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VE Day remembered
The BBC reporting on VE Day
Joan Styon was in the crowd outside Buckingham Palace
Breakfast's series of VE Day films concluded today with another story told through the eyes of one of the veterans who lived during that historic period.

VE Day - for Victory in Europe - marks the defeat of Hitler's German army.

But, the war carried on in the Far East until mid-August 1945, when Japan surrendered after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If you missed any of this week's films, you can now catch up with them all, here on the Breakfast website.

  • Friday 13 May: VE Day in Germany

    Christine Venn
    Christine Venn: "I was covered in rubble up to the chest"

    In the last of our series of personal stories marking the 60th Anniversary of VE Day, we heard from Christine Venn who was living in the small German town of Arnstadt.

    While the allied countries in Europe were celebrating the defeat of Hitler, for those on the losing side, it was a time of fear, uncertainty and division.

    But in the 1960s she married her English pen friend and moved to Britain. She now lives in Cambridge.

  • Thursday 12 May: the Burma veteran

    Troops in Burma
    "Great joy" over VE Day, but fighting went on in Burma

    Today we heard from Major Gordon Graham, who like thousands of British soldiers, was stationed in the Far East, and continued fighting after victory had been declared in Europe.

    In 1942 he was sent to India and then onto Burma, where he was awarded the Military Cross and Bar.

    In May 1945, as Europe celebrated, Gordon was still in Burma, commanding a company of the 1st Battalion of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

  • Wednesday 11 May: celebrations at the palace

    Joan Styon's family outside their home in Clapham Junction
    Joan's family survived the Blitz in London
    Fifteen year old Joan Styan, from Clapham Junction, was one of the crowds who celebrated VE Day outside Buckingham Palace.

    She'd been evacuated from London, but returned home just in time to live through the Blitz, when German war-planes bombed the East End of London, causing thousands of deaths.

    Joan remembers going to Buckingham Palace with her mum on VE Day - and missing the last train home.

  • Tuesday 10 May: the soldier's story

    Major Tony Hibbert
    Major Hibbert: VE day memories in Kiel
    Major Tony Hibbert was serving in the British Army in Northern Germany when news came of the German surrender. He was leading a small Target Force in Kiel, trying to secure German naval secrets before the Russians got hold of them

  • Monday May 9

    We reported live from Moscow, as world leaders gathered to commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe.

    For the first time, President Bush stood side by side President Putin in Red Square, as the pair watched a grand military parade.

    Bill Gillingham with his crystal radio
    Bill with his secret radio

  • The BBC's Robert Hall, who's in Guernsey, heard the story of one islander who lived through the German occupation of the Channel Islands.

    Bill Gillingham told us how he got news of the war's progress through a secret crystal radio, hidden in his bedroom

  • People's War

    The BBC has set up a special project, called The People's War, to record experiences before they're lost forever.

    In 18 months, more than 17,000 people have added their stories.

    But it's not too late to get involved.

    Add your story to the site: military or home front, every story is vital.

    You can also telephone the People's war team:

    08000 150 950

    Callers to the number can request a free fact sheet and find out their nearest People's War Associate Centre, where they can get help coming online and adding their story.

    There are now over 2,500 of these around the country.

    If you want to send your stories to the People's War website, please e-mail them direct, by using the link on the right hand side of this story.

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