, which should put an end to silent calls from telephone marketing companies. New rules announced by Ofcom should mean that phone canvassers have to leave a pre-recorded message, if they don't have enough staff to deal with the call when you answer. Companies' numbers should also be available by dialling 1471.
    If you don't want to receive telephone marketing calls, you can register with the Telephone Preference Service - TPS

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