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The funeral of Pope John Paul II
The Pope lies in state
Pope John Paul II lying in state
A special edition of Breakfast this morning reported live from Rome, where the final preparations are being made for the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

Jon Sopel and Luisa Baldini set the scene in St Peter's Square, where millions of mourners have been paying their last respects over the past few days.

We met up with the British pilgrims who've flown to Rome to say goodbye to the Pope.

And, we be reported live from the Pope's home city of Krakow in Poland, where millions are expected to mourn his passing.

On this morning's programme:

  • We reported live from Rome from Vatican City, Jon Sopel was overlooking the Vatican and Luisa Baldini was in St Peter's square where she spoke to some of the people waiting to see the funeral

  • We also heard from Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, who's lived at the Vatican for more than seventeen years.

    Michael Fitzgerald was born in Walsall, but has been based in Rome for more than 35 years, much of it working for the Vatican's civil service, the Curia.

    His official title is president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue. Put simply, his job is to promote good relations between the Catholic Church and the world's other faiths, particularly Islam.

    The work of this Vatican department has always been of particular interest to the pope who acknowledged the special skills of the Englishman, now 68.

  • We crossed live to Krakow in Poland where the pope spent much of his life and had been a cardinal

    It was in Krakow that the late pope presided over the largest mass in Polish history - in what was to become his last visit to his homeland in 2002.

    Today millions have gathered at the prayer site, once more, to bid a final farewell to their holy father. Dominic Hughes was there for Breakfast

  • Luisa Baldini caught up with some British pilgrims who made the journey to Rome

    Among the millions of pilgrims, who've gone to Rome is one family from Lincolnshire. They have their own very personal reasons for making the journey.

    Sixteen years ago, Peter Harte went on a pilgrimage with his son, Laurence - to see the pope in Rome.

    On Wednesday they set off again - along with Laurence's family - to fulfil a promise he made to his mother. It was their chance to say farewell to man, who they say - made a lasting impression on them.

  • Finally Danny Savage looked at how school-children in Britain are marking the death of the Pope follow the link to the top right of this page to watch that feature


    World leaders have been gathering in Rome for the Pope's funeral.

    Among the first to arrive was US President George Bush, who few in on Wednesday evening with his wife Laura.

    The American delegation also includes two former presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush senior.

    The Prime Minister Tony Blair will also attend today's funeral, along with the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the French president Jaques Chirac.

  • Breakfast finished earlier than usual this morning, ahead of the funeral

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