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Talk of the Town: And the winner is...
Poet Ian McMillan in Wolverhampton
The Poet Ian McMillan in Wolverhampton
A few weeks ago, we asked whether your home town gets a bad press.

We visited five ordinary British towns which you've been telling us have a reputation they don't deserve.

With the help of local residents, we found something to celebrate, from Middlesbrough to Milton Keynes, from Holyhead to Paisley.

  • You can watch the films for the other towns which took part via the links to the right of the page

    We gave you a chance to choose which one of the five was the undiscovered gem.

    The winner is Wolverhampton.

    The Bard of Barnsley, Ian McMillan, wrote a poem celebrating Wolverhampton and we showed our film of him in the city. Here's his tribute...

    Wolverhampton's a city that's often dismissed

    Like your auntie at a party that's never been kissed;

    But like your Auntie this city's got so much to offer,

    So to the doubter, the cynic, the grump and the scoffer

    I say follow me on a tour of a place

    That'll put back the smile on your post-Christmas face!

    Wolverhampton has a theatre that's simply quite Grand,

    An oasis to slake a vast cultural thirst,

    There's an all-weather racecourse: sit in the stand

    In all weathers, and watch your horse coming-in first;

    There's a centre of learning; an honours degree well worth the price of the tuition fee!

    Wolverhampton goes back quite a way in the past, and was founded by Lady Wulfruna, in the year 985 and its wealth once was vast

    Like Robert Plant, hirsute Wolverhampton crooner! It made its fortune from a huge trade in wool.

    And if it's football you want then there's always Steve Bull┐

    Wolverhampton's like my auntie: could not be called pretty

    But Yam Yams don't care: this is their vibrant home, A tolerant, open and welcoming city

    The rival of Paris, the equal of Rome

    And to those who give cities like this one much grief

    I say stay here a while, take your time, look beneath:

    Cos Like my Auntie this city's got so much to give

    And I say Wolverhampton's a fine place to live!

    You can keep Barcelona and stuff New York

    Cos I love the way the Yam Yams talk!

    Copyright 2006 IAN McMILLAN

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