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I should have been a teenage spy
Anthony Horowitz talks to Natasha Kaplinsky in the Breakfast studio
Horowitz: gets his children to rule on what's cool
The author Anthony Horowitz was just 23 when his first children's novel was published - in 1979.

But, he didn't hit his stride until he returned to the fantasy he developed as a bored schoolboy: that he was really a teenage spy.

His series of novels about Alex Rider, a reluctant teenage recruit to MI6, has proved immensely popular, with girls as well as boys.

The sixth, Ark Angel, has just been published.

  • Anthony Horowitz came in to the Breakfast studio, to tell us more.

    Fourteen year old Alex Rider made his debut in the novel Stormbreaker.

    He's MI6's secret weapon - an ordinary teenager armed with James Bond gadgets, from a customised mountain bike to explosive spot cream.

    Sales of the Alex Rider books have now topped the two million mark.

    Anthony Horowitz is a prolific author. He's also written the Diamond Brothers trilogy for children - and the wartime detective TV series Foyle's War for ITV.

  • Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz is published by Walker Books. ISBN 0-7445-8324-1

  • A film production company, Samuelson productions is currently looking for boys from 12-14 who could play Alex Rider. For more information, see Walker Books' website

    Breakfast's interview with Anthony Horowitz
    "I tend to write with a hands on throat mentality"

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